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    Translated by lipzoldyck


    In the original [I Won’t Put You To Sleep This Time], Calib’s childhood rarely came out properly.


    [IWPYTSTT] is a childcare story in which the female lead regresses. Therefore, most of the childhood stories were centered around the female protagonist.


    The story of the female lead’s childhood comes out a long time later, but there was no way that Calib, the villain, could have had much.


    But there were a few short episodes.


    And one of them had to do with Jeryl.


    Calib’s maternal uncle, Renold had tried to marry his daughter, Jeryl, with Cedric. It was like a marriage between cousins, but Cedric was an adoptee, so there was no blood mix. That’s why he said there was no problem with imperial law.


    After all, isn’t this world borrowed from an era when incest was also popular to maintain the family?


    There must have been one or two strange laws like this.


    Anyway, Jeryl inquisitively interrupted the brothers’ cherished time.


    [Oh my, Sir Cedric. You are here. Grand Young Lord, I have something to talk about only among grown-ups, so can you please leave the room?]


    When the brothers were going to spend an affectionate time, she appeared like the master and drove out Calib naturally.


    [Ha, what a pity this is! If Sir Cedric becomes Grand Duke, the Indigentia family will become stronger and the curse will be lifted… ]


    When Calib tried to make up his mind and become the Grand Duke according to Cedric’s will, she said this outright.


     [Sir Cedric did a lot of things today and tomorrow, I didn’t know it would be like this today.]


    Even though she was informed that Cedric was on the verge of being completely engulfed by the curse, at the end, she insisted on Calib’s lessons.


    In the end, Calib was in class, so he couldn’t even say his final goodbyes to Cedric.


    Judging from this, Jeryl is the craziest bastard of all time.


    But when I think about it, there is something strange about it.


    Why did the Babillon family, the first rank vassal, hate Calib so much?


    It’s understandable that the Grand Duchess, Renold’s younger sister, died during Calib’s return. But if that was the case… Then shouldn’t he be more sympathetic to his nephew? [Read this at]


    And if he married Jeryl, wouldn’t Cedric also be able to enter the Sanctuary of Knowledge?


    Why the hell did Cedric not marry Jeryl?


    Amidst the rising doubts, Calib said.


    “The teacher is very competent, so Ellia will be able to easily follow the class.” He smiled sweetly at me.


    To even wrap up someone who abused him.


    Do I have to say that he’s kind, or should I say that he was still weak even if he’s the villain of the future…


    I answered him with a smile.


    “Alright. I will work hard too.”


    I mean, for your revenge.


    You mean you did such a terrible thing to such a kind child?


    In the original story, only the vicious side of Jeryl was shown, and it wasn’t revealed how she was teaching Calib. Moreover, he was unaware that he was being abused.


    That means there must be more abuse and bullying that I’m not aware of.


    What’s all the crushing? I will grind that natural-looking face on a grater!


    Just then, someone knocked on the door.


    “Oh, I guess she’s here.”


    At Calib’s words, I looked towards the door. At the same time, I heard the voice of the maid outside.


    “Grand Young Lord, Miss Ellia, Lady Jeryl, the daughter of the Marquis of Babillon has arrived.”


    Gulp, I swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.


    Finally my enemy has arrived. I showed a determined expression, and Calib answered.


    “Come in.”


    Then the door opened.


    In any fight, getting a head start is the most important thing. I stood up and looked at Jeryl, even thinking of using force if necessary.


    How toxic is she?


    I was a little nervous without realizing it, but whatever.


    “Hello, Miss Ellia. My name is Jeryl Babylon, the one who will teach Miss Ellia the noble manners starting from today.” She stretched the hem of her skirt and greeted her so gracefully. [Please read this at]


    To me as a commoner, I mean!


    “I’m a person who lacks a lot, but please take care of me in the future.” With her calm blonde hair and intelligent green eyes, she even smiled favorably at me.


    I looked at Jeryl like that with a bewildered expression on my face, and then greeted me with a smirk.


    “Ah, hello. I’m Ellia.”


    “Oh my, your posture is very nice. You’ll get it right away.”


    Ho-ho-ho, Jeryl gave me a noble laugh and complimented me.


    I became even more puzzled.


    In the original story, Jeryl took social class for granted and was said had a tendency to treat his subordinates rudely.


    That’s why I thought she would ignore me as I’m a ‘low born’, but how could she be so kind?


    What is this… What happened?




    A day before, the mansion of the Marquis Babillon.


    “Never, I hate it!” Jeryl, who was eating, put down the tableware and said sternly. “You want me to teach you that kind of low born?”


