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    Translated by lipzoldyck


    Akid pushed me back and widened the gap between us and the Baron.


    The Baron seemed to have nothing to see as he was already heated up. He commanded overbearingly.


    “Get out of the way, Grand Prince.”


    “No. Don’t touch even a single hair of my wife, Baron Locke.”


    “The Grand Princess has insulted me. You saw it all.”


    “Is it called an insult to reveal bluntness through one’s mouth?”


    “What is that… ”


    “I knew it all along. The baron deliberately forced me to learn an excessive amount.”


    “…That!” He jumped as if he weren’t the said Baron Locke.


    I stared blankly at Akid’s protest against the Baron.


    ‘I’m so proud of you, my baby!’


    Why am I so happy that Akid confronted him?


    However, his shoulders were shaking a little, probably because he was afraid of the Baron.


    I held his hand tightly to give him courage. I wanted to tell him that he wasn’t alone. Fortunately, he mustered up the courage to continue as if it was helpful.


    “I’ve endured it enough. So far, you’ve only done that to me.”


    “What do you mean?”


    “It doesn’t matter what you do to me, but not to my wife.”


    There was a sense of intimidation in Akid’s voice. He was like a man who would become a second male lead in the future.


    Baron Locke flinched. He looked even more surprised because the usual Akid was docile and never disobeyed him.


    He seemed to have calmed down his anger belatedly. He must have known that he was the only one who lost shape even if he was angry about the young Grand Prince and Princess.


    ‘Aish, it was a chance to finish it at once.’


    In fact, if he touched me, I was going to scream exaggeratedly, cry, scream and make a fuss.


    Unlike Akid, I wasn’t the type to endure being beaten.


    As I smacked my lips, Baron Locke smirked.


    “I didn’t know that the Grand Prince misunderstood me so much. All of this is probably because of my immorality as a teacher.”




    “I apologize for my harsh words and actions.” He bowed gracefully like a gentleman.


    I wanted to knock him out by pushing his head, but Akid was blocking my front.


    The Baron then said.


    “I will leave for today. Next time, I hope there will be no interruptions in class.”


    “I’m sorry that I cursed at the baron for being an idiot.”


    “Yes, I’ll accept your apology… ”


    “Originally, no matter how much I tell an idiot, they wouldn’t know that they’re an idiot. Right, Hannah?” When I asked innocently with a bashful smile, Hannah pursed her lips inward, holding back her laughter.


    But the Baron must have seen it all.


    “T-This… !”


    The Baron grunted and grinded his teeth again. Yet he wasn’t as reckless as before. Now that Akid has stepped up, he must have felt that the situation wasn’t good for him.


    He fluttered his jacket wildly with his hands as he was in anger and left the room.


    Maybe he was going to get to his younger sister.


    ‘Hmph! This is what I was hoping for!’


    I snorted and exhaled. Then Akid turned around and asked.


    “How long are you going to hold my hand?”




    I flinched at his cold attitude and took my hand away. He said.


    “I don’t know if you helped me because of a sudden whim, but he did something wrong.”


    “Isn’t it okay to help my husband?”


    “Your husband. Have I ever been Wife’s husband?” He turned around with a bitter expression on his face. His mind seemed complicated.


    I shouted at Akid’s back as he was about to leave. “Heal your wounds! Otherwise, I will find you!”


    Akid wanted to pause for a moment, then he said with a low voice. “Yes. Don’t worry, I’ll hide it well so you don’t get in trouble.”


    I stared blankly at the empty spot of the disappeared Akid and muttered.


    “I didn’t mean that… ”


    It seemed that it would take more time for Akid to regain his mind.




    Unsurprisingly, in the evening,  Grand Duke Hadellus called me.


    I headed straight for the Grand Duke’s study. When I entered the room, three people greeted me. Akid kept his head down and didn’t say a word.


    Grand Duke Hadellus looked very sick, perhaps because of the whining of Lady Locke by his side.


    As soon as Lady Locke saw me, she smirked even more and pretended to be the pitiful victim. After I had roughly grasped the situation, I spoke plainly.


    “I heard you called for me.”


    “Yes. I called you because I have something to tell you.”


    Grand Duke Hadellus crossed his legs, nodded his head, and instructed me to sit next to Akid.


