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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 38

    The end and the new turbulence

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    When Castor left the drawing room, Kotaro and Hanbei were waiting for him. Castor congratulated on their  safety and thanked his vassals for their work.


    There are three more men lying in the corridor. The men, who look worse, are probably mercenaries hired by Gilius.


    He ordered Kotaro to restrain Gilius and went to the entrance hall where the sounds of fighting could still be heard.






    A fierce battle was taking place in the entrance hall. The fight…..but in reality it is more like an “overrun”.


    Yukimura is rampaging, wielding a jumonji spear, and the mercenaries under Gilius are frantically running for their lives.


    Hearing the commotion, mercenaries from all over the mansion had gathered, but there was no way they could defeat Yukimura, who was wielding his spear like a warrior god. They were beaten one-sidedly, ramming into walls and windows and destroying the mansion.


    “Ooo! My Lord, you are safe!”




    After a long silence, Castor responded briefly. The sight of the corpses in the entrance hall left him speechless.


    “This Yukimura has defeated every single one of the enemy’s mooks that he has! I don’t want to be praised for defeating an enemy of this calibre, but……at least As an adornment to your highness, we shall lay their heads together!”




    Castor’s face tightened up.


    Since Castor decided to go on the path of battle, he was prepared to see a terrible sight, but … he didn’t want to see a hundred or two hundred human heads lined up.

    When Castor looked next to him, he saw Kotaro, who had restrained Gilius, looking away as if he were someone else. Hanbei even imitates whistling with his hands folded behind his head.




    Castor tried to calm Yukimura, whose eyes were shining with excitement at the battle, by choosing his words carefully.


    Before he could do so, however, the door of the mansion was thrown wide open.




    A figure emerged from the door and shouted at him.


    Yukimura, who was swinging his spear at the enemy, and the enemy mercenaries, who were running for their lives..stopped moving and turned their attention to the door.


    An elderly gentleman with a grey head and a beard entered the entrance hall. Castor, who knew him, made a soft sound.

    “Duke Caesar! Are you all right!?”


    He is Grayson Caesar. He is the current head of the duke’s family and is under house arrest after being betrayed by Gilius.


    Grayson is supported on both sides of his shoulders by the knights of Parthenos, with Veesha following behind him.




    Grayson looked sharply around the entrance hall and breathed a deep “Suuu”


    “This is the Duke of Caesar, the head of the family, Grayson Caesar! I will not permit any more fighting in the name of the Duke!”



    The words he spoke had a dignity and ‘pressure’ that reverberated through his core.


    It was a loud and majestic voice, too loud to be heard from a man whose limbs were still paralysed by illness.

    “Some of you may have been paid and hired by my son ……Gilius. If you immediately lay down your arms and surrender,you shall not be held responsible for your part in the rebellion! But if you resist… shall be liable to your  parents and brothers as traitors!”




    The surviving mercenaries immediately dropped their weapons and lay on the floor.


    They had originally been chased by Yukimura and nearly killed. It was a godsend to save their lives and not be charged with a crime.


    Without hesitation, they chose to surrender.


    After confirming that the battle was over, Grayson walked over to Castor and……dropped to one knee, supported by soldiers.


    “… It’s been a long time. His Highness the Crown Prince”


    “……Aaa, it’s been a long time. Duke Caesar.”


    “I am sorry that I have involved you in my affairs. I will take full responsibility for the mismanagement of my unskilled son.”




    Gilius, held down by Kotaro, had a twisted expression on his face.


    “…… You can judge my son and me however you like. If it pleases Your Highness, I will give up my title and my lands.”


    There was no hesitation in Grayson’s words.


    He was willing to give everything he had to take responsibility for the problems his son had caused.


    Castor sighs at the Duke’s display of loyalty and falls to his knees, locking eyes with Grayson.


    “It is we who are in trouble first. If my father and I had seen through the schemes of the kingdom of Revra, the country would not be in such a mess. Sir Gilius would not have gone out of control. I’m so sorry.”


    “Your Highness has nothing to apologise for! It is we, your subjects, who have failed to save our lord……”


    “That’s enough of that, Duke Caesar. We both have a lot of work to do. Let’s not waste time arguing about responsibility, shall we?”




    Castres and Grayson stand up.


    The armies of Revra were closing in on them at this moment. Castor and Grayson were comrades and masters of the same enemy.


    Castor did not want to dispose of one of his few allies by assigning him a trivial responsibility.


    “Now let’s talk about the future. To avert the destruction of the kingdom of Styria, you must lend your wisdom and strength to…..”




    Suddenly, someone’s voice interrupted them.

    The voice of Castor and Grayson was interrupted by a red-haired girl who had jumped in through the….front door.




    Vysha shouts.


    Without warning, a messenger from her kingdom, the Parthenopean Republic, enters the entrance hall – Natalia Mazu.


    Natalia makes her way towards Castor with agile steps.


    Kotaro and Yukimura tried to move in their hesitant move, but……before they could, she jumped into Castor’s arms.


    “My brother! I’ve missed you, my brother!”




    He was hugged by a woman he had never met before and called by a name he did not know.


    Castor’s shoulders slumped in dismay as he blinked his eyes.

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