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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 8

    Second Summoning

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    When he opened his eyes, which had been closed after being burned by the light, Castor’s body was covered in darkness, and Kotarō and the Revra soldiers had disappeared.


    Castor was drifting alone in what looked like outer space, with countless stars floating around him.


    “Come on …… let’s call out the heroes”


    Castor was not surprised and calmly began to do what he had to do.


    The place is a world on the border between life and death. It is a place where the souls of heroic spirits gather, ruled by the goddess Izanami.


    This is the second time that Castor has come to this space. He had also visited this place when he summoned Fūma Kotarō.


    “What I need now is not a secret agent like Kotarō.One of a kind. A hero like a god of war who can turn a battlefield upside down with just one man.”


    Castor inspects the stars floating around him, one by one. The floating stars are the souls of heroic spirits. They are the warriors who fought in the “Warring States Period” that once took place in another world.


    “Soul of a Hero……Now I’m not sure which one I should choose.”


    As heroes, they were all skilled in the art of war.


    They were masters of the sword. Masters of the spear. Masters of physical arts. Some of them were even skilled in unknown weapons such as ‘guns’ and ‘cannons’.


    All are shining, beautiful souls, and one cannot help but be selective.


    As Castor was wondering who he should summon, a star jumped in front of his eyes.



    “Summon me! Give me life and …… body!”


    “What the hell are you …………?”


    “Summon me! Summon me, or I will burn your body to the ground!”


    A red star blazing like the sun leaps into the sky in front of him. and from there, flames like a red lotus shootout. It burns through Castor’s body. He is engulfed in a whirlpool of fire that consumes his entire body, his face contorted in heat and pain.


    “Don’t! Stop it!!!!”


    Castor never thought he would be attacked by the spirit of a hero. Confused by the unexpected, Castor cries out in desperation.


    But the flames did not stop, they only increased in intensity.


    “This time I will not make the same mistake as before! I would not die if I were to lose my supremacy by stumbling over such a trifle! I have been given the chance to live again. I’ll do better this time!”



    “Summon me quickly! Choose me quickly!”


    The flames are so intense that Castor’s consciousness is finally fading away.


    If he continues to be in this state, he might really die. As he reached forward for help, he felt the red spirit in front of him grinning and laughing.


    “Yes, that’s it. That’s all right, you just do as I say. Then I will carry you like a decoration.”




    “Wise decision, boy. I will protect your country. Let’s destroy ‘Revra’ and ‘Leohart’ once and for all, so that we can rule the world!”




    Castor tried to summon the red spirit as it demanded. It is the only way to escape the torturous pain.


    “Mmm, …… you are?”


    “My Lord, you’re being too playful!”


    However, before Castor could carry out his summoning, another soul intervened in front of him.


    The attack of the flames was stopped by the soul that stood to protect Castor.


    “We must not harm the new lord! Let me take this place!”


    “You! You youngsters…… dare to stand in my way of becoming High King!?” 


    The flames try to engulf the soul that is protecting Castor. The soul is resisting, but the flames are clearly stronger than the soul.


    “I’m not going to let you …… do this!”


    Castor reaches out and touches the star of the soul that is acting as his shield.

    In a moment – a pale blue light enveloped the world in front of him again, and he returned to this world from the sea of stars.


    Tl: Probably the red flames was Oda Nobunaga

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