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    “Don’t get me wrong. Just, uh… Calib, when I see Calib, I feel as if my lost memories are slowly coming back.”


    Obviously, this is a lie.


    However, it is true that when I looked at Calib, I thought of Yoonie, whom I tried hard to forget.


    “Perhaps… I wonder if it’s because he resembles someone I loved so much… So it’s true that I feel more emotional.”


    Actually, under the same sky, there was a child who looked just like Yoonie, but I wasn’t confident of living without seeing him.


    I wanted to feel vicarious satisfaction watching the process of him growing up.


    Yoonie stopped growing at the age of 7. Coincidentally, Calib is now 7 years old.


    So, if Yoonie grew up safely past the age of 7, he would have grown up like this.


    I wanted to feel such a little selfish vicarious satisfaction.


    “But as expected… it won’t work.”


    Calib is not Yoonie, he is the son of the Grand Duke, and he is the one who will become the Grand Duke in the future. No matter how personal the circumstances were, it would be absurd to meet such a great noble in private.


    I was going to correct it because I thought it’d be a little weird.


    “I understand.”




    Cedric gently gave me consent.


    “I will seek opinions from Calib, and if there is no disagreement, I will add that condition. The date of the meeting will be arranged later.”


    Besides, he even offered to speak to Calib.


    I looked at him blankly, feeling a little queasy, and then laughed as if I were sighing lightly.


    “Thank you.”


    To be honest, at this moment, more than alimony of 1 billion gold, Yoonie…No.


    I’m more than happy to be able to see Calib.


    I have to watch him little by little, so that I don’t notice it, little by little I have to get immersed in memories.


    With that thought in mind, I left the office after shaking hands with Cedric in leather gloves.




    Click. After Ellia left the office, Cedric removed the barrier. Noting that the barrier had disappeared, Erwin said as he approached.


    “She’s really… She’s a really beautiful person. I’ve never seen such mysterious eyes.”


    “It is said that there’s a kind of mutant constitution, which is called jewel eyes, that even only a few of the fairies are born with. I think that might be it.”


    “Then, is Miss Ellia a fairy?”


    “Where in the world are pure fairies these days? She must be of mixed race.”


    “Hmm, it fits perfectly as if it was there just for Miss Ellia… ”


    In fact, when he passed the partition, the long straight hair he saw at first glance caught his attention. Moreover, she speaks naturally in front of Cedric, whom people can’t breathe just by looking at!


    It was when Edwin had a fuzzy expression on his face as if he were a girl in love.




    For a moment, he felt a stinging sensation in his skin that made him goosebump.


    The source was Cedric.


    His calm hydrangea-colored eyes gleamed strangely, glaring at Edwin.


    Edwin felt startled by the light in those eyes staring at him. As it was Edwin who wrote the alimony contract, he knew what Cedric and Elia had to do with each other.


    But now, Cedric was looking at him as if he was looking at a rogue who had overtaken his lover.


    “I didn’t even think about that.” Edwin, who knew that his life was precious, said quickly.


    But Cedric’s unfeeling, calm gaze stared at him and headed elsewhere. It was like a warning that he wouldn’t let it go next time, so Edwin swallowed a soft sigh involuntarily.


    ‘Is it because of his childhood as an orphan and the idea that he must prove his worth in order to not be dismissed?’


    From an early age, Cedric had never asked for anything he wanted, yet once he got his hands on it, he didn’t want to let go of anything.


    ‘Whether it be knowledge, talent, or people.’


    This continued even after he became an adult.


    Also, Cedric never forgave anyone who coveted or touched what is his. He used to dislike that even if it was only being interested in.


    ‘But Miss Ellia is not Sir Cedric’s person yet…?’


    For a moment, he was puzzled, but Edwin quickly organized his thoughts.


    ‘She’s a person who can lift the curse, so I’m guessing he values her more, huh?’


    Edwin also vowed not to mention Ellia’s ‘El’ in the future for his safe work life.


    Not long after he had made up his mind, he heard good news from Cedric.


