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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 9

    Sanada Yukimura

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    The name of the newly summoned hero is Sanada Yukimura.


    A young warrior dressed in red armour and wielding a cross-shaped spear.


    His hair, like Castor’s, was black, a rare colour in this world. He wears a strange headband with six copper coins on his forehead.


    “What’s this? Where the hell did he come from?”


    “Is that ……Sanada Nobushige?”


    Suddenly, Yukimura appeared, and Zeke raised his voice suspiciously.


    At the same time, Kotarō, who seemed to know his true identity, peeled his eyes behind his hood.


    While Kotarō is a [ninja], a scout, Yukimura is a [samurai], a knight from another world. He is a true expert in battle.

    The air around him is as sharp as a knife. Even in Castres’ eyes, it was clear that Yukimura was an incomparable hero.




    Castor is relieved to have reinforcements, but at the same time he feels very weak.


    It seems that the depletion of power caused by the summoning of the heroic spirit has attacked, Castor consciousness is fading and his eyes are getting darker.


    However, Castor is still struggling to keep his consciousness together. Before he collapses, he has to explain the situation to Yukimura.


    “Yukimura…..I’m sorry to summon you so suddenly, but ……”


    “No explanation necessary, my lord.”


    He was trying to squeeze out some words of explanation, but Yukimura cut him off with the palm of his hand.


    “This Yukimura is already prepared to obey you, my lord-that he is. Simply command me to slay them.”


    Yukimura speaks encouragingly as he looks at the enemy before him.


    Castor, in a faint voice, gives his first orders to his newly summoned hero.


    “A-llright…Then, as your lord and master, I command you to……slay my enemies. Show me your heroic prowess……!”


    With these words, Castor lost consciousness. Kotarō supports his lord’s crumbling body.


    “By your will, I’ll show my lord the valour of Sanada!”


    At his master’s command, Yukimura smiled and swung his spear wide.




    Yukimura slams his spear into a Revra soldier and swings his spear, some of the soldiers were blown away by the side-swiping spears.




    “W-what is thi-ghhhh”


    A soldier screams as he flies through the air with tremendous force.


    It’s a great skill that can knock people off their feet like a joke. It surprised everyone present, even Zeke Rondos, a master of the spear, was astonished by its power.


    “Who the hell is that? What the hell is he doing?”


    Zeke is ready to kill Castor, but the thought of the escaped prince disappears from his mind.


    He was his equal. In the face of such a great man, who might have been his equal or even greater, the thought of defeating the enemy prince and taking the credit for it vanished from his mind.


    “Interesting…….Interesting! This is the most fun I’ll ever have!”


    Zeke’s spear tip came out at an alarming speed.


    Zeke’s spear was as strong as the name “Wolf Fang”, and an ordinary user would have been pierced through the chest without being able to react.


    But – Yukimura knocked down the lightning-like thrust towards his chest with the tip of his [Jumonji spear] without hesitation.


    “A fine blow, that is it! You must be quite a handful!”


    “Hyaa…you too!”


    Yukimura and Zeke bumped glances at each other from close range and grinned at each other.


    They were happy to be fighting a strong opponent – their faces clearly said so, and they were truly enjoying the situation that had turned into a battlefield.


    “Sanada Nobushige……!”


    Kotarō, who was supporting Castor’s body, called out to Yukimura’s. Yukimura answered the call without looking back.

    “Please leave this to me, Lord Fūma Kotarō! I’ll do my best to keep you safe!”




    “You and I are not on the same side. But…now we are warriors serving the same lord. Let us do what must be done for each other!”


    “…I’ll let you do that. I am going ahead of you, and you must catch up with me.”


    Kotarō leaves Yukimura where he is and disappears into the well, carrying Castor’s body on his back.




    “Run after him!”


    “Oops, I can’t let you through here!”


    As they tried to flee, the Revra soldiers tried to chase them, but Yukimura stood in front of them.


    Although he had knocked down a few soldiers, he was still surrounded by a large number of soldiers and Zeke Rondos, an exceptional master of the art.


    Hearing the commotion, even the soldiers inside the castle were gathering more and more, and he was clearly outnumbered.


    But there was no fear or nervousness in Yukimura’s face.


    “I am the warrior,” as Yukimura declared, slamming his spearhead into the ground.


    “Sanada is the best soldier in Japan, A hero without an ancient story, that he is! If you are going to stand in front of a Sanada on the battlefield, be prepared to give up your life!” 


    “Ugh! ……!”


    When Yukimura raised his voice and threatened.A bright red aura erupted from his entire body.


    In the face of the Revra soldier, astonishment and fear float in the torrent of the power which blows like steam.



    Yukimura Sanada

    Occupation: Samurai

    Bravery: 10

    Statistical rate: 9

    Politics: 3

    Knowledge: 6

    Special Ability:The Best Troops in Japan

    If the enemy army outnumbers his army, his fighting ability will increase according to the difference in the number of soldiers. (Max 10 times)



    Yukimura Sanada also received supernatural powers when he was summoned to this world.


