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    Translated by lipzoldyck




    Akid couldn’t keep up with my aggressive behavior. He gave me what I wanted so much, but the reaction was fierce.


    I managed to calm down and began to persuade him.


    “I admit that I have troubled you many times during that time. But now that won’t happen.”


    “How can I believe that?” He asked, biting his lower lip. From the bottom of his heart, there was a sign that he didn’t trust me.


    “Didn’t you protest every day asking for a divorce?”




    “I thought it would take time. But you hate it enough to risk your life, that’s why I have to let you go.” Akid said quite firmly.


    ‘It can’t be this way.’


    I swept my soaked forehead as Akid kept digging endlessly. I couldn’t help but lie because it could be a great shock to say Loena died


    “Actually, that day, I didn’t want to die. I just stumbled on my foot.”


    “But the maid definitely…”


    “Hannah was wrong. That kid usually reacts loudly to anything. Sometimes I am surprised too.”




    “It is true that I hated Akid, but it wasn’t that I hated you with my whole life. I never wanted to die.”




    “I was really scared that day… I’m afraid I’ll die.” As I lowered my eyebrows sadly, Akid licked his lips.


    He seemed to be speechless when he encountered the unexpected truth. I dug into the gap without missing a beat.


    “If Akid hadn’t saved me that day, I would have died. After all, I couldn’t say goodbye. Thank you so much, Akid.”


    Akid flinched as I bowed down to my waist and showed my manners. He quickly got me up and said.


    “No. It’s natural for me to protect my wife.”


    “Nope. It’s not obvious. Not everyone can act that fast. It was a very cold day with a depth of hesitation.”


    As I made eye contact and smiled bashfully, Akid gave me a blank expression. Then he asked


    “…Did you change your mind because of that?”


    I shrugged and said.


    “To some extent.”


    This kind of answer was appropriate for now. Remarks such as saying that I suddenly liked him would only increase his alertness. It is important to approach an unfamiliar cat step by step. Then, if you give up the seat next to you, the game is over. Hehe.


    I approached him cautiously and grabbed his hand.


    “So please stop talking about divorce.”


    “…You will regret it. This will be your last chance.”


    Oh, nice to hear that!


    “I don’t need that opportunity. I’m not going to do it even if Akid sings, asking to get divorced.”


    It’s an opportunity that I somehow grabbed on, but do you think I’ll just lose this chance?


    Do you think it’s easy to possess as your favorite character’s wife?


    Just bring those damn papers back again!


    At my firm words, Akid stared at me for a long time. The sudden change in my attitude seems quite strange.


    After a while.


    “…I understand.” Akid muttered softly without letting go of my hand. He seemed to be trying to believe me.




    “Yes. So please this hand… ”


    “Whoa!” I grabbed him even more as he was about to withdraw his hand, and shook it with excitement.


    After all, I was even happier because I was anxious about getting kicked out of this house. I got the day I die anyway, but I want to see Akid’s face one more time and die. As I waved more and more, Akid opened his mouth.


    “How… ”




    “It was nothing.”


    Akid sighed deeply without speaking. I laughed out loud like that. Anyway, it seemed that the big hurdle had been overcome.




    I possessed Loena Hadellus about a year after Loena got married.


    She also fell into a lake in the middle of winter while shaking her head as she wanted to go back home.


    Delus was located in the northern part of the Empire as the Grand Duchy of Hadellus. The weather is generally cool and very cold in the middle of winter.


    So falling into a lake in the middle of winter was like saying, ‘I’m going to die!”


    Fortunately, it wasn’t deep because it was an artificial lake in Hadellus Castle.


    I heard that Akid, who ran to Hannah’s scream, saved her. Although she was a wife who had always looked down on him, he unconditionally protected her.


    ‘Perhaps Loena thinks of me as her family.’


    Akid was originally such a person. He has a high sense of responsibility, and he tried to respect his wife even if she was a mean person. After all, because she was also his family and wife.


    ‘Maybe at that time, Loena really died.’


    Hannah said that I laid in bed for a full month. And I suddenly woke up because I was weeping for breathe.


