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    Not only that, but Renold vowed to bring Calib out of the Grand Duke’s Castle as soon as possible.


    ‘If we stay like this and Calib really becomes the Grand Duke and goes to the Sanctuary of Knowledge… After that, if he ever finds out… ’


    It would be the worst.


    Renold then thought that the marriage Cedric was trying to pursue should also be annulled.


    ‘If the curse is lifted, Cedric can become the Grand Duke.’


    First of all, the rush to make Calib the Grand Duke might stop for a while.


    ‘But I can’t let Cedric enter the Sanctuary of Knowledge. As soon as he enters, he will surely try to find out about Calib’s past as well.’


    Renold, who was trying to swallow the Grand Duke’s Castle when Cedric was set up as the Grand Duke and he fell asleep forever, felt his mind begin to rush.


    But it was then.


    That alone already made his head explode, and to make matters worse, Calib declared another bomb.


    “The person who will be my sister-in-law is not yet accustomed to the aristocratic culture.”


    Of course, because she was a low born. Someone let out a shrill laugh.


    But Calib looked around the vassals without blinking an eye.


    “That’s why I’m going to take the etiquette class with the one who will be my sister-in-law.”


    With a loud roar, the conference hall became noisy again. Among them, the person who reacted the most violently was also Renold.


    “What nonsense!”


    He even jumped up, as if it was totally unacceptable.


    “Do you think that Jeryl graduated from the academy as a top student to teach such a low born?!”


    “Sit down. I never gave you permission to stand up.” Calib spoke low to him.


    Renold’s lips twitched at that voice as if he was following his brother.


    Cedric’s still gaze followed, and Renold had no choice but to sit down.


    “Ugh… ”


    As Renold sat back down with his face blushing, Caleb said.


    “And you better watch your mouth. To say that she’s a low born. She’s the person who’s going to be my sister-in-law and Cedric’s wife.”


    It was a threat that if they called her ‘low born’ just one more time in the future, they would have to pay a harsh price. However, Renold’s heart wasn’t calmed down, rather it only twisted even more.


    ‘Ha, so you want my daughter to teach a low born?’


    The etiquette teacher currently teaching Calib was none other than the daughter of the Marquis Babillon.


    ‘Damn it, my goal was to make her make eye contact with Cedric while serving as the etiquette teacher for Calib!’


    In fact, he wanted his daughter to become a Grand Duchess.


    Although Cedric was his nephew in the family register, it wasn’t against the laws of the Empire, as he was adopted and his blood wasn’t mixed with his family’s. Obviously, he was cursed and gave up his right to inherit the Grand Duke, but Renold had the power.


    A breath was enough to move the vassals away from Calib. The fact that he was the only older brother of the former Grand Duchess played a big role.


    ‘I was waiting because I thought I could start moving after I threw Calib out… !’


    It was quite unexpected that Cedric suddenly brought another woman.


    ‘Besides, no matter how low born she is, if there is a person standing next to Calib, I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore… ’


    No way, is it revenge for the abuse he had done so far?


    Renold bit his lower lip.


    As Calib saw him clenching only her red fists as if he were ashamed, Calib felt a slight sense of liberation. As he expected, Calib intended to pay back the abuse his etiquette teacher, Jeryl, inflicted on him.


    ‘But, I have to show it to Ellia before I get revenge. How pitiful I am.’


    In fact, he didn’t even think he was being abused until he was with Elia. He only thought that he had to follow the words of an excellent teacher as a student.


    ‘Actually, it was more than abuse. “During the etiquette class, what I say is the law, you must listen to it,”… I was used to such words.’


    That’s why, Calib didn’t even tell Cedric that he was being abused.


    He also told Cedric that all the corporal punishment was done by his will.


    ‘Because Jeryl said so, and I thought it was right.’


    But as he lived with Elia, he realized that everything Jeryl had said was wrong. From the fact that he had to skip dinner if he wanted to look good, and that it was an indelible mistake to take a nap.


    ‘And it’s not natural to be hit harshly by others!’


    Ellia couldn’t contain her anger when she saw the scars on Calib’s calf.


    Normally, he’d only be afraid if an adult was angry. But at that time, Calib was very happy that she got mad.


    ‘Of course I don’t want to upset Elia again. Because I always want her to laugh. But I have to use this.’


    Calib was determined to look weak.


    ‘I have to make Ellia look at how Jeryl abuses me and she’ll be proud of me.’


    And then, her sympathy would grow so much that she thought that she would remain in the Grand Duke’s Castle for Calib’s sake, so that she couldn’t easily say that she was going back.


    In order to put Ellia in the Grand Duke’s Castle, Calib was prepared to suffer his teacher’s abuse he had been through before.


    ‘It’s okay to skip dinner and it’s okay to be sick… I want Ellia to be with me… I want her to stay with me for a long, long time.’


