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    Translated by lipzoldyck


    Calib stared blankly at the dark, suddenly remembering the conversation he had with his brother.


    [Did you say that you’re going to get married? Brother Cedric, are you serious?]


    [Yeah. I, who am not a part of the family lineage, must prove my loyalty to family in order to enter the ‘Sanctuary of Knowledge’ as an adoptee.]


    And that’s how the way is, he has to get married and vow to dedicate his life to the family.


    In fact, Cedric wanted to avoid this method until the very end. He feared that it would appear to be strengthening his position.


    But now there’s no other answer.


    [Don’t worry, Calib. I’m only getting married to prove my loyalty, but my will remains the same.]


    Calib said in a bewildered voice.


    [Don’t worry about that. But… Why are you suddenly entering the ‘Sanctuary of Knowledge’?]


    [Calib, as you know, in the ‘Sanctuary of Knowledge’ which can only be entered by the chosen families, there is all the knowledge in the world.]


    [You mean there might be a key there that can break Brother’s curse?]


    [At first, I saw it like that. It has all the knowledge in the world, anyway.]


    Cedric’s words filled Calib’s face with hope, but his face was still blunt.


    [The problem is, I don’t have anyone to marry me.]




    [I’m going to make you the Grand Duke. Although I’m an official adoptee and have learned the ‘Gravity Magic’ passed down from generation to generation, in the end, I’m just a ‘family member’.]




    [Is there any Lady… who would marry me?]


    Marriage of nobility is not a matter of individuals, but harmony between families. Even if he was a member of the Grand Duke of Indigentia, Cedric, who had officially given up the right of Grand Duke succession, was useful yet useless at the same time.


    In addition, this marriage is solely for the purpose of breaking the curse. Is there really anyone who will marry like this on the nobility certificate?


    ‘He even has considered contract marriage. But that’s something that can only be done with mutual consent.’


    Rumors about Cedric being cursed were spread already.


    It wasn’t a curse that changed him to a monster or made him ugly, but nobody came easily. The idea of having a ‘cursed husband’ seemed to cause rejections.


    ‘Besides, my brother is also a member of the Grand Duke family, but he can’t marry anyone because he’s in a hurry.’


    Calib stared at Ellia who was sleeping soundly.


    ‘Actually if the bride who’s pushed ahead is a person who supports me, who is the Grand Young Lord, and the person whom Brother loves… It does seem that it’ll work out somehow.’


    The only question is, can anyone understand ‘marriage to break the curse’?


    Calib suddenly recalled Ellia’s words as she hugged him a week ago.


    […There must be a way. Your brother will be fine. He can live with Calib for a long, long time.]




    [I’ll help you too.]


    He knew they’re just words she said to comfort him.


    How can a woman living alone in such a secluded forest help him break the evil fairy’s curse?


    After watching for a week, he could see that Ellia’s physical abilities are very good.


    When she hunts, she hunts well; when she gathers food, she gathers them well; and when she cooks, she cooks well.


    There was nothing she couldn’t do.


    However, she was only alone.


    Ellia said she’s only an ordinary woman and she has no special powers such as breaking curses.


    ‘But, even though I know she’s talking empty words, why do I want to look forward to it?’


    She saved a stranger like himself from the wolf, gave him the first hot cocoa he had ever tasted, and smiled kindly, unlike the rest of the people Calib had met.


    This warm heart wanted to lean on her over and over again.


    He didn’t want to be fooled by that.


    ‘It is… marriage…’


    To be honest, without even thinking about it, he knew that it’s an absurd proposition. He also knew that it’s a matter of repaying the favor Ellia has given him. Perhaps when he offers that idea, she may be furious and try to get rid of Calib.


    ‘But only for once… After all… If it’s Ellia… Wait a minute, if Brother asks her to help him enter the ‘Sanctuary of Knowledge’… She’ll understand, won’t she?’


    Calib carefully thought.


    ‘And if she divorces Brother, with me… She can live with me in the Grand Duke’s Castle…’


    Then his older brother can also be freed from his curse and be with Calib.


    He could fall asleep in Ellia’s arms as warmly as he is now.


    Calib somehow grew up in an orphanage until he was four and lost his parents in the middle of returning to the Grand Duke’s Castle. That’s why he never received his parent’s affection in his life.


    The Grand Duke who had lost its master was cold, moreover, the vassals considered him as a thorn in the eye.


    ‘But even so, it’s okay.’


    It’s because he didn’t know exactly what parental affection was in the first place and there wasn’t even a nanny.


    Yet now he seems to understand the affection of parents.


    ‘It must be a feeling of being so warm and precious like this.’


    It was all thanks to Ellia.


    Is that so?


    Calib wanted to feel the warmth Ellia gave him even in the Grand Duke’s Castle.


    ‘Then the Grand Duke’s Castle won’t feel lonely anymore.’


    As he thought about it, his chest swelled with anticipation, and at the same time, a bitter self-loathing arose.


    ‘Ah, I’m such a mean and selfish person.’


    He knew it’s not good for Ellia, but he wanted it!


    He desperately wanted the imagination that came to his mind for a very short time that his palms would tickle!


    Calib bit his lower lip as if he was about to cry.


    ‘Bad Calib. This is why you’re alone.’


    He had a bad idea and had to put it away then go to sleep.


    ‘You mustn’t cause any trouble to Ellia more than this.’


    The boy closed his eyes again.


    ‘I’ll have to go back when my hands are healed and I can use magic.’


    To the Grand Duke’s Castle followed by those stinging glances.