    This power was to improve his physical abilities in combat with a small army. This is the perfect way to attract the enemy.






    With his red aura, Yukimura swung his spear left and right.


    The Revra soldiers who were trying to follow Castor to the well were blown away one after another by the spears that spun like a tornado.


    He is a true warrior, reducing the number of his enemies as quickly as he can. It is a fitting hero for a time of war.


    “Ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh my god, this guy is really bad! He’s the coolest!”


    While the soldiers on his side were being killed, only Zeke Rondos was laughing loudly with joy.


    For Zeke, the invasion of the kingdom of Styria was a dull affair.


    They took advantage of the wedding ceremony to trick the king, and then used the prince as a hostage to subdue the enemy knights. It was a boring job with no real fighting and no chance to wield a spear.


    For Zeke, who became a knight because he loved to fight and to see blood, it was a mission that was too short.


    But……now he came across an unexpectedly strong enemy.


    He did not expect to find such a great spearman in the kingdom of Styria. He didn’t think there was anyone in the kingdom of Styria who could put their life on the line in a fight that they didn’t know if they could win.


    “You’re not only good with a spear, you can also use magic to strengthen it! That’s good, that’s good! I’ll kill you myself! You’re mine and mine alone!”


    “Stand back, Lord Rondos!”


    “Get out of the way! Get out of my way!”


    Zeke thrusts his spear at the Revra soldiers, who are supposed to be his allies, and removes any obstacle to the fight.


    “Come on, why don’t you join me? Let’s have a great fight!”

    “…… I don’t like the idea of stabbing an ally. I thought you were a good spearman, but you’re nothing but an animal, aren’t you?”


    “I don’t care what happens to the little fish! Air cutter!”




    Zeke thrust his spear from a little distance away. It was obviously not within the reach of the spear, but a wind blade shot out from its tip.


    Yukimura quickly jumped to the side to avoid the oncoming wind blade.


    “Funny trick……you’re a sorcerer, aren’t you?”


    “It’s not sorcery, it’s magic! Hora, hora,hora,hora!!”


    Zeke unleashes a series of wind blades.


    He was a master of the spear, but at the same time he was a wizard skilled in the properties of wind.


    The continuous attack of the wind blade by the unstoppable spear is not something that can be followed with the eyes.


    An ordinary soldier would have been chopped to pieces in seconds.


    “Mu……what a bewitching attack! This is a nasty one, that it is!”


    However – Yukimura is a hero of turbulent times.He ducked under a barrage of windblows.


    Zeke’s wind blade is so powerful that even a single blow can be fatal but Yukimura evades it with a juggling move.


    How much courage does it take to walk such a tightrope? Yukimura’s movements were without a hint of fear, and he danced his way through the line of death.


    “I’m on fire, man! This is still not enough, I’m still going!”


    Seeing Yukimura’s god-like evasion, Zeke’s excitement rose to a crescendo.

    The spear that cuts the wind accelerates further. As the spear moves, the number of wind blades it fires increases – right, left, up, down. Up and down. They attacked Yukimura from various directions.


    “Oh! What a fierce attack!”


    “Hahahahahahahaha!, If you stop moving even for a second, it’s a Namasu slash! Let’s see how far you can avoid it!”


    “Hmm! But my eyes are getting used to it!”


    “Ha ha ha ha ha …………?”




    Yukimura strikes down a wind blade flying at him from ahead with the tip of his spear. He used the tip of his spear to thrust the wind-blades one after the other, and used his spearhead to dispel them.


    “Oi,oi,oi! Are you kidding me?”


    The mysterious technique is easily defeated, and Zeke, who is a fluke, bared his eyes and shouted in astonishment.


    “An opening!”


    The momentary gap created by Zeke’s surprise was enough for Yukimura.


    He lowered his posture, avoided the wind blade above his head, and took a large step forward. He caught the enemy within the range of his jumonji spear.




    “A fine spearman,….., but you’re still lacking training  to stand before a Sanada!”


    Yukimura swings his spear out from a low position. The tip of the jumonji spear plunges into Zeke’s abdomen and blows him wide open with its momentum.


    “Guh …… Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”


    Zeke was thrown from the courtyard towards the castle and disappeared indoors through one of the windows.


    “The enemy general is defeated by a Sanada’s spear! Who will be next,will you step forth?” 


    Yukimura declares victory in high spirits with a red aura.


    The defeat of a leading figure in their army in front of their eyes caused great unrest among the Revra soldiers.




    “It’s ridiculous that General Rondos was killed. ……!”


    Having witnessed the defeat of the fierce warlord Zeke Rondos, the Revra soldiers stood stunned, forgetting to point their spears at Yukimura, the avenger of their general, or to chase after Castor, who had fled.

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