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    Translated by lipzoldyck


    There was a beautiful woman sitting elegantly in the bedroom.


    She has blonde hair and red eyes. Her platinum blonde hair, the characteristic of the imperial family, gave off a brilliant color.


    The red eyes were sharp as if they were going to make one’s body stiffened when their eyes met.


    I tried to be a little scared of Her Majesty, yet I greeted her politely without being intimidated.


    “Did you call me, Mother?”


    “So it’s a big deal. You even call me Mother. Didn’t you usually draw a line saying that I’m Her Grace the Duchess?”


    Ah, really? I didn’t know.


    You should’ve told me earlier.


    I rolled my eyes in embarrassment. Come to think of it, when the Grand Duke heard the sound of ‘Father’, he seemed to have his eyes wide open.


    I thought he was staring at me like that just because I was suddenly behaving differently than usual, but it was because of his nickname.


    It hadn’t been long since I had become a Loena, so my investigation was less completed.


    I met Akid pretty much in the space connected to our private bedrooms, but it wasn’t like that with the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess couple. I heard that they ate together regularly, but it was not often.


    I was a little embarrassed because I hadn’t thought of the naming issue.


    ‘Hmm. But since I already said ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’, wouldn’t it be strange to reverse it?’


    After all, my role as a daughter-in-law was important to make Akid into the beloved son of the family.


    If I leave the Grand Duke’s couple like Akid, there will be no progress.


    ‘Originally, if you put an iron plate on your face, the other person would say nothing.’


    I said with a smile. “It’s because I just want to get along well with you from now on, Mother.”


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    “Get along with me? I don’t have any intentions to get along well with you, though.”


    The Grand Duchess drew a firm line with a bright smile on her face. There was nothing to say when she responded with a smile on her face.


    ‘She has a thicker skin on her face than mine.’


    Even though I was awkward at the merciless attitude of the Grand Duchess, I didn’t stop smiling.


    “So, what’s the matter…”


    “You’re still in a hurry. Come here, sit down and talk.”


    The Grand Duchess eye gestured at the chair in front of her. Chamomile tea was prepared for her to drink before bedtime.


    She seemed to have taken care of her sleep. I sat down in front of her, and the maid followed with the tea.


    I was exhausted as I had already soaked myself in the bathtub. So drowsiness flooded in regardless of the chair.


    I tried to hold back my yawn that was about to come out, but the Grand Duchess opened her mouth.


    “You were called to the Grand Duke’s study yesterday. What happened?”


    “He was just calling me to know if I was doing well.”


    “Oh yeah? I heard that that day, Lady Locke was dragged out of the study room crying, though…”


    Yawn. Yes.”


    “…Are you sleepy?”


    When the Grand Duchess asked sharply, I hurriedly jumped.


    “I’m nawt.”


    “You look sleepy. Your pronunciation is amazing.”


    “Yes… I’m actually sleepy.”


    I couldn’t stand the pouring drowsiness and yawned loudly. After all, since I’m 12 years old, I got tired easily.


    Upon seeing this, the Grand Duchess clicked her tongue and spoke quickly. Even if I die soon, I don’t just go and grow up.


    “Did anything happen in the study that day?”


    I hit both cheeks hard, slap! After beating my cheeks to get a hold of myself, I answered.


    “No. There was none.”


    The Grand Duchess had a surprised look for a moment, but what should I do if I was sleepy?


    In fact, the Grand Duke told me not to tell anyone, including the Grand Duchess.


    The relationship between the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess was so bad that even in the same bedroom, they used it with the room divided.


    Of course, it was the same with me and Akid. When you open the bedroom door, a lobby and two other doors appear. On the right side was my room, and on the left side was Akid’s. In the meantime, there was a door leaving the lobby.


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    Since it has been a place of political marriages from generation to generation, the castle structure itself could be said to be designed to suit a business couple. Of course, it’s a very cumbersome structure for me.


    ‘Please let me see the face of Akid, who has just woken up, just once.’


    The Grand Duchess looked at me tenaciously when I pretended to be innocent. She didn’t seem to know what was going on in the library yet.


    Come to think of it, there was only the Grand Duke in the study that day. No one outside could hear the conversation inside.


    ‘She didn’t call me knowingly, she called me because she felt left out. It’s clear that she doesn’t know the exact story yet.’


    Maybe she called me because I had a lighter mouth than Akid.


    Usually, Loena had a snout like a feather that fluttered when someone flirted with it.


    In particular, there was no hesitation when it was related to Akid.


    She did it because she liked to spot my flaws. Again, the Grand Duchess asked, as if she tried to soothe me.


    “Then, why did Lady Locke go away crying?”


