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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 7


    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    “What the hell is ……? Who are you?”


    “We’re under attack. ……?”




    Kotarō slashed the head of the Revra soldier who had come out of the tent with his dagger. Under the light of the bonfire and the moonlight, the red blood splashed like flower petals.


    “My lord! Hurry up!”




    Castor runs towards the well through the confused and angry shouts of the Revra soldiers.


    At the sound of the whistle, soldiers are coming out of the tent, but there are not many of them yet. It is possible to reach the well now without being hit by the enemy’s deadly blade.






    Just as he was about to reach the well, Castor’s legs gave way.


    For a brief moment, his consciousness fades away and his eyes turn white.


    For Castor forcing himself to run suddenly just after summoning Kotarō, was too much for him. 


    “My Lord!”


    “We got company!”


    One of the Lebla soldiers, who had been distracted by Kotaro, raised his sword at Castor. The enemy’s blade is about to strike Castor on the head.


    “Don’t you dare!”




    Castor regained a little bit of his energy and swung the sword he had taken from the prison guard.


    The soldier who was about to cut down the young prince was cut in the torso and fell on his back.


    Although he had little experience in battle, Castor had also been trained in the art of swordsmanship as part of his royal duties. He wasn’t going to be beaten easily.




    “You killed hi- ghaaa!”


    “Are you alright? My Lord!”


    The other Rebra soldiers turned their swords on Castor, but he was cut down by Kotaro, who ran up to him.


    “…… Sorry, my legs have given up just now, ha…”


    “No problem. It’s all right, but…… I think now we’re in big trouble.”


    Kotarō stands with Castor at his back, protecting him.


    Because of their delay in escaping, they were surrounded by enemies. The well, the entrance to the hidden passage, was close by, but they had to cut through a wall of about twenty enemies to reach it.


    “Well, well, well! What kind of mouse wandered in here, but it’s the Prince of Styria!”


    A man stepped out from among the Revra soldiers. He was a young soldier with a spear, but unlike the others, he wore a medal on his chest indicating his rank.


    Castor recognised the face of the man with the fiery red hair standing on end.


    “You are …… Zeke Rondos!”


    A red-haired man with a face as fierce as a wild animal’s, his name is Zeke Londos. A general in the service of the Kingdom of Lebla, and was known as “Wolf Fang”.


    He is known as an excellent spearman, and has made a name for himself in many battles against the Leohart Empire.


    “Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn’t expect you to come out of your cell! You should have just been executed, but you came all the way here to be killed by me? It’s very kind of you, giving yourself to me, so I can take the credit”.


    Zeke laughed vulgarly and turned his bloodshot, blazing eyes on Castor.


    Castor’s face contorts into a scowl and he bites his teeth.


     “…You’re still a man of no class. I’m sorry I found you.”


    Zeke Rondos was a man of roughness and lack of character, a man who could not have been given the rank of ‘senior knight’ by the royal house of Lebla.


    But….. his ability is undeniably real. He is one of the best spearmen on the continent.


    “It’s …… not my lucky day to run into this guy in this situation.”


    The only way for Castor to escape from this situation is to jump into the hidden passage of the well.

    But the dozens of soldiers surrounding him and the general, Zeke Rondos, would not allow it.


    It must be impossible for Castor and Kotarō to overcome this situation alone.


    “There’s no time to lose. I’ve got to do it…….”


    Nevertheless, Castor has one means of getting out of this situation.


    Summoning the spirits of the past–He had a blessing from the goddess Izanami.


    “If there was a hero who could kick their asses, of course there is. The only question is whether……my body can take the load of the summoning”


    Having summoned Fūma Kotarō, Castor is now suffering from ongoing severe fatigue.


    If he summons more heroes here, it may be fatal.


    “Hyaaaaa, Why don’t you put up a good fight and let me have some fun?  If you surrender too easily, I’ll kill you!”

    “Hmm …… even if it sucked all the power out of me and left me to dry, it’s better than being fucked by these crazy outlaws.”


    “Aah!? What did you say to me?


    “Kotaro, I’m summoning now, Buy me some time!”


    “My lord!!”


    Ignoring Zeke Rondos, Castor ordered Kotarō to buy him time for summoning.


    Seeing that the hooded ninja nodded, Castor held up his hand.


    “Summoning the spirits of the dead” 


    A pale blue light appeared in front of him and dyed Castor’s vision.


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