    “Master Calib seems to be waiting for you in the backyard.”


    “Is it already the time to be like this?”


    The brothers always had lunch together unless something big happened. It started because Calib was going to go away, but now it had become an important promise for Cedric.


    He looked at the clock and it was 11:50.


    “If you don’t be hurry, you may interfere with Calib’s meal.”


    Cedric clicked his tongue briefly and picked up his jacket. As he left, he didn’t forget to scold Edwin once more, saying he had informed him late.


    Cedric crossed the hallway at a brisk pace, whether Edwin was sullen or not


    ‘Actually, I don’t know why I was so displeased before, even if I think about it again.’


    He knew that Elia had a splendid appearance. Even though she looked rustic in her shabby hut, she somehow made him think she was dazzling.


    However, the moment it was decided for her to be dressed up, she was so beautiful that he couldn’t even see her as the same person.


    ‘Aside from the fact that her ancestors had fairy blood mixed, I would believe it even if she was a pure-blooded fairy that could only be seen in books.’


    However, it wasn’t only Ellia’s beauty that drew Cedric’s attention.


    ‘What the hell is that scent from her?’


    It started with a fresh peach scent and ended with a fresh grapefruit scent!


    It was strange.


    ‘Is it a hallucination?’


    There was no way he could smell the scent. But a little while ago, Cedric was clearly possessed by the scent.


    Then, the moment he came to his senses, the scene he encountered was the side view of Ellia, who was staring at Edwin.


    Staring at Edwin with her eyes shining like a well-crafted jewel in the sunlight made him feel uncomfortable.


    Besides, the thought of having a conversation like that face to face the whole time they talked about the contract doubled the inconvenience. So, although it was originally Edwin’s job, he took the contract from him and explained it himself.


    ‘But there is one thing that bothers me.’


    It was that the clause she wanted to add was none other than she wanted to meet Calib.


    ‘I thought she was hoping for something bigger than money because she’s willing to get married, but she wants to meet Calib regularly at the Grand Duke’s Castle.’


    Hearing the conditions Elia suggested, Cedric pondered. Needless to say, Calib is the one who will become the Grand Duke.


    It wouldn’t be easy to meet him who has become a great nobleman.


    Nevertheless, when he was about to say that he refused, he was worried about her pale face as if she was about to give up.


    ‘I don’t know if it’s true that when she looks at Calib, her memories come back little by little.’


    Having no memory is a very disturbing and scary thing, no matter how much one tries to pretend they are okay.


    ‘If any memories come to her mind while watching Calib… It’s worth clinging to it with the feeling of grabbing straws.’


    Cedric nodded his head alone, understanding Ellia.


    ‘And Calib follows her very well, so it’s good for him to be with her sometimes as if he is meeting his old friend.’


    Of course, he didn’t know what Calib would think.


    ‘If they can’t live together, they might not want to see each other at all.’


    Calib knew that he was an unwelcome being in this Grand Duke’s Castle. Because of that, it seemed that he wanted to be as unfriendly to people as possible.


    ‘For the first time, such Calib opened his heart to anyone other than me, and if the end was them being apart from each other… ’


    He waited for Calib’s answer and moved forward busily. Soon after, he arrived at the backyard.




    Calib, who was sitting quietly in a chair with a bored expression for his age, smiled brightly.


    It was a sight he hadn’t seen in a while since Calib was gone. Cedric sighed in relief again and walked over to him.


    “Have you waited long?”


    “No, I just came.”


    Even after receiving a call that he had to wait after arriving, Calib lied with great care.


    Cedric was so fond of him that he patted his little head and sat down.


    It was when the brothers continued to cut their lunch and lemon sorbet was served for dessert.


    “Calib, I have a question for you.”




    “I finished my contract with Ellia this morning. It’s signed, and the marriage will proceed quickly.”


    “Well. Yes.” Calib gave a gentle gaze, asking what he wanted to talk about.


    “But she suggested an unexpected condition.”


    “Unexpected condition?”


    For a moment, Calib’s eyes widened.


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