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    Translated by SoundDestiny
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    This is a forested area on the outskirts of the capital.


    The forest is managed by the capital, but in addition to wild animals, relatively weak monsters appear here.


    There are plenty of great crow, groundboar, and the goblin.


    They were always a nuisance, always coming out of the woodwork, no matter how hard we hunted them.


    The goblins are the most troublesome of all the monsters, who band together to raid outlying villages and kidnap livestock, women and children.


    The goblins are killed all year round before they can do any damage.


    It’s a dangerous mission with low pay. Not many adventurers liked the idea.


    So the job fell to the hagglers of society, like Nasser and his current ragtag crew.

    And now, the fire ragtag group and he are going to destroy the goblins based on the sightings gathered from the neighbourhood – but so far there has been no contact yet.


    They have no choice but to search through the forest, relying only on confirmed information. In the meantime, Nasser spent his free time chatting with the group.


    “Hey, ……, I hear you’re a former Class A adventurer.”


    “……….. Aaa.”


    He replied in an absent-minded manner. He was tired of dealing with him, but he couldn’t ignore him.


    Currently, Nasser is using a wooden stick as his weapon and keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings.


    “I heard you’re a heretic…….You can tell by that branding, can’t you? Heh, I heard you can’t use the summoning techniques that drove you to A-levels anymore”


    However, the leader of the group, who may or may not be aware of Nasser’s attitude, asks his friend to leave him alone.


    And the question is too rude and insulting.


    The words he said to Nasser about not being able to use summoning techniques made him feel as if the wound in his chest and the curse mark of summoning techniques were heating up.


    “What’s it to you, …… goblin? I’m good enough without summoning.”


    This isn’t wrong.


    Nasser knows he’s not in the best physical condition, but even if he doesn’t rely on summoning techniques, he was still a former soldier.


    He can fight as well as any other adventurer.


    In fact, it’s not as if he’ve been using it all the time before.


    Whenever it is available, it should be used actively, but considering the amount of magic power it consumes, it is better to use it only when it is necessary.


    Nasser’s summoning technique was lvl 5, so lesser summoners can be summoned for a reasonably long time, but the summoning time of lvl 5 red dragons (medium ) can be summoned for a very short time.


    This is why he seldom has other summonses attached to him at all times, so that I can use them at the right moment.


    However, a summoner of Lvl 0 does not consume much magic power.


    “Well, if it’s only goblins, …… well, I’d like to see what you can do.”


    As if lured by the leader’s words, there were goblins sitting around a campfire in a clearing in the forest ahead.


    There were about ten of them. They were a small pack, but not so small that one person could kill them all.


    “Heh heh, there you are at last. ──── Oi.”


    The leader of the group finally pulled out his weapon and signaled to his men to get ready for battle.


    But for some reason, the tip of the weapon was pointed at Nasser.


    “?! What the fuck are you doing?”


    “I told you, let’s see what you can do. ──── go!”


    Swords, spears, axes – and bows and arrows.


    Eventually, the bow and arrow are squeezed and pointed at Nasser to kill him.


    “…… You guys, no way.”


    “You’re dull, aren’t you?The guildmaster……doesn’t want you to live.”


    I see … That’s right.


    The guildmaster was ‘forced’ to testify against him but this was obvious to anyone who saw him.

    In fact, the captain had seen through him.


    It’s no wonder, then, that rumours of their activities have already been circulating for some time.


    In the future, it will be a hindrance to the guildmaster’s career to have Nasser alive and wandering around the guild.


    Nasser would normally be left alone, but he is treated as a heretic, so there is no one to help him, no one to give him a hand.


    But even if he is rotten, he is a Class A adventurer.


    It’s a bit tougher than being a helpless citizen.


    That’s why


    The guildmaster thought he’d get rid of me as soon as possible ……. And by using this messy assassin.


    If he send out an assassin and feed me to the goblins, one of those stupid heretics will disappear into the goblin’s belly in a matter of seconds.


    The goblins began licking their mouths. 


    “Go on!”


    The five ruffians would rather let the goblins do it than get their hands dirty.


    They poke my back with the tips of their spears.




    A single wooden stick is no match for a sword or spearman.


    Even if Nasser wanted to try to fight them, he’ll also have to kill the goblins before he can leave, or at worst he’ll be attacked from both sides.


    For now, the first priority was to quickly destroy the goblins.


    No, think calmly. He doesn’t need to go out of his way to defeat them.


    All he have to do is plough through that crowd.


    After bringing the fight to a standstill, he will deliberately reveal the existence of the ragtag group.


    And the best way to do this is to clash the goblins with the ragdolls and get away from them. 


    “You must be thinking…”






    Nasser falls to his knees.


    The ruffians’ sliced through Nasser’s leg, albeit thinly.


    “There, now you can’t run. Now go…….”


    Nasser takes a merciless blow to the back from a ragdoll. Boom! And with the force of the kick, he rolls around and unintentionally leaps into the crowd of goblins.





    It is the goblins who are taken aback by the sudden intrusion.


    The goblins that appeared before me were the ordinary goblins. They are green-skinned, with the characteristic dirty faces.


    Fortunately, they are not high ranked monsters.


    Their weapons of choice are also poor. At best, in their  hands there are clubs or bare hands.


    Can I do it? ────!


    Nasser tried to get into a fighting stance, but as soon as he put my body into it, his leg gave a sharp pain.


    “Shit!Aa, my leg……!”


    Nasser bends over, his leg throbbing with pain.


