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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 37


    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    Meanwhile, Castor was holed up in the drawing room.


    From outside the room, Gilius’s men, aware of the unusual situation, were banging on the door, but there was no immediate sign of anyone entering the room, as chairs and tables had formed a makeshift barricade.


    “Well, it’s a race against time from here. I’ll try to hold on until they arrive.”


    “Guh, you foolish prince, do you think you’ll get away with this for free? Soon my men break down that door and get in.”


    Gilius, lying on the floor, moans bitterly and swears viciously.


    Castor looks down at the man who is the leader of the enemy and tells him in an indifferent tone.


    “Then all I have to do is take you hostage. How quickly can a mercenary move when his employer is held hostage?”

    “…..You have a very vile way of doing things, don’t you? Coming from royalty.”


    There was no longer any respect for the royal family in Gilius’ tone. But maybe there was no such thing from the beginning, because he was going to sell Castor to the kingdom of Revra.


    “I’ll use anything, even a cowardly trick. I’ll do whatever I can to win. …… In the land of heroes, this is called ‘the art of war’.”


    “Heiho?” (hero)


    “And you choose……to do it. Gilius Caesar. You, too, have chosen to betray your father and brother and turn against the enemy because you have a desire that you cannot compromise, a wish that you wish to fulfil.”


    The tone of Castor’s voice was flat, but he didn’t blame Gilius. In fact, Gilius, who was lying on the…..floor listening, even sounded sympathetic.


    “….. You want to call us ‘raccoons in the same hole’?I don’t remember being merciful to you.”


    “I’m not merciful, Gilius Caesar. I’ve grown up on this journey. In the past, I would have thought of Revra, who killed my father, and the nobles who sided with the enemy, as filthy traitors. But after fighting many enemies on this …… journey, I have changed my mind. Just as I have my position as crown prince of the kingdom of Styria, Revra has him. The noblemen have their own position and thoughts, that’s all. They are all fighting with all their might for something that is important to them. …… It’s not as simple as good or bad.”




    “So I’m not going to blame you for betraying……your father and brother and trying to sell me to Revra. Of course, I’m not going to let you do it quietly”


    “……what do you know about me? You, the only prince, do not know how I feel, having grown up in my brother’s shadow as a ‘younger brother’.”


    The words, mumbled as an excuse, were as feeble as a sore loser.


    Castor looked down at Gilius, who was lying on the ground, and smiled.


    “I don’t need to understand. But…..if you could survive, just think again. Was there no other way to surpass your brilliant brother?”




    Gilius fell silent and turned his gaze away from Castor.


    The drawing room’s door is still being banged on from the outside and the door is gradually being broken down.


    The barricade will be breached soon but before that, a scream came from the corridor.


    Then the sound of fighting from outside soon ceased, and a familiar voice was heard instead.


    “My lord, is everything all right? It’s me, Kotaro!”


    Kotaro called out from the corridor.


    Castor’s shoulders slumped in relief and he answered the call of his men.


    “I’m fine! Are you okay?”


    “No problem here, either. The house will soon be under control.”


    “Well, Gilius, it seems to be settled. I have won this battle.”




    Gilius did not answer, but closed his eyes sulkily.


    Castor shook his head, as if there was nothing to be done, and put his hands on the furniture to move it out of the way.

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