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    I knew the boy who introduced himself as Calib Indigentia.


    Because I read it. [I Won’t Put You To Sleep This Time], a romance-fantasy childcare story featuring the young villain who looked exactly like Yoonie!


    The way I, who wasn’t very interested in web novels because I was only training, suddenly fell in love with romance-fantasy was simple. After I lost Yoonie, in order for me to think less of my younger brother, I played back Utube regardlessly.


    Then suddenly, I saw some kind of advertisement.


    [I Won’t Put You To Sleep This Time]


    Perhaps it was shown as the greatest of all time. I missed the timing to skip because famous actors came out to act.


    And Yoonie, whom I face.


    Unlike other romance-fantasies which prefer to use 2D illustrations, [I Will Not Put You To Sleep This Time] had a cover like an actual image. Just like the alias ‘childcare story’, the cover consisted of children, and among them, the face of the ‘villain’ closely resembled Yoonie.


    As I was addicted to videos to forget Yoonie… In spite of that effort, I immediately paid for [I Will Not Put You To Sleep This Time]. There is also an illustration in the same drawing as the cover, so I read it to the end with the feeling of a traced picture of Yoonie.


    And Calib, the person in the illustration, is now in front of me.


    “You said, you’re Calib…”


    “Yeah. It seems that you helped me after mistaking me for that… the person you called ‘Yoonie’. I apologize if I disappoint you since I’m not Yoonie.” He said in a confident voice.


    Wow, even his voice is the same.


    I looked down at Calib with a confused expression.


    Calib opened his mouth as he looked at me with wide eyes as if he couldn’t understand me. “Thank you for saving me. I’ll definitely show my gratitude. As a benefactor, it’s okay to talk comfortably.”


    Then, before I said anything, he turned his gaze again and looked at the dead wolf.


    “Tch, if only my hand hadn’t been hurt, I would’ve done it with my magic…”


    At the sound of Calib’s small mumbling, I came to my senses.


    Did he say that he was hurt?


    Startled, I looked down and saw that his little finger was torn and blood was dripping down.


    “Oh my gosh! It’s bleeding!”


    “I said you can stop using honorifics. And it’s just an insignificant wound.”


    “T-then comfortably… No, wait. How come the wound isn’t insignificant? It’s bleeding like this!”


    I squatted down, shocked, and gazed upon Calib.


    There was so much blood to the point that his little finger turned white.


    “Here is not the place to do this kind of thing. Come with me for now. There is a cabin where I live.”


    “…Go to where you live?”


    “Yeah. It’s dangerous here, and you can’t just leave the wound like this.” I ripped off my clean sleeve and tied the bloody wound tightly.


    And then I went back together with Calib, but  Calib limped.


    “Did your leg hurt too?”


    “…I think I sprained my leg a little while I was running.” Calib answered in an embarrassed voice, like a child on the verge of being scolded.


    I suddenly recalled the thing that Calib overcame the treatment he got as a nuisance in the household.


    Although Calib was the qualified person, being the same in name and reality, for some reason, the vassals considered that they’re not satisfied with him.


    Come to think of it, I think this part didn’t come out properly, even in the original work…. 


    Anyway, because he became the object of the hatred of the vassals, Calib always pushed a strict standard for himself. That’s why as he is a Grand Young Lord, it must’ve made him feel cheap so easily.


    Now that I think about it, Yoonie was also like that.


    Yoonie, who caught a rare disease, received treatment like he was a disturbance hurdle for his sister’s success, who was in the national team.


    [You’re sick, so your big sister can’t concentrate on her training.]


    [Because of you, your big sister doesn’t even want to go to field training.]


    [If she trains abroad, she will get stronger faster, but because of you, she can’t go.]


    Of course I did insert a lot of swearings to those who said that to Yoonie. But apart from that, Yoonie’s heart gradually closed.


    I saw that exact Yoonie in Calib at the moment.


    Is it because of that?


    Calib, whom I had just met, didn’t feel like anyone else.


    “Get on my back.”


    I stretched out my back in front of Calib.


    “Wh, what?”


    “I’ll give you a piggyback ride. So get on my back.”


    “What are you doing… The wound is not that bad. I can walk just fine on my own.”


    The lines spoken by a familiar voice were words I had heard before.


    One day, while Yoonie and I went for a walk in the hospital’s garden, an old woman stumbled. We yielded his wheelchair to the old woman, and I stretched my back to Yoonie.


    Then Yoonie said.


    [W-what are you doing… It’s not that hard. I can walk just fine on my own.]


    I looked back at Calib, shocked. Even the expression Yoonie had at that time was the same as Calib’s frown right now.


    I feel like crying.


    Ah, I see you more and more like Yoonie.


    I barely swallowed a cry and I said. “It’s okay. I want to do it. This big sister will give you a piggyback ride.”


    For a moment, Calib’s expression shook in dizziness. After hesitating for a while, Calib got on my back carefully.