    With her chirping voice, she looked at her father, Renold, who was sitting opposite her.


    Renold, who was always generous with Jeryl, said, wiping his lips with a napkin.


    “Yes. I can’t help it. So far, Cedric’s words are known as law in the Grand Duke’s Castle.”


    Even as he said that, he could still hear the sound of grinding teeth, whether it was every shameful thing.


    Jeryl didn’t back down.


    “But, Father!” She jumped up from her seat. There was the sound of her chair being pushed over.


    “Even if Sir Cedric said that, how could Father tell me this?” She ended up crying. “You-you’re telling me to teach a low born!” She even dropped her shoulders, saying she couldn’t believe it.


    Renold loved Jeryl so terribly that he was called ‘daughter’s fool’ in idiom.


    Don’t you have that kind of sincerity?


    As Jeryl grew older, she became more and more like Renold. Not only her appearance, but also her personality, likes and dislikes.


    He couldn’t believe he made his lovely daughter’s eyes shed tears!


    Renold was heartbroken.


    “Hic, hicc… I, tried so hard at the academy just to teach things like low born… Hic… ”


    Jeryl shed tears of sorrow and dropped her shoulder. She looked pitiful, but instead of appeasing her, Leonard spoke equally harshly.


    “Jeryl. But you will one day become a Grand Duchess.”


    “Hic, hicc… ”


    “Didn’t this father promise? I will beat Calib and put Cedric in the Grand Duke’s position. Then you will become the Grand Duchess.”


    After Cedric was luckily cursed, this was Renold’s plan.


    First, he would be crowned as the Grand Duke. As the first vassal, Leonard had the power to sway other vassals and move public opinion.


    It’d be enough if Calib is falsely accused or blamed for anything. After that, under Renold’s initiative, Cedric marries Jeryl, and Cedric falls into a complete sleep.


    ‘The Grand Duchess, Jeryl, will become the most powerful, and I will be in power and control of the Grand Duchess!’


    With this, the Grand Duke’s Castle would be no different than coming into his grasp.


    ‘So Cedric must fall into an eternal sleep upon his accession.’


    However, a variable arose in Leonard’s plan.


    It was Ellia.


    ‘I didn’t know he’d bring a woman.’


    He thought there was no woman who would marry Cedric, who gave up his right to succession and was even cursed. [Just read this at!]


    Of course, giving up the right to succession doesn’t mean that one’s not a noble.


    But who would be willing to marry when her future husband would die?


    He was relieved thinking that way, nevertheless, he didn’t know anything about the world.


    ‘I was planning to make Cedric the Grand Duke anyway… Should I let him get married in advance? No, of course not.’


    Renold quickly retorted inwardly.


    ‘If I let them get married first, then they enter the Sanctuary of Knowledge, find out about Calib’s past, and lift their curse, it’ll be a complete failure.’


    If Cedric lifted the curse, he may try to restore Calib again and Renold wouldn’t be able to gain power.


    Renold thought as if he were determined.


    ‘Nevermind. My plan didn’t go wrong. As long as I interrupt the marriage, everything will come back to normal.’


    Renold said as his mustache twitched.


    “Even if Cedric has excellent magic skills, he was adopted, and in the aristocratic world, I have the upper hand.”


    Jeryl knew that Renold had the power to sway the opinion of other vassals as well.


    “In the end, the power of the Grand Duke of Indigentia will fall into this father’s hands, and don’t you know that my power is your power?”


    Jeryl’s shoulder, which had been trembling slightly, slowly stopped.


    Renold said to her as if he tried to soothe her.


    “So be patient.”


    “Is this the ordeal to the happy future that Father has always talked about?”


    “As expected my daughter, you’re very smart.”


    Renold shook his head with a satisfied look on his face. Yet Jeryl only pouted her lower lip. [Yeah, she sucks. That’s why read this at]


    “But if Calib has that low born, we can’t trouble him.”




    “The operation to harass and torment him, giving up his duties as the Grand Young Lord and distancing him from Cedric, will fail.”


    Is that okay?


    While his daughter looked at him, he was lost in thought for a moment. For a moment, Renold called Jeryl closer as if he had thought of a good move.


    Jeryl approached with a strange face and whispered to her father.


    Eventually, by the end of the conversation, her face looked as fresh as a person whose congestion had gone down.


    She smiled like a person who came up with a trick.


    And that was also the reason why Jeryl was so courteous to Elia as she is now.


    “Alright, shall we start class then?”


    Jeryl smiled brightly, passing the two bewildered-looking people and headed towards her desk.


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