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    Translated by lipzoldyck


    “You’re saying you have any?”


    Elena snorted as if she had heard a ridiculous sound.


    She also looked as if she was wondering what the wind was doing.


    Yet she didn’t say no. She seemed to want to hear where I was.


    I talked about my thoughts as if the plan was being reviewed by my boss. My heart was pounding.


    “I heard that many people buy seeds every year, but few sow them.”


    “That’s right. Everyone must have thought that sowing was a job. Digging and planting is quite laborious, but just because you sow it doesn’t mean it will all grow.”


    “That’s why, how about making the seed sowing an event?”


    I glanced into Elena’s eyes. She tilted her head at the story of the event. It was because they were still holding a seed sharing event.


    “There are already enough charity events in place, but are you saying to add something more here?”


    At first glance, there was a nuance of refusal to stop working for nothing.


    But I couldn’t pull out the main battle like this and back down..


    “The seed sharing event doesn’t lead to the engagement of sharing to sowing.”


    “But it is a long-standing tradition. Thanks to that tradition, the Hadellus Flower Festival is famous.”


    “Actually, it’s famous because the flowers in the snow have a magnificent scenery.”


    As I pointed it out, Elena’s eyebrows twitched. But she did not object.


    Actually, the seed sharing event was just a show-off event.


    The reason for gathering at the festival was to make life shots and build memories.


    If you take advantage of events where families, couples, and friends can make memories together, you will be able to increase the participation rate in seed planting.


    “So what do you want to say?”


    “There’s no rule that says that flowers must be planted in the ground. It can also be planted in the sky.”


    “What kind of weird sound is that? Where are there flowers that aren’t being planted on the ground?”


    Why isn’t there any?


    “Bring me some paper and a pen.”


    “Yes, Young Madam.”


    Vivian, who had been waiting by my side, often walked out, and soon she came with a paper and pen.


    I drew the balloon under Elena’s gaze. A balloon containing flower seeds.


    “This is?”


    “It’s a balloon.”


    “I also know that. I want to ask you why you are drawing this. It’s not like you want to do a talent show all of a sudden.”


    “That’s why we put spore seeds in a balloon like this and spread it. The spores that are blown in the wind will be very pretty.”


    In dandelion, when the yellow petals fall, the pure white spore becomes round like a flower.


    It felt like a gathering of stars, so when I went to the pure white dandelion field, my eyes were easily taken away.


    That’s all? It was also very pretty to see the white spores floating in the sky and taking root on the ground.


    Everyone must have had the experience of blowing a dandelion that bloomed white in childhood.


    “I heard that the Delus flower is a spore. If you let a balloon filled with spores float on the ground that has been cleared in advance, they will plant seeds and build memories, won’t they? Of course, in order to realize this, we will have to discuss it with the vassals…”




    Elena only then showed interest. I got the courage to add my words.


    “At the same time, the Delus flower is rainbow-colored, so we make different colors of balloons. Wouldn’t it be okay for a one-day event?”


    “Well, that’s a pretty cool idea. A bit raw, though.”


    Elena grinned and folded the paper, putting it in her arms.


    “I didn’t know you cared about your intelligence that much. Especially the thought of sprinkling Delus flowers. I thought you were going to make a fuss to burn them all.”


    ‘I’m not even some damn trash…’


    To say that, there were too many evils that Loena had been engaged in.


    “Ehm! Anyway, if you designate a space, I don’t have to go there, so that’s fine. We can’t ban everyone’s beloved Delus flower because of me.”


    Yeah. I didn’t want to get sick like last time.


    Just because the Delus flower is a symbol of the Hadellus territory, what if we could hold a small event in line with it?


    Then Elena hesitated and threw the preface.


    “Anyway, that flower allergy.”




    “…Hmm, no. First of all, I’ve heard your opinion. I will discuss it with the vassals, so know that and go.”


    Elena swallowed her words and gave me a congratulatory message.


    I implied that my idea had been accepted.


    “Then, is my offer accepted?”


    “It’s not very useless.”