    Calib thought so, and he said to the vassals. “I already gave you notice, so please be aware of that.”


    He was just like his older brother in ignoring the vassal’s will completely.


    But this time, the vassals could not say anything.


    If Cedric was the strongest now, Calib would be the strongest in the future. He was chasing after Cedric’s great achievements at a very frightening pace.


    This was definitely an outstanding move, and he even got recognized by the Emperor as a next-generation talent.


    Moreover, the vassals didn’t need to be greatly outraged by this.


    ‘I think the momentum of the Marquis Babillon will go down.’


    ‘How long have you been arguing over the fact that you are the only brother of the former Grand Duchess and that your daughter is the Grand Young Lord’s etiquette teacher?’


    ‘There are more and more things I want, and I didn’t want to see him reigning as if he were the owner, but it is better.’


    Rather, he seemed to have stopped Renold, who was like a runaway locomotive, for a moment, so they welcomed it with open arms.


    Renold was deeply furious that no one took his side.


    ‘These guys… We’ll see.’


    After one shot at the fussy vassals and the brazen-faced brothers, Renold turned his head away.


    Cedric, who looked around the hall for a moment, spoke. “Then let the meeting end here. I will consult with her and notify her of the wedding schedule.”


    The first meeting of vassals that Calib attended was dismissed, leaving only an indelible sense of humiliation to Lenald.




    The next day, I woke up feeling very refreshed.


    “This bed is awesome… ”


    Yet it was none other than me that was even more awesome.


    No, I looked in the mirror as soon as I woke up, but how can I be this pretty?


    Yesterday, I ate a late night snack and slept, where did all the boogies go?


    Is it because I slept after getting a lot of expensive care last night?


    “I’m really awesome… ”


    The red and silver hair, which turned pink as it went down, ate plenty of fragrant oil and gently fluttered. In one of the few romance-fantasy novels I had seen, the female lead’s hair was waving up and down even if they didn’t do anything.


    My straight hair was just falling down.


    But, well, I like the innocent image I see in the mirror, so I decided to leave it alone.


    Originally, I was a person who exercised and I had a lot of muscles, so I had a healthy image rather than a soft one.


    Besides, the jewels I had shown its true value under the chandelier.


    “The more I look, the more my eyes look like jewels.”


    The handmaiden assigned to me, Olivia, was mesmerized when she first met me as she looked into my eyes.


    It was a time when I turned my head around for a long time and appreciated my face.


    “Miss Ellia, are you awake?”


    I heard Olivia’s voice, who had gone to her bed yesterday.


    I came into the castle as Cedric’s fiancée(!), but I’m not married yet. He wasn’t the Grand Duke either, so she didn’t call me Madam.


    Perhaps, considering that I’m not a noble and that I’m only a member of the family even if I get married, it seemed that they compromised to call my name.


    “Yes, I woke up.”


    So I decided to respect them too.


    Although I’m enshrined as ‘Miss Ellia’, I’m not originally a noble, and it was very awkward to be called by someone I didn’t know.


    It will be comfortable someday, but for the time being, I asked that I want to keep it like this.


    Perhaps they understood that this was also because I wasn’t a noble, and Olivia and other servants didn’t say much.


    “Then excuse me.”


    Olivia came in with my meal. It was my first time seeing these foods, but I didn’t ask what the ingredients were.


    I decided to hide the fact that I don’t remember anything.


    [You have no memory?]


    [Yes. The way I know my name, age, date… I have no memory of anything other than that. Did I have a family, who my friends were, or something like that.]


    I said honestly without saying that I thought it was because I possessed this body. I had to start openly about this, so that there would be no situation that was unpleasant to deal with later.


    Fortunately, Cedric and Caleb didn’t question my words too much.


    After eating, I and Olivia went to Cedric’s office. I heard that he had been looking for me since morning. I left my long straight hair swaying as it was, and put on some clothes.


    “Sir Cedric, I brought Miss Ellia here.” As Olivia spoke in a rather modest voice, a voice could be heard inside. 


    As I entered, I heard the sound of srakk, srakk, and papers flipping over.


    I thought it was an open room because it was called an office, but there was a partition where the aide’s desk was placed, so the space was slightly separated.


    I walked past the partition and headed towards Cedric.


    “I apologize for calling you in the early morning. Did you have a peaceful night?” Cedric didn’t say anything very sweet, but his eyes were still fixed on the desk.


    I didn’t expect him to look at me either, I just stood there and answered. “Yes. The bed was very spacious. I came to my senses, so I rolled around and fell asleep.”


    Cedric laughed out loud at the honest words.


    Then he lifted his head and looked up at me. For a moment, I thought that his hydrangea-colored eyes had trembled slightly.


    Well. I must be mistaken.


    Even in the original story, he was cold to everyone except Calib. How could it be that such an insensitive man could be shaken when he saw me?


    I made eye contact with him without much thinking.


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