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    Chapter 1


    Valdwin Winchester – it was the name of the person who had been by Laila’s side since she was born and couldn’t even open her eyes properly, except for her family. 


    Even when Laila recognized that the place she was in was the world of fiction, the owner of the name was by her side; even when she realizes to herself that she made the wrong choice – he was always there. 


    “Hold my hand Lala, then nothing will happen.”


    Valdwin had his usual sweet and gentle smile, but she now knows how shameless he was inside. 


    The man at Valdwin’s feet squirmed as he spewed out blood. He persuaded her with a face that said it was alright, and that he felt sorry that Laila caught him red-handed. His smooth, outstretched hand was usually white, quite unfitting of the current situation. He didn’t use any of his hands to lump a certain esteemed Young Man of a noble family that confessed to Laila and shyly offered her flowers. 


    “I’m sorry that you have to see this, Lala. That’s why, you should’ve kept your appointment.” 


    The Valdwin now was unfamiliar to her, who wasn’t showing any remorse despite committing a cruel act. But it was so familiar that he felt unfamiliar. Sh*t, how can I have such a luck at a draw? The male lead candidate whom she thought was the male lead that would follow the original female lead of the original novel, was actually the villain! 


    Jingle – 


    ‘Your life has come to an end… .’


    It sounds like an unknown bell was ringing somewhere. 


    Laila carefully made an absurd wish: now that I already possessed someone, can’t you just let me regress…? 




    Valdwin had been with Laila ever since the moment she became aware of the world. 


    Valdwin was born only 30 days earlier than Laila, and he lost both his parents and family at the same time he was born. 


    Valdwin’s father was the sword that guarded the Empire for a long time. Winchester family has been holding the sword from generation to generation, and he also became a knight as a matter of course. Born with such an excellent physical condition, people of the Winchester family easily rose to the status of a Sword Master. There was a reason why they were called the Sword of the Empire for a long time. Moreover, in his generation, the family prospered even more, because Empress Julia from Winchester gave birth to a crown prince.


    Where there is light, there is darkness.


    Those who envy the Winchesters have united their forces to overthrow them.


    It must’ve been around the time when Queen Caitlyn gave birth to a son, who was from the Leviathan Family and hostile towards the Winchester. They eventually managed to frame and destroy the Winchesters. Everything was done under the acquiescence of Emperor Lygos. Emperor Lygos removed the shadow of Winchester from the Empire.


    The last Duchess of Winchesters took their son just before they were annihilated and gave him to a close friend. That would be Duchess Robelia Lorovante, Laila’s mother. The newborn Valdwin’s name was faintly written on a piece of torn paper. Robelia accepted her friend’s request, and vowed that she would keep Valdwin safe. 


    So, that was Laila’s mother – now my mom. I felt a gentle touch waking me up from my sweet sleep instead of my elegant and beautiful mother. I was woken up by the force hitting my cheeks. 




    What are you doing, little boy? 


    A young baby with dark hair and gleaming red eyes was cheekily slapping me on my cheek. Are you the only male lead candidate? You’re meaninglessly throwing me a punch. Uh, can’t reach him. 


    “Uwa! Uwa!”


    Oh, I forgot. Have I just been born? Sigh… when will I grow up? The future is bleak. 




    This novel I possessed was a reverse harem romance fantasy. That’s right, though there were only two candidates for the male lead. 


    I slammed my knees several times at the author’s writing of too much playing hard-to-get. It was a novel that had been serialized over 80 chapters and the male lead wasn’t revealed until then, and I hadn’t completed the novel yet. If I had known that I was coming here, I would have carefully read the novel. 


    Anyway, there are two male candidates. Valdwin Winchester who was taking a nap next to me is the other one, and the other was the unlucky Crown Prince Einz Wendloheim. 


