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    ~ Chapter 11 part 2 ~

    ‘I want to do something after I leave Silkisia.’

    I wanted to be recognized by someone who would also love me genuinely, and I’d forget who neglected me.

    A wish that I had been eagerly hoping to happen for, but what returned to me was a vain dream in my previous life.

    I wanted to make that wish come true in this life. I wanted to live like other ordinary people.

    Therefore, I must not get involve to something related about Silkisia anymore, nor should I do something that would bind me up from doing what I want.

    “… I see.”

    Aiden’s expression darkened.

    Since she didn’t elaborate it, it implied that she still wants to be in the Silkisia.

    Yet she didn’t want to resolve what he misinterpreted.

    Psychke drew her attention from him. And again, I focused on the block of wood.

    “Is it too late already..?”


    I couldn’t hear him properly because of his small voice, adding that the wind blew strong.

    Psychke, who lowered her wooden sword, turned to him.

    “What did you say?”

    “It’s nothing.”

    Aiden, who was deep in his thoughts, smiled softly. However, his soft smile was somehow anxious that she couldn’t avert her eyes from it.

    Was there a story behind it?

    “If you don’t mind, may I ask for a request?”

    Psychke nodded right away. Would it be a difficult request? He couldn’t talk for a long time with his eyes down.

    The moment he finally opened his mouth–

    “Miss Psychke!”

    Suddenly, a shout calling her from afar echoed.

    The two turned their heads toward it, alerted by the sudden call.

    “The Duke of Lestir is here!”

    In the middle of her practice, Melissa beckoned to come quickly.

    ‘What’s going on?’

    It wasn’t possible that she made a ruckus this time, right? By now, it’s amusing how Verndia came to me first when he never did in the past.

    I tried to think about why he came, but nothing came to my mind.

    “…… This haa.”

    Aiden swallowed what he wanted to say since Melissa was trying to take Psychke away.

    Then, with a feeling of difficulty, he bit his lower lip, frowned, and sighed.

    “I’ll tell you later.”

    She was curious about what was going on, but there was nothing she could do either way.

    Psychke followed Melissa, pushing away her rising doubts.


    Because I couldn’t keep the guest waiting for a long time.

    Psychke quickly took a bath and prepared to go out.

    “If you stay like this in your room for a long time, you’ll sweat.”

    Melissa grumbled, saying her madness slowly, but did not try to help her dress up quickly. No, rather, she interfered with her by stepping on her feet or putting her clothes back in purposely.

    ‘What is this?’

    Verndia will be offended if she goes out late, and not only me but also Silkisia will be criticized.

    What’s wrong with him?

    Like a person who drags time.


    Psychke who noticed that Melissa kept interrupting her, slammed the jewelry box where Melissa’s hands were. Melissa’s hands were swollen by it.

    Psychke clasped her hands and bit her lips from the ferocious maid.

    “I’m sorry. It was so distracting that I stopped.”

    Melissa’s excuse was false, but the latter was sincere. I even wore white silk gloves unconsciously. Mannerism ah.

    “Tsk, really..”

    Melissa couldn’t even say anything because she brought it on herself, and wailed silently.

    Then Psychke reluctantly guided herself to the waiting room only after asking, ‘Isn’t it too late already?’

    Whether the news of her match with Aiden has spread, it was still confusing to find him here.

    The gaze of the employees she encountered in the hallway was unpleasant. As if they regarded her victory from the match with Aiden as a forced victory by threatening him with her status.

    I didn’t care about them. Psychke walked upright looking only at the front.

    Then she spoke quietly so that only Melissa could hear what suddenly came to her mind.

    “The tea that you give me every morning.”

    “What’s wrong with that?”

    The sharp, thorny question came back to her.

    When I thought of the brown tea, and the flower, Freesia, which dried up and died in the same color, made my blood boil in anger.

    But she continued calmly, trying to push away her inexplicably madness.

    “What’s its name? I owe you it every time, so I thought I should take care of it myself.”

    “I don’t know. It didn’t have a name. Do you want me to bring you a bottle?”

    It was only a trick to say that she would like to drink it in the future again, but it’s too annoying to get involve in that suspicious tea.

    Psychke, who didn’t have to throw away her tea, welcomed it.

    “Okay, then.”

    The steps of the maid walking a moment earlier became cheerful. She thought she was happy to relieve the hassle.

    Just like that, when I was about to step in the waiting room, something happened.

    “Oh, my. Miss!”

    They almost bumped into Lillian, who was walking, more on running, from the opposite side.

    Her rough breathing. Her red face, redder than apple. Even her body was shaking in anger.

    I felt like she was a person who had been complacent by someone.

    Lillian’s bloodshot eyes flushed to Psychke, and then she ran away with a brisk pace.

    Surprised by the strange appearance of the lady, Melissa followed.

    Eventually, Psychke had to enter the Waiting room alone.

    “Sorry for being late. Have you been well?”

    When I gently lifted my skirt and greeted him, Verndia, who crossed his arms with his legs, sat on the sofa, and looked up at her crookedly.

    “I am not sick.”

    Having his face crumpled mercilessly, he snapped back.

    “It was said that Princess Psychke was the one who gave Princess Lilian a false hope, right?”


    I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Psychke didn’t understand him.

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