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    If it’s normal, he would have frowned at the word ‘condition’ and put on a serious expression.


    In just one month, Cedric regained the ‘childness’ that Cedric couldn’t find even though he tried so hard.


    ‘But he will be forced to be an adult again when Ellia leaves.’


    Cedric felt a little bitter.


    Contrary to what adults think, children are quick-witted. They quickly notice who likes and dislikes them.


    Besides, Calib is a genius.


    There was no way that such Calib was unaware that he was being treated like an idiot in the family.


    [If it weren’t for me, Brother would immediately rise to the throne and become a strong fence for the family.]


    In fact, Calib once told Cedric what he was thinking. Maybe that’s why he was heartbroken to see Calib grow up early.


    ‘If I hadn’t been adopted, Calib’s situation would have been a little better…’


    To the point where it makes him think like that.


    Cedric replied toward Calib.


    “Yes. She said she wanted to see you even after my curse is lifted and the divorce is over.”




    “She doesn’t want anything else, she just wants to meet you. Regularly here, in the Grand Duke’s Castle.”


    “Huh? Huh… ” He looked a little confused.


    Ellia didn’t say she liked being with Calib. That’s why he thought of arousing her sympathy by showing himself being bullied by Jeryl.


    ‘But even after the divorce, she wants to see me… in fact… ’


    In an instant, Calib’s face lit up slightly.


    ‘Does Ellia… like me too?’


    After all, come to think of it, no matter how much she was a guardian and a ward, there was a difference in status between the two of them.


    ‘And even if Brother’s curse is lifted safely, he will try to set me up as the Grand Duke.’


    Then Calib would become the Grand Duke, but Elia would still be a commoner.


    Ellia said she had no memory of her. But it was only about herself, and all other common sense was known.


    ‘Perhaps the reason Elia couldn’t answer was because Brother was by my side.’


    The difference between the status of the Grand Young Lord and commoner was never easily narrowed, and it wasn’t a relationship where commoners could meet him just because they wanted to.


    ‘So, I couldn’t answer back then, but when it comes to contracting, it’s a mutual agreement, so it might be that they sneakily talked about it!’


    The puzzle was put together in Calib’s head, and it became clearer. As the villain of the future, his ability to put events together was outstanding.


    Cedric, unaware of this, said in a calm voice.


    “First, I accepted this condition. The decision is yours, though.”


    “I… ”


    “Of course, since the signature has already been completed, your refusal won’t cause any problems with the contract. And Ellia will understand.”


    In fact, Cedric knew that from time to time Ellia looked at Calib with her longing gaze. That’s why he believed that when she saw Calib, it felt as if her memories had returned.


    Calib felt a little excited.


    Although he had never been properly aware of it in his life, he wanted to be loved.


    ‘I learned this while I was staying with Ellia.’


    He wanted to be loved as ‘Calib’ rather than the name of the Next Grand Duke or the Legitimate Son, because he would like it even just once.


    It was his small complaint that couldn’t be told to anyone, but he was still earnest in his heart.


    That’s why he nodded his head happily.


    “Of course, I like it!”


    Apart from answering this, obviously, Calib had no intention of letting Ellia leave the Grand Duke’s Castle.


    ‘But this isn’t something I’m going to tell Brother now.’


    Her heart must be turned by Ellia herself, only by her power.


    Cedric, unaware of Calib’s tactics, smiled as his younger brother who showed his feelings was cute.


    “Alright. Then, let’s decide when and how long we will meet after the divorce as the three of us later.”


    “Yeah, good!” Calib nodded his head like an excited child for the first time after coming to the Grand Duke’s Castle.


    The peaceful dessert time had passed, and now it was time to go back to daily life.


    “You have an etiquette class in the afternoon, right?”


    At Cedric’s words, Calib’s expression darkened slightly.


    Sure enough, Jeryl Babillon, the daughter of Marquis Renold Babylon, was a good teacher, but she was very strict.


    ‘She even told me to skip dinner to lose weight.’


    The family of the Marquis Babillon was the first vassal of the family of the Grand Duke of Indigentia, that’s why their pride was extraordinary.


    In other words, they were very devoted to the Grand Duke’s family.


    ‘But losing weight… I don’t really know.’


    In Cedric’s eyes, Calib needed to eat more. Yet that boy completely believed and followed Jeryl.