    Seeing this, the goblins, who had underestimated Nasser, attacked him at once.


    The goblins had a smirk on their faces.


    “Damn!…… I hate that smirk but I don’t have time to think about it, this is all that the guildmaster’s doing.”


    Nasser summarised what the guildmaster was thinking while giving the instruction.


    No one will blame him or be nothing suspicious about a former adventurer who took a free quest and was reduced to minced meat by goblins in the forest…….


    And in time, everyone forgets about him, Nasser Virginia ever existed.


    All that’s left is a spectacular heroic performance, a beautiful young wife – and a lovely child between Kōji and Alicia ────── aaaaaah!


    “I won’t let you!!!! Kōji!”




    With gathering all the guts Nasser swings and landed hits at one of the goblins with his makeshift club,and blasts it away as the goblins lunges at him carelessly.


    The goblin’s size was no bigger than a child, and with his fatal blow, they would never recover from it.


    “Come at me!”


    Even if he destroys them, there will still be ragtag groups behind him. Nasser is confident,they won’t let him escape easily.


    “I’ll have to think of something, but ……!”


    Let’s just focus on surviving against them first. 




    The next step is to sidestep two of them as they charge and blow them up together, but this is less powerful and less lethal.


    Nasser would finish them off, but there’s no time for that. He’ll have to club his way through the rush of goblins, one after the other. 




    A thud, a blow to the head.


    Before he knew it, he was surrounded.




    “Thank you for that good blow! Now, let me, payback with my best shot.”


    The blow was so powerful that it broke my club.


    A small piece of wood and the goblin’s brain plasma splattered, but ……that meant that Nasser had lost his weapon.


    The ragtag group laughs aloud as they hide and watch the scene.


    Shit!!! This is just like that day all over again!


    The day he fought a duel with the hero, and lost miserably. The king, the chief priest and the guild master who brand him a heretic laugh and praise the hero.


    Also, it reminded him of Alicia’s laughing with the hero, and he felt a terrible desire to kill her.


    Every single one of them !!!!!!!!!


    However, despite Nasser’s desire to kill, there is nothing more he can do.


    The only thing left to do is to let the goblins beat him to death.


    Even if he rolls his body and guards himself, the goblins will hit him in the arms, back and head.


    As a soldier.


    And as an adventurer.


    His skill with the sword was only average.


    What made him so powerful was his summoning power, ──── his most powerful species, the dragon.




    My dragon ────.


    My dragon……. Dragon! Dragon! Give me strength! Help me!






    “A lvl 0 dragon puppy is fine.”


    “If I can call out just that, I can destroy a goblin or two.”


    This is why dragons are so strong.






    “Aren;t you strong!? Dragooohn!”


    Nasser curls up his body, sending all the magic power to his summoning curse mark on his chest.


    It is said that if a spell seal collapses, it can never be used again. ────


    “Can my dragon disappear so easily?”


    It can’t be!


    We were together for many years.


    Those days they spent during war and adventuring…


    Through the hard times, the sad times, the painful times, ──────!


    We’ve been through it together, dragons!


    And now it’s gone? Can I never see them again?


    This is ridiculous!




    Come on, 


    Come to me!






    Nasser can feel it’s presence.


    It’s like the first time he uses a summoning technique.

    It gradually becomes warm and the heat gradually gathers in the mark.


    Now, the letters are crushed and only the “d” can be read – “d & %$”.


    It was not completely burnt down, so he wondered if the magic could still pass through the spell mark.


    While desperately sending magic power, Nasser curled up his body and became a turtle.


    The goblin’s attack did not stop, and his consciousness gradually began to fade away.


    His vision is obscured by the shielding of his own body.


    Gradually it’s really going to be dark.


    The book of his consciousness is about to fall, but if he let go of his consciousness here, he knows for sure he will never wake up again.


    “—-Don’t lose, Nasser.”


    Suddenly, Nasser heard the captain’s voice.


    And then…


    “Help me, help me! Uncle!”




    He hears the voice of the last of his flesh and blood ────?


    The voice of his poor, loving sister-in-law who he dragged into his mess!




    Shouting won’t help, but it will turn Nasser’s remaining energy into physical and magical strength.








    The spell mark “Do & %$” ──────── floats in a blur, receiving a little magic power.


    Normally Nasser could call it out without difficulty, but now, it never responded.


    The magic circle of summoning does not appear:!!!!!


    Dragons didn’t appear!!!






    As if to stir up a spell.


    As if to send the magic power directly from the finger, send the magic power to revive the letter at the end of the “D” ──────!


        Come on!


     Come on, dragon!




        Come again!



    Bwah! ────!


    That one moment.


    A moment after a painful blow to the head from a goblin,…….


    In the midst of the bright lights of vision,……, Nasser definitely felt it.


    The sensation of magic power passing through the magic circle  ────────.






    A glowing summoning spell seal!


    And then…


    In the midst of a distant consciousness, a reliable presence ──── arose next to him.


    “That’s a summoning magic circle indeed…!”


    Nasser’s face was swollen from the terrible blow.


    In a blur of vision, Nasser saw a summoning magic circle appear floating in mid-air.


    He’s seen it!


    Aaaa, it’s here.


    It came!!!!


    After that, the goblins stopped hitting him.


    He can feel their confusion and fear.


    Nasser was able to call them out!


    He was able to summon them!!!!




    When Nasser looked up from his battered state, he saw not a dragon ────── but a man in a strange outfit next to him.


    It was a strangely dressed man.





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