    I lightly lifted up the hem of my dress to be polite and sat down next to Akid. Then he whispered quietly.


    “I will figure it out.”


    That meant that he would take the wrath of Grand Duke Hadellus in my place.


    ‘Why are you so reliable? My heart, calm down!’


    I licked my lips, liking the fact that Akid was taking care of me.


    But I had no intention of passing on what I had done to Akid. I carefully whispered in his ear, examining the Grand Duke’s expression.


    “Don’t worry. I will take care of it.”


    He stared at me blankly as he forgot to whisper back.


    Akid smiled bashfully, wondering if he was just being deceived, so he bit his lower lip and avoided my gaze.


    Then Grand Duke Hadellus said:


    “What are you whispering about?”


    “It’s not a big deal. More than that, why did you call for me?”


    As I changed the subject, the Grand Duke wiggled one of his eyebrows. However, he didn’t want to catch the tail, so he brought up the subject right away.


    “I heard you interrupted Baron Locke’s class today.”


    “Ah.” I let out a shallow exclamation as if I had just found out.


    “Even if you are the Grand Princess, Baron Locke is the Grand Prince’s tutor. You did something reckless again this time.” He clicked his tongue, emphasizing ‘again this time’.


    Perhaps he was saying this because I created only complaints, incidents, and accidents since I got married in this house.


    Actually, I felt it was unfair. It’s all because of what Loena Hadellus did before I possessed it. But there was no way anyone could believe this, so I just worked hard to clean up the shit Loena had sprayed.


    ‘Yeah. It’s not unusual to clean up shit like this in the yard where you’re welcoming your favorite.’


    I straightened my back and smiled softly. The arrow wasn’t Grand Duke Hadellus, but Lady Locke.


    “Lady Locke, did Baron Locke really only say that I interrupted class?”


    She showed a sharp reaction as if I didn’t know how to ask questions.


    “Do you mean that my brother hides his faults and says only favorable things?”


    “Um, I never said that, but there seems to be a point that makes you feel stabbed.”


    “That, that… ”


    Lady Locke was trembling and couldn’t continue his words. However, I had obtained the desired reaction, so my gaze turned to the Grand Duke.


    “I did disturb you. But I was rude because it was deserved.”


    Grand Duke Hadellus asked, tilting his head when I showed an overly confident attitude.


    “What do you mean deserved?”


    “That’s because Baron Locke was abusing my husband under the pretext of corporal punishment.”




    He raised one of his eyebrows at the word ‘abuse’.


    “Yes. Today I heard the sound of something falling from Akid’s study.”




    “I was worried that something urgent had happened, so I told someone to bring me the key.”


    “And then?”


    Grand Duke Hadellus hurried his words, I sighed and then exhaled.


    After a while, I shivered lightly, as if I didn’t want to remember again, and then continued.


    “When I went in, I found my husband lying on the floor with blood on his head. A sharp quill and an ink bottle were beside him.”


    Of course, it was a bit exaggerated because it was seen from the perspective of an omniscient fan, but that didn’t need to be explained.


    “It is true that I was so surprised that I made a rather fierce defense toward Baron Locke. But if anyone had seen it, they would have acted like me.”




    When my eloquence was over, the Grand Duke’s gaze naturally turned to Akid’s forehead. Then he immediately reached out his hand and lifted his bangs.


    Once his forehead was exposed, there were traces of the wounds sewn and treated.




    When he saw Akid’s wound, he blurted his words. As if he didn’t know that Baron Locke would hit him.


    He didn’t even care what his son was doing, so he probably didn’t know his forehead was injured.




    Grand Duke Hadellus’ expression hardened at once, and Akid said.


    “I’m okay.”


    “It’s fine. Blood was dripping! He threw him so hard that my husband couldn’t get himself up from the floor.”


    As I made a fuss, Akid looked at me with a face asking what I meant. It was because I kept exaggerating and making things bigger.


    It seems that he wanted to quietly finish on the line, but I had a different idea.


    Because in the first place, I deliberately waited for the right time and then interrupted Baron Locke’s class.


    ‘I won’t let Baron Locke touch my husband again.’


    As I was trying to strengthen my will, I suddenly heard a sob. It was the cry of Bestia Locke.


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