    Elena flapped a fan, making a sound whether it was a compliment or an insult.


    Well, I feel better because she said it was roughly good.


    “Hehe. Yes! I’ll see you then, Mother!”


    “Now it seems that ‘mother’ voice has stuck in your mouth… Go.”


    Elena looked tired and waved her hand.




    I politely bowed and walked out of the terrace. Somehow, I felt like I had done my part.


    Anyhow, I had to attack my mother-in-law and father-in-law for the bright future of my Akid.


    Because I don’t want Akid to live with a painful past like in the original story.


    Was it because I was thinking of Akid?


    Just in time, I ran into Akid who came out of the bedroom.


    “Where are you from?”


    “Oh, from Mother.”


    “Why is Mother… Did she perhaps get mad at you?”


    When Akid spit out in a worried voice, I quickly waved my hand.


    “No! I think it’s just that we’re just having a lot of fun at this flower festival. I asked if there was anything I could do to help.”


    “I see.”


    “Then, where are you going, Akid?”


    “Ah, I’m…”


    “Ah! You are going to train. After all, it’s time to go to the training hall.”


    I said it as Akid’s schedule wasn’t only in my diary, but in my head as well..


    However, Akid, who didn’t know what was going on, looked surprised.


    “How does Wife know that?”


    “Yes? Well, because every time you go to the training hall at this time…”


    I peeped through the window.


    I was going to say that, but I stopped. I thought it was like a stalk, obsession, and Akid would find out that I’m a fan of his.


    Akid looked at me with an expression wondering why I wasn’t talking. I quietly avoided his gaze and muttered.


    “I took the picture because the outfit was just for swordsmanship training.”


    “…Is that so?”


    “Yes! Of course. Do you think I’ll follow you around and peek on your way? I’m not a pervert.”


    “I never thought of it that way.”


    “R-Right. That’s very bad. I’m not watching anyone…”


    The more I spoke, the more I felt like I was digging my own grave. As I gibbered and made a bunch of excuses, Akid said.


    “No. I mean, even if you do that to me, I don’t think you’re a pervert, spy, or whatever.”




    “I mean, do whatever you want. Then I’ll be going.”


    After saying those words, Akid left the lobby in the middle of the bedroom. As the door closed, I turned my eyes.


    If I did everything I wanted to, he would definitely be terrified.


    Somehow, I got shy and fiddled with my cheeks.


    How could he break my heart like this when he didn’t mean anything?


    Akid didn’t know. How much I passionately like him.


    If this was Korea, I would already display all kinds of goods in the room, and spend every morning and night with Akid videos.


    Is that all? I must have wanted to know in detail what my kid is wearing, what he is eating, and what he likes, after signing up for a fan cafe and keeping up with all the schedules.


    ‘Making a fan cafe at this time?’


    I shook my head while thinking such a dangerous thought.


    I can’t stir up such a scandal in a dignified society, can I?


    Rather, if my inclination is discovered, I may be buried.


    Surprisingly, however, the society was also a place for people to live.


    At that time, I never really imagined that I would be able to do something like that in the future.




    In time for the festival, a simple banquet was held for the distinguished guests who came to Hadellus.


    After possessing Loena I had no choice but to attend the meeting, having been completely passive in outside meetings.


    It was because I couldn’t tell who knew and who wasn’t as I had no memory.


    Since the flower festival is held during the warmest time of the Hadellus territory, there were many nobles from far away as well as nobles from within the territory.


    There were even meetings for young ladies and gentlemen who were already in the territory.


    This time, a party of sweets was held separately for young children because children of the age of Akid and I came to the Hadellus territory to play.


    I was escorted by Akid and headed for the party.


    He looked very nervous as he didn’t know I was going to ask for an escort.


    The main thing was that my hands were getting a little damp. In fact, as we acted separately each time, it was very awkward to go somewhere together.


    When the door opened, all eyes were on us at once.


    They looked quite surprised when I came alongside Akid. Perhaps it was because he escorted me.




    Then someone smiled and waved my hand.


    And at that very moment, a memory I didn’t even know flowed into my head.


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