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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 40

    God's Eye

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    Natalia’s story can be summarised…… First of all, Natalia Mazu was a [high school girl] who lived in a different world, in a country called Japan. Natalia lives with her brother and they support each other.


    But one day……her brother dies in a car accident, and Natalia is left to live on her own.


    Natalia was thinking about her late brother and still trying to live up to him, but she also lost her life for some reason.


    “And……I was going to a place like the afterlife, and the goddes Izanami said to me. Onii-sama has been reincarnated in a different world from Japan, and I can go there if I wish.”




    Natalia’s explanation silenced Castor.


    It was hard to believe what she was saying, but ..there was something about the conversation that stuck with Castor.


    It’s as if he’s being told a childhood memory that he has forgotten……there are parts that tug at the heartstrings of his memory in places.


    “Izanami-sama told me that as a remedy for being reincarnated in another world, I would be given special abilities. It is said that the ability can only be awakened in a death-defying situation…..I chose the power of the ‘Eye of God’. I thought that if I could get that power to work properly, I could remember Onii-sama.”


    “And… actually remembered. You look into your own eyes through the mirror and see the past from there ….”


    “Yes, that’s right. I have been watching you with clairvoyance ever since. I believe that one day we will meet again…”




    Castor’s face is slightly drawn.


    Natalia’s speech showed a deep respect for her brother,but her feelings seemed to surpass those of her siblings.


    “And……At last, the time has come. The other day, a wedding took place between Onii-sama and that thieving ca-I mean, the princess of the kingdom of Revra, where the king of Styria was murdered. I have come to this country as a representative of the Parthenos Republic to help Onii-sama.”


    “Well……I understand your story. I’m sorry, but I can’t recall you being my sister…..”


    “It doesn’t matter. Even if Onii-sama forgets, I remember it well.”


    Natalia clasped her hands together and smiled as if a large rose were about to open.


    “We can live together even if we don’t remember each other. And this time we are not related by blood, so no one will blame us if we do.”



    There is something wrong with this woman, after all.


    Castor looked to the others for help, but they all blatantly turned their heads away.


    “My lady is going to be the bride of another man … ….I’ve protected her from butterflies and flowers. It’s so sudden…”


    Only Vyssha, who had known Natalia since she was a child, looked shocked.


    There seemed to be no help for her either way. Castor tried to change the subject somehow.


    Miss Natalia, I know what you’re talking about, but….., well, marriage? I can’t give you an immediate answer, because marriage is a matter of family and country. We are currently at war with the kingdom of Revra. We need to deal with that first.”


    “Of course, I’ll wait forever. I have been waiting for more than thirty years, including my previous life. One or two more years is not too long to wait.”


    Natalia clenched her fists tightly as she said this with a cheerful expression that made anyone who saw her feel uneasy.


    “Leave it to me to deal with the Parthenos Republic. I will try to persuade the Parliament to cooperate with the Kingdom of Styria! And of course, as the daughter of a general in the army, I will give you my full support in the war!”


    “Speaking of cooperation, you can see the future, can’t you? Can’t you see what the Revra army is going to do?”


    Hanbei, who had been observing the situation, came into the conversation.


    Cstor glared at his vassal with a grudging look, but agreed with his question and asked Natalia.


    “Can you do it, Miss Natalia?”


    “You can call me Natalia or you can call me ‘Ria’. Castor Onii-sama.”


    “…can you do it Ria?”

    “Yes, I can. However, I can only see the future of the people in my own eyes, and that too is uncertain, and only a slice of a shaky possibility.”


    “I mean, …… like a fortune teller that might come off?”


    “Yes, that’s correct. The accuracy rate is as high as 90 percent? There’s a good chance of being right, but there’s also a good chance of being wrong.”


    Natalia swooned and her face turned into a deep meditation.


    Her open eyes were directed at Castor, but the impression was that she was gazing into a distant…… void.


    “Open, demon path. The raven’s eye that sees three thousand worlds…………“Future Eye” divination.”


    Natalia’s red eyes shone with iridescence.


    Her long hair, which runs down her back, turns jet black, the same colour as Castor’s.


    “That hair……”

    “Natalia dyes her hair with a potion. It seems that her hair only turns black when she uses her powers. ……”


    Vyssha supplemented Castor from the side.


    She had been shocked earlier by her master’s courtship on Castor, but she seemed to have recovered somehow.



    For a moment, Natalia was in deep meditation, but soon the colour of reason returned to her eyes.


    “….. Apparently, the kingdom of Revra is already on the move. Enemy troops are on their way to this town.”


    “But what about the river north where Garayle  Caesar is supposed to be fighting?”


    When Castor asks, Natalia opens her mouth with a slight lowering of her eyebrows and an apologetic expression.


    “It appears that……Garayle  Caesar has been defeated. The Revra army is regrouping the troops lost in the battle and will arrive in the town in a fortnight’ time.”

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