    “If I’m heavy… You have to put me down right away. Getting carried on a Lady’s back…”


    “What Lady? What’s wrong with just being on a sister’s back? And I’m strong, so it’s okay.”


    It’s not even my body, but I was able to comfortably carry Calib.


    No, it was also due to the fact that Calib was very light. It was like Yoonie, who laid on a bed and dried up every day.


    I returned to the cabin, trying to hide my troubled mind.




    As I healed Calib’s wound, I managed to make a decision.


    Protect him until the wound heals, and when it seems to be healed, send him back.


    No matter how much he resembles Yoonie, Calib is not Yoonie.


    I possessed an extra at most, but I was able to forget everything and start over. I have no intention of living the life of a big fan that goes round and round with the characters of the original story.


    Moreover, Calib later became a villain strong enough to push this world into the depths of fear. There’s nothing good about me, an extra, being involved with him.


    “If your hand is healed, will you be able to use magic right away?”


    “Of course. My magic skills are even recognized by my vassals.”


    If even those who dislike Calib admit it, well, I’ve said it all.


    In fact, Calib was able to freely use magic even when he was young, as much as he became the strongest user of ‘gravity magic’ that’s passed down from generation to generation.


    So, the teleportation magic would be extremely easy for him, but the problem is that he hurt his hand.


    “If you have a wand, you can go back right now, but you don’t have a wand, so you have to use your hands…”


    “Unfortunately, I have injured my hand.”


    Because of that, he couldn’t use magic and was chased by wolves.


    I don’t know why, in the first place, Grand Young Lord Calib was alone in a forest like this…


    I said, handed Calib a bland cocoa. “Here. I’ve mixed up all the cocoa powder, but I don’t know if it will taste good.”


    Calib glanced upon my cup of hot water and his, then bowed his head. “Thank you for your concern.”


    “You don’t have to thank me every time.”


    Yoonie also always said ‘thank you Sister, thank you Sister’, and turns out he’s like this too.


    I smiled and took a sip of the lukewarm water.


    Calib, who saw me drinking, took a careful sip. And then his eyes widened. “What… is this?”


    “Yes? You mean cocoa?”




    Calib chewed over and over again, as if he had tasted cocoa for the first time.


    You must have drunk a lot of more expensive things besides these cheap ones in the Grand Duke’s Castle, right?


    Oh, is it because it doesn’t taste like the cocoa you know, and you’re startled thinking, ‘Is this supposed to be cocoa?


    “…It’s sweet.”


    But for such a thing, he had a very satisfied expression.


    I tilted my head faintly, as I looked at Calib’s rising cheeks that were a little rosy.


    It was then.








    There was a very loud thumping sound from somewhere.


    The source was Calib, who was clutching his stomach with a blushing face.


    “…Are you hungry?”






    As if it was asking, where did you get the courage to deny me, the belly clock cried even louder. Calib’s face became so hot that he couldn’t blush any longer.


    Ah, that reminds me, I didn’t ask if he had eaten.


    Me too, really. I’m an unqualified Korean.


    “Have you eaten rice? Since when have you been alone in the forest?”


    “No. I’ve been wandering since this morning.”




    It’s now around 5 pm.


    Oh gosh, it’s crazy.


    “Then you’ve been starving all day?”


    Besides, being chased by wolves?


    When I asked in shock, Calib nodded his head with a bewildered look.


    Oh my gosh.


    It wasn’t the time for me to give him cocoa.


    I got up from my seat, rushed madly.


    “Hang in there. I’ll give you something to eat right away.”


    “T-that, you don’t need to do that. I don’t usually eat dinner.”


    I was picking up a few potatoes from the oven when such shocking words reached my ear.


    What kind of nonsense is he spitting out? Why doesn’t he eat?


    “…You said you don’t eat dinner?”


    Turning around with a puzzled look on his face, Calib said while clutching his hungry stomach as if it were true.


    “If I’m chubby, it’ll look bad when I stand in front of the public, and the etiquette teacher told me not to eat. That’s why I’ve been skipping dinner since last month.”


    That’s why there’s no need to prepare, and Calib waved his hand, accustomed to it.


    At that moment, my head felt dizzy.


    What… How?


    When I gave him a disbelief look, Calib licked his tiny lips. “It’s really true. Today, I skipped breakfast and lunch.”


    “Hey, did you really just say skip dinner? Even if you’ve starved all day?”


    “All day… I don’t know, maybe I did.” Calib answered with a calm face.


    As if it were natural!


    So I got even more pissed.


    I mean, they really starved Calib when he was only six or seven years old. Moreover, a little while ago, Calib was so light when I carried him.


    The reasons Yoonie was skinny were because he often skipped meals due to the examination and it was difficult to eat regular meals.


    But what about Calib?


    He said that he had to adjust his meals because he’s on a diet when he’s growing up and he weighed the same as Yoonie!


    This is nonsense!


    The sound of potatoes being crushed completely with the power of my fist was heard.


    Etiquette teacher you crazy bastard, do know that if I meet you, you’ll look like this potato!


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