    “I’m not sure… ”


    As I turned my eyes and mumbled, she urged.


    “Anything is fine.”


    Well, there wasn’t much I could say.


    I rolled my eyes and melted her sorrow. After a while, I thought of something to say, and I answered.


    “Ah! The Grand Duke ordered Lady Locke not to come again. It seems like that’s why she cried.”


    What the Grand Duke was talking about was related to abuse. He never said not to say that Lady Locke was kicked by the Grand Duke.


    Elena blinked her eyes in surprise. Lady Locke was a favorite of the Grand Duke for quite some time.


    She seemed quite surprised because she wasn’t the kind of woman who could be thrown away with such a single stroke.


    I was deliberately giving a clue to dig behind them.


    It’s not that she got dumped, but that she got kicked.


    “Hmm, come to think of it, Lady Locke didn’t come today.”


    “Isn’t it because her pride is hurt? Usually, Father would come to visit her when they had a fight.”


    He did. My father-in-law’s heart was as wide as the Pacific Ocean, as much as his lower back was free-spirited.


    Even if his ex-lover came over crying, it was the Grand Duke to comfort her and then send her back. There weren’t just one or two women who were sobbing with that as an excuse.


    “So, what do you think the Grand Duke will do?”




    “Do you think he is serious?”


    The Grand Duchess continued to ask the question as if she was thinking about it again. From the look on her face, she seemed to expect that Lady Locke would lose and fry again after three days.


    “Lady Locke seemed to have regrets. Maybe she will be back soon.”


    “I guess so. Should I stay still because I was notified of the breakup without any special reason?”


    Elena sneered and tapped her finger on her table. I said naively.


    “Mother, don’t worry. The Grand Duke will never search for Lady Locke again.”


    “How are you sure?”


    “Father’s eyes were torn like this.” As I raised the corners of my eyes with both hands and made a ferocious expression, Elena laughed softly.


    “You will be the only one who expresses the Grand Duke that way.”


    “It’s true.”


    “Hmm.” Elena’s mood seemed better than before.


    Is it a pleasure to hear that Lady Locke, who was a thorn in her eye, has been abandoned? Phew, as soon as I felt relieved.


    “But what part of Akid is hurt?”




    “I heard that the Grand Duke sent a doctor right away. The maid said he went to Akid’s room.”




    Apparently, the Grand Duke had brought a doctor to check Akid’s wounds.


    He must have seen the bruises all over his body. As his forehead wasn’t the only thing Baron Locke had touched. It was clear that the Grand Duke was angry when I saw that Baron Lorch was cut off the next day, which was today, without observing the progress.


    ‘How far can I go?’


    I glanced at the Grand Duchess. Judging by the look on her face, it was as if she didn’t know that Akid was still being abused by Baron Locke.


    If she had known, she would have gone straight to the Grand Duke instead of asking me questions.


    In the meantime, Baron Locke applied the corporal punishments to places where they couldn’t be seen, so no one would have known unless they observed carefully.


    Even the original Loena, who was in the same bedroom area, didn’t know that Akid was being abused.


    It was the Baron’s mistake that his forehead was torn. If I hadn’t stopped them, Akid would have lowered his bangs to hide it, and it would have passed without anyone knowing.


    After that, Baron Locke got bolder and eventually got caught by the Grand Duchess by his tail. However, the Grand Duchess, who wasn’t interested in Akid from the beginning, wouldn’t have been able to grasp the change in his bangs.


    ‘She doesn’t know yet. The fact that Akid was being abused, and the real reason why the Grand Duke threw out the Locke siblings.’


    “Why aren’t you talking?” She looked at me coldly when I didn’t answer.


    If it was originally Loena, it wouldn’t be strange as she would say it out loud, but it was because I kept my mouth shut.


    However, speaking without notice here may lead to me being hated by the Grand Duke.


    My relationship with the Grand Duchess wasn’t even close enough to give her information at a risk.


    Contemplating for a while, I replied innocently, blinking my eyes.


    “That, because I was in Akid’s room.”




    “The doctor came to see me. He wanted to see if there are any aftereffects of drowning.”


    As I proudly told my lies, her eyes frowned.


    “You’ve never been together since you got married, have you?”


    “That’s true.”


    But isn’t that the same with Mother? I held back what I wanted to say.


    The Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess only have one second after the wedding, and they go inside and out of their respective rooms.


    I quickly beat her up before she launched a counterattack.


    “Actually, after drowning, I look at Akid a little differently.”




    “I heard that Akid was very worried about me. It was him who saved me.”


    “…So what do you want to say?” Elena asked nervously. Like she wanted to know what’s up.


    I smiled broadly at her.


    “From now on, I will be faithful to my role as a wife!”


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