    To the cold Grand Duke’s Castle without a friendly voice, without the hot cocoa he tasted, and without warm arms.


    To the Grand Duke’s Castle without the fascinating Ellia whom he felt relieved with despite only having their first meeting.


    ‘I hope the wounds heal fast. No, I hope I injure my hands again.’


    A single drop of transparent tear fell down the corner of his closed eyes.




    “Mm…” I stretched out my body.


    Ah, it’s a refreshing morning today.


    For the past few days, my condition has been very good.


    Honestly speaking, after losing Yoonie like that, I suffered from nightmares every night. Living with an ambiguous sleep disorder, I blamed it for being more sensitive and difficult every day.


    However, after I possessed this body and met Calib, I’ve never had a nightmare.


    No, let alone a nightmare, I think about Yoonie less and less.


    Is this a good or a bad thing?


    I looked down at Calib, who was sleeping softly with a vague expression.


    “Oh my… Not even an angel can be compared to him.”


    He had been eating meat for a week, that’s why his cheeks got a little chubby. His pale, hard complexion and expression had improved a lot and he had become quite chatty these days.


    [Ellia, what is this?]


    [Ellia, what’s for lunch today?]


    [I want to eat the fish stew I ate last time.]


    [Look at this, Ellia! So many raspberries!]


    It’s a great development compared to their first meeting, when he was so blunt and dignified.


    In just a week, ‘a child’ had become a ‘real child’.


    But how much will he look his age if we stay together for a month?


    “Of course we can’t, but…” I sighed and muttered.


    Occasionally, I feel whenever we talk about the Grand Duke’s Castle, Calib seems to feel a lot of pressure because of the name ‘Grand Young Lord’.  Seriously, the older brother who is being talked about as the next head of the family is a formidable genius and a person Calib really likes.


    “I have to surpass such an older brother and become a Grand Duke, but it’s not unreasonable.”


    I carefully climbed out of bed, nodding my head alone. Then I stopped and realized something I hadn’t thought of before. “No, but wait. Both of you are so close, but he hasn’t come to find Calib after a week?”


    In the original story, the brothers couldn’t live without each other and died.


    Cedric supported Calib both physically and mentally in order to repay the kindness of his predecessors and he really cherished him like a younger brother.


    Calib was the only brother in the family who cared for him. He tried not to build a wall but he truly respected and followed him.


    “It’s such an affectionate relationship…”


    But now, why hasn’t he been looking for Calib after a week?


    This is kind of weird.


    I wonder what happened to Cedric…?


    Possibly the curse got worse all of a sudden…It could be like that, right?


    I got a terrifying thought and tried to wrap my head around it, but then I stopped and stiffened.


    Huh, am I worried about the original right now? Ugh, I was trying to live happily ever after by pretending to be an extra that was completely out of touch with the original story!


    If it’s like this, then I’m no different from other romance-fantasy female leads whose feet are pounding because they’re worried about the original story and the main characters!


    “What is this bastard Cedric doing?”


    Aren’t you worried about your precious little brother?!


    I went out blaming the man I had only met through illustrations. Then suddenly I realized that if I met him, I would become involved with him.


    “Yeah, it’s better not to meet at all.”


    Anyway, Calib’s wounds are almost healed.


    If that side ain’t going to come, this side couldn’t stay still.


    “I’ll have to tell him that it’s time to go back soon.”


    It’d be nice to talk later while we’re having breakfast.




    …I promised myself that, but it’s the morning after three days had passed since I spoke to Calib. Whenever I want to talk about his wounds, Calib’s bright face would darken in an instant.


    But how should I say it?!


    Let’s talk at lunch, we’ll talk at dinner, we’ll talk tomorrow… As I procrastinated like that, it’s the morning after three days had passed.


    “I’ll… go back. After all, my wounds are almost healed…” Calib murmured quietly, grasping his fork and knife.


    Ah… It really feels like a death sentence.


    I couldn’t say anything to Calib, who was staring at only the grilled salmon with a depressed expression.


    Even though the vassals stare at you as if they’re trying to kill you, it’s still your home. 


    I feel like a heartless trash.


    But I don’t know when Cedric will fall asleep forever, so Calib needs to stay with him for a little longer.


    Isn’t this just psychopath?


    I licked my lips and tried to avoid his gaze. But it was then.


    “Ah!” It seemed that Calib was so heartbroken. It’s not like he was sad enough to miss the knife, that’s why he grabbed it with his bare hands.




    “Oh my, Calib!”


    His right palms and fingers were hurt by the sharp knife.


    “Calib! Are you okay?!”


    I got up from my seat and ran back to the table, heavily shocked.


    “Ou, ouch…”


    He placed the knife on the table and stared blankly at his palms, blood gushing out.


    “Hiiik! It hurts worse than last time!”


    I brought a clean cloth to stop the bleeding first.


    “I won’t be able to use magic for a while.” It was then that he muttered as he watched the clean cloth dyed red at high speed.




    For a moment, I had the illusion that Calib’s corner lips curved upward.


    I hope not. I must’ve been wrong.


    Calib’s face was grimaced in pain, as if he had never smiled.


    Phew, it is what it is then. No matter how much he hates going back to the Grand Duke’s Castle, there’s no way he’d like to see his hand hurt. Even if he was the future’s villain, even if he’s an icon of entertainment, he’d still be pure now.


    “It hurts, isn’t it? What should I do… I should’ve sharpened the knife blade a little less.”


    Embarrassed that I had made a mistake, I trembled even more and changed the cloth that was used to stop his bleeding.


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