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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 4

    Goddess blessings

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by Zil


    “Goddess…… Izanami……?”


    Castor repeated the girl’s words doubtfully. It was too unbelievable to be taken for granted.


    It is true that the girl who calls herself Izanami has unusual powers: she can appear in a prison cell without warning and she can read people’s minds.


    But that doesn’t mean he can’t accept that a girl who is so close to him that he can almost touch her is a mythical being called a goddess.


    “And did she say …… ‘Izanami’? I’ve never heard the name of that godddess before?”


    On this continent, there are twelve gods who are believed to create and manage the world.


    If this girl is really a god, she is a pagan god who is not recognized by the church.


    “I am not a goddess of this world. I’m more to a goddess of a another world”




    She seems to have read Castor’s thoughts again, and Izanami says to him in a tone of disapproval.


    “I know about the twelve gods who are in charge of this world. But as a god of the other world, I have nothing to do with them. It’s not nice to be treated like an evil god now, let alone we just met.”


    “Ah, I see……. I’m sorry.”


    Castor bowed his head, his tone slightly polite.


    Whether Izanami is really a goddess or not. If he thinks about it, this is not so important.


    The important thing is that Izanami has the power to get him out of jail.


    He decided that it would be more beneficial to talk to her than to go against her.


    “I don’t think I have a good personality, but……that’s a wise decision. I don’t mind smart kids, I like them more.”


    “I’m flattered by your……praise. So, Goddess Izanami. What is your reason for coming here today?”


    When he asks, Izanami smiles, her red lips lifting in a smile.


    The bewitching tongue peeking out of the corner of her mouth arouses an uneasy feeling in Castor.


    “First of all, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not here to rescue you. That would be an overreach into another world.”




    Castor’s face is contorted as he looks down.


    He misunderstood the reason behind the goddess coming to him. He was going to ask Izanami to get him out of here somehow.


    “Fortunately……I have come to bestow my blessings upon you. It seems that the day has come for you to use it.”


    “A blessing ……?”


    “Yes, I’m going to give you some of my power. You may use it to escape this place at will. The Twelve have already agreed to that level of interference. Do as you please.”




    Castor shakes his shoulders in delight.


    It seemed that the opportunity had come to him.


    It didn’t matter if the girl in front of him was a god or a demon, as long as he could get out of jail and defeat Revra’s plot.


    “Then give me the ability to teleport like you did when you came here! If I had that power, I wouldn’t be in this prison ……!”


    “Unfortunately, the power I can give you has already been decided.”


    Izanami interrupts Castor and asserts.


    “I don’t know if this power will help you break out from prison, but it is a power that …… you once chose ・・・・・・・・・・ to have ・・・・. Accept it as the result of your choice.”


    “Wait, I didn’t choose the power! This is the first time I’ve even met you…….”


    “It’s not our first time. We have already met, dear Castor, when you were born again in this world.”




    Castor’s eyes blink at Izanami’s words.


    According to the teachings of the Twelve, a person who loses his life will be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven if he is baptized in the church, and if he is not baptized and remains an unclean soul, he will go to Hell.


    The concept of ‘reincarnation’ or ‘rebirth’ did not exist, and the word itself had never been heard of.


    In spite of Castor’s bewilderment, Izanami continues her explanation in a matter-of-fact tone.


    “This is only a remedy for those who have departed from my world. It is a power that I would not have given to you if you had lived a life of smooth sailing with no danger to your life. Accept it respectfully and with full understanding.”




    In a hushed tone, Izanami jabs her finger at Castor.


    A black sphere the size of a fist shoots out from the tip of her index finger and is sucked into Castor’s chest.




    Immediately, a heat arose in his chest, as if he had swallowed a lit charcoal.


    Unable to withstand the intense heat that burns his body from the inside out, Castor crouches down on the spot.

    “Castor Styria. I, too, do not think it’s right that a soul born in my world should suffer in another world. You have chosen your own power. Use it well and at it’s best, you will survive.”




    “My blessings for your future, child born in the land of the Rising Sun.”


    Izanami says it in a cheerful tone and disappears in a haze. Castor has no time to respond. The heat in his chest burned him to the bone, and he cowered and clawed at his chest furiously.


    〇          〇         〇


    How much time has passed since then?


    Castor, who had fallen on the cold stone floor, got up and looked around him.


    “Was I …… out cold?”


    As he looks around the prison, the girl who calls herself Izanami is nowhere to be seen.

    It was as if everything that had just happened had been a dream or a vision, and the dark-haired girl had disappeared.


    He looked at the entrance to the prison, where a silver tray was set with bottles of wine, glasses and plates of food.


    It seemed that Zardis had delivered the last supper as he had promised.


    The men ordered by Zardis seemed to leave Castor, who was clearly in an unusual state of collapse, alone with his drink and food.


    “It’s a…… dereliction of duty. But it’s more convenient for me now.”


    It was all a dream. It would be easy to say that.


    But Castor was convinced that it was not.




    When he put his hand on his chest, he could feel the presence from the blessing given to him by the goddess Izanami. He knew exactly what the power was and how to use it without anyone telling him.


    “Even if the goddess Izanami is a pagan god who defies the teachings of the twelve gods, even if she is a demon who cheats the gods,….I will gladly borrow her power to protect this country! I’d be willing to sell my soul for it!”


    Castor raised his right hand and concentrated his power.


    In the palm of his hand, the blessing given by Izanami concentrates, and soon it radiates out as a pale light.


    “Summoning spirits, Summon yourself before me! Fūma Kotarō!!”


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