    After being abandoned by his mother Empress who has inferiority complex, Einz grew up in confinement in Empress Julia’s Palace. The one who took care of his education was his biological mother’s Head of the Knights, the Head Maid, his biological mother Empress Julia, along with all the books that existed in the world. He decided to become Emperor Lygos in order to survive. If Queen Caitlyn’s son became Emperor Lygos, he would surely end up in the guillotine and not a simple confinement. 


    Both of the male lead candidates have perfect story, perfect appearance, and a perfect personality. How much did I envy the female lead as she holds the two men in the palm of her hands while reading the novel. My taste has been ever constant, so of course, the male lead should be the black haired Grand Duke of the North. So I put all my stocks to Valdwin. 


    (T/N: Similar to ‘I put all my bets on this one’.)


    Knowing how to smile with his teary eyes, Valdwin had red eyes that burned like Winchester. Yaaaah, that wasn’t human beauty. So I put all my stocks to him this time too. To whom? To Valdwin! People’s taste don’t change and when I saw the beauty of my novel’s favorite character, it was enough to move the skies. It seemed like I won’t have to rest to see Valdwin have a happy ending with the female lead. 


    Now, let’s reflect on my role in that sense. I am the male lead candidate Valdwin’s childhood friend ‘Laila’, whom he grew up together with since childhood – Laila Lorovante. 


    Laila was the most beautiful woman in the world with her silver hair and golden eyes that looked like melted honey according to the book’s description. In fact, I couldn’t imagine what would be of my appearance someday, but I would obviously look like dozens of celebrities when I grew up just by looking at my mother. As cliché as it is, I was destined to keep Valdwin in my heart, whom I grew up with. 


    Laila sacrificed her life for her love to Valdwin in the original story. In order to get Valdwin who doesn’t love her, Laila antagonizes the female lead, but of course the world wasn’t on her side. Thanks to this, she died at the hand of the other  male lead candidate, Einz, in chapter 80. 


    Uh, I’m supposed to have a terrifying ending. What a waste of looks, what a waste of looks. Using this looks only to be killed for her unrequited love. I would’ve establish a harem in this country if it was me – wait, what can’t I do? 


    I became Laila and was destined to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Wouldn’t it be better to send Valdwin over to the original female lead and enjoy my own life? Besides, I think I can save my own life if Valdwin and the female lead be together. Unlike Laila in the novel, I had no intention of harassing the female lead. I also had no intention of being caught up in the whirlwind of fate by being involved in the love triangle between Valdwin, the original female lead, and Einz. 


    It didn’t seem too bad to step away from the stage and live the life of a supporting character. Death, getting hurt, and rolling, were the responsibility of the main characters. A supporting role character shouldn’t be more than a passerby after getting out of their lives. 


    Great. My stock are all for you, Valdwin. I’m going to be your sworn enemy-like female friend, so let’s make you the male lead. 




    Of course, I have to work hard first if I want to do anything. 




    Valdwin lost his last name Winchester, so he was only ‘Valdwin’.  It was because my mother had to hide him under the guise of a nanny’s child. My mother hid both me and Valdwin for his sake, that’s why  Valdwin called my mother  ‘mother’  out of ordinary. Even in the original novel, it was only until Valdwin was ten years old that he left the east wing, understanding the situation and was able take care of himself. People naturally thought that the Lorovante’s Young Lady’s health was very poor. Her mother did her best for her friend’s son. 


    Anyway, it was quite difficult for a 27-year-old to endure the privacy of a newborn baby. Eat, sleep, fight, cry – that was the only things I can do. So you don’t know just how happy I am when I was able to speak and walk. 


    I tightly hugged Valdwin without realizing it. 


    “Ah, youw nnoyin! Go ah-wey!” Valdwin cried out as I hugged him. 


    This naughty baby is like a cat. He’s cute too. 


    In fact, having shiny black hair and red eyes that sparkle like jewels… Valdwin was insanely beautiful. His white cheeks like glutinous rice cakes, were pink, and her pink lips were fresh and cute. He also had two cute short hands, arms and legs. How can there be such a cute, lovable and perfect baby in the world! 


    That was why I thought he was playing the role of the male lead. 

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