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    I’m a Friend of The Male Lead Who Went Crazy Because The Female Lead Died

    I’m a Friend of The Male Lead Who Went Crazy Because The Female Lead Died (Web Novel)

    여주 죽고 미친 나주의 친구 입니다

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    The male lead went crazy because the female lead died…… I possessed his friend.

    My role is one thing. 


    After reviving the female protagonist, 

    “Hey, female lead. The male lead went crazy because you died.”  

    I will guide her to the male lead then disappear. 

    But there was a problem. 

    The female lead can’t wake up.




    To protect the crazy male lead beautifully

    To make sure the female lead was revived

    I collected all the money from the empire. 


    -Gourmet of the Nation, overturn the food industry of the Empire! 

    -White mask, business success! Who the hell is she! 


    Fyuh. I’ve saved money, and now I’m almost achieving my goal and closing my time-limited life.


    “Elschnein. What do you mean, you’re going to leave me? Do you want to see this continent fall?” 


    Somehow, the beautifully crazy male lead is strange. 

    Why are those crazy eyes facing me? 


    “Ky, Kylian. Just give me one day.” 

    “… What? A day?” 

    “Yea, yeah. I’m going to disappear tomorrow, so I’ll revive Arwen somehow…” 

    Clank, the sword he was holding fell to the floor. 

    … Was he that happy that the female lead was going to revive?


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