    ‘The teacher is a very good person. So it’s right to follow her.’


    Although Jeryl’s educational policy and Cedric’s thoughts were quite different, in the end, Calib chose her.


    That’s why Cedric had no choice but to respect Calib’s will.


    But it was true that he was concerned apart from respecting the choice.


    Cedric rose from his seat and proceeded with his younger brother towards the building, cautiously speaking.


    “How about taking a break until today?”




    “You haven’t been back in a while, and no matter how well Ellia treated you, it was a simple place after all.”


    Cedric recounted the phrase “how hard it must have been to live in a shabby hut” in the noblest way possible.


    “It would be okay if you rest a little longer.”


    As much as he was a genius, he had learned manners so certain that even the Emperor praised him. So just because he’s been scheming for a day or two won’t rust his skills.


    Nevertheless, Calib stubbornly shook his head.


    “I can’t neglect my learning.”


    “It’s not that you’re lazy, but you’re taking a break, though?”


    “The teacher has already arrived. How can a student make the teacher waste her time?” He spoke sternly and moved forward steadfastly.


    It was the same as usual for him to try to be faithful to the role of the Grand Young Lord as he grew up early.


    But for some reason, it seemed like he had a different plan today.


    ‘Come to think of it, Ellia is joining the etiquette class from today.’


    As soon as he remembered that fact, a thought suddenly crossed my mind.


    ‘Perhaps Calib… What is he planning to do with Jeryl?’


    A quiet question arose in Cedric’s mind as he looked at the small back of his head.




    “Come on, Calib.”


    I pretended to know while waiting for Calib in front of the study room. He found me and ran to me with a bright smile.


    “Ellia! How was your lunch, did it suit your taste?”


    As soon as Calib grabbed my hand, he started worrying about me.


    “I wish we could eat together.”


    “Let’s eat together tomorrow.” I went into the study room, soothing Calib, who was sad.


    Actually, I was invited to the brothers’ luncheon, but I turned it down.


    Not for any other reason, I just want to get to know Olivia completely right now.


    If you look at romance-fantasies, don’t you envy the one maid and the female lead who get along well?


    Olivia was originally one of Cedric’s people, but she was very kind to me.


    [When we really met for the first time, I thought you were a fairy.]


    She said as we ate brunch together with my permission (written as permission and read as a pester).


    Did she find out my identity for a moment? That’s why I was so nervous.


    [No, what are all fairies? Miss Ellia is much prettier. There is probably no one in the Empire more fairy-like than Miss Ellia.]


    As I listened to her nodded deeply and spoke, fortunately, it didn’t seem like that.


    In the Epricent Empire, there seems to be a habit of praising a very beautiful person as a fairy. Is it similar to the ‘fairy’ I used to talk about in the world I lived in?


    Unlike the fearsome villain, Ellia had a very gentle and pure impression. Thanks to that, it was easy for me to arouse favor.


    Perhaps it was the same for Olivia, and we became friends at once. And she was very sorry that I had no memory.


    [If you can’t remember, you must be lonely. Aren’t you scared?]

    [Well, not really. Is it because I don’t remember too much?]

    I replied with a sly smile.


    Actually, I don’t have Ellia’s memory, it’s not that I really don’t have my own memory. Also, even without Ellia’s memory, I knew her original story, so I didn’t have anything to worry about.


    Except I don’t know how to break the curse.


    Calib said, guiding me across from him.


    “Now, Ellia. You can sit here.”


    I asked as I sat down on the comfy sofa.


    “Who is the etiquette teacher?”


    I needed her information to make a plan to crush the mad etiquette teacher like a potato.


    He skipped dinner for weight management, and abused him with nonsensical corporal punishment, is that normal?


    However, there seems to be no excuse for making a normal evaluation.


    “Mm…” He thought for a long time with a serious face.


    I felt sorry for Calib like that, so I asked while watching.


    “I heard a little bit from Olivia, the etiquette teacher is your maternal uncle’s daughter… So you’re saying she’s your cousin?”


    “That’s right. My teacher, Jeryl Babillon, is a great graduate of the academy.”


    At my words, he shook his head and responded.


    Jeryl, come to think of it, I remember seeing her at first glance in the original.


    But even then, it wasn’t a very good image.


    Because she was the supporting villain in the original story that prevented Calib from protecting his last moments when Cedric fell into an eternal sleep.


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