    ‘Strange, Loena wasn’t the woman to die now… ’


    In the [Please Embrace Me] I read, Loena later had to die of an infectious disease. It wasn’t the time for her to die yet.


    ‘Or did our souls change when I had an accident?’


    If that was the case, I was somewhat convinced. Loena used to treat him like an evil on a daily basis.


    The reason she fell into the lake must have been to torment Akid. In fact, it could have happened because of the coincidence of the accident with me at that time.


    ‘Because possessing is already nonsense, such a thing is possible.’


    Akid suffered every time Loena did something reckless. Because he thought his wife kept going off due to lack of confidence.


    And she enjoyed his pain. It was all more so because she hated him so much.


    She was the youngest daughter of a marquis who raised her as an unashamed woman. Therefore, she didn’t want to see Akid properly, just because he was an illegitimate child.


    “Well, whatever. Now I am Loena, anyway.”


    I stamped my feet in the bathtub and smiled lazily. The rose petals gave off a subtle fragrance and spread softly in the bathroom.


    Actually, I was very happy when I found out that I possessed Loena Hadellus. Because [Please Embrace Me] was my all-time favorite, and Akid was my favorite character.


    I was an adopted child in a previous life. My foster parents were good people. No, or so I thought.


    But once my adoptive parents gave birth to a daughter, I was no longer part of their family.


    I was just a mouth that had to be fed.


    And it was like that. The life of an illegitimate child, Akid, who was recognized for his blood and entered the Hadellus family at the age of thirteen touched my heart.


    It was similar to my life in that I was constantly threatened for survival between my biological father and stepmother, and I had to be vigilant about my surroundings.


    ‘Maybe God gave me time to help Akid.’


    I really thought so. I was supposed to be already dead. I decided that there must be a special reason that made me live for a few more years.


    Loena died seven years later. Seven years was plenty of time to help Akid establish himself in the Grand Duchy.


    I won’t tremble like how Loena did in the original story, but rather, I will work hard so that Akid can be recognized by his parents.


    I have no regrets about life. In my past life, I died after suffering endlessly, so this life is a bonus from the Lord.


    ‘After all, the thing about that I’ll fangirling, and also the life of being a happy fangirl, it’s not bad, is it?’


    The problem is that Akid and my parents-in-law are very displeased with me…


    “Hmm, who should I start with?”


    My husband has only a strong sense of responsibility, so he has a lingering desire to carry anything alone.


    My father-in-law is a free-spirited prince who lives in his flamboyance, a terminally ill patient, the Personality Breaker 1.


    My mother-in-law is the Personality Breaker 2 who was once called ‘Haint’s Mad Dog’.


    ‘Now, who is easier to attack?’


    Neither one was easy. It was when I got out of the bathtub and dried my hair with that thought.


    My handmaiden, Countess Aria, came and said.


    “Little Madam, Madam is looking for you.”


    Wow, Personality Breaker 2 is coming to me?




    After drying my hair properly, I headed to Elena Hadellus’ bedroom in pajamas.


    I was puzzled when she suddenly called me. She was quiet all the time, so I thought it would just pass by, but it doesn’t seem to be like that.


    I was a bit worried because she was usually a mother-in-law who had no interest in Akid or me.


    ‘Did the beaten up Lady Locke tell her? She thinks I messed things up?’


    In the original story, Elena wasn’t a wife who unconditionally tolerated her cheating husband.


    She had a duck tongue, and she would use it to screw the Grand Duke or to gain economic benefit.


    Perhaps Elena even knew that the Grand Duke was considering a bill to ban child abuse and corporal punishment.


    In the original story, after the bill was signed, Elena pressured the Grand Duke by presenting evidence of Baron Locke’s abuse. In return, she received one of his mines. It later became a bonanza, and Elena had benefited greatly. Because the protection of the spirits appeared in the mine.


    The land that received the protection of the spirits became fertile land. This world is ruled by such supernatural powers.


    After receiving the protection of her spirit, more than five times the normal amount of mana stones were mined in the mine, so Elena was plentiful with her treasure.


    I arrived in front of Elena’s bedroom, and Countess Aria announced that I was here.


    “Madam, the Young Madam has come.”


    “Come in.”


    After the Grand Duchess’s permission was granted, the door opened.


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