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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 36

    The strong and the weak

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    After entering the house of the Dukes of Caesar, they were divided into two groups.


    One side wanted to rescue the Duke Caesar and Natalia Mazu, who were being held hostage. The other objective was to join up with Castor, who was attracting the enemy’s leaders.


    The hostages will be rescued by the knights of Parthenos, led by Vysha. The rendezvous with Castor will be arranged by the three heroes.


    “We’ll save Natalia! Good luck!”


    “Umu, we will draw the enemy to us, that we will. You may go!”


    The Duke of Caesar and Natalia are under house arrest in a remote part of the mansion.


    Yukimura grasps his Jumonji spear as he sends Vysha  off to a remote location a short distance from the main residence.

    “Come, let’s take the fight to them! Sanada is the best soldier in Japan! Know that he is the greatest spearman in the world!” 


    “Wh… what are you doing!?”


    Breaking down the door of the villa without mercy, Yukimura bursts into the entrance hall. Hearing the commotion, mercenaries hired by Gilius Caesar for money gathered.


    The number of enemy soldiers who showed up was about 20. According to preliminary information, Gilius had hired about a hundred mercenaries, and the number was about a fifth of that.


    “If we go on a rampage, the soldiers guarding the detachment will come towards us. It will make it easier for Vyssha to move.”


    “…… I’m not very good at rough stuff, though.”


    Kotaro glared at the enemy soldiers with a keen eye, and Hanbei sighed in annoyance.


    Then, standing in the battle of the three heroes, Yukimura stamped his feet so hard that the floor seemed to break, and charged forward.








    Yukimura jumped forward with great force and swung his jumonji spear. Five of the enemy soldiers were swept up and crashed heavily into the wall of the house.


    “How dare you try to stop Sanada with so few men! Go and fetch all the men in your house!”


    “Ugh, you’re raising the bar… and you don’t even know it..”


    Hanbei shrugs his shoulders as if he was amazed, and pulls out his Kodachi.(small sword)


    “…..I’m actually better with a spear, but I can’t use it with this body. It’s nice to be healthy again, but I have to think about my child form too.”

    Hanbei slips into the bosom of an enemy soldier, grumbling and stabs his small sword into the gap in the armour worn by the mercenary.




    “You little bastard! You’ve done it!”


    Another enemy soldier slammed his sword into him, but Hanbei ducked and slashed his arm in the opposite direction.


    “I don’t want people to think I’m a bean sprout just because I’m a military man. You can’t be born into a warrior family and not have a taste for martial arts.”


    “This is … ga …!?”


    The enemy soldier looked angrily at Hanbei, but a thin blade pierced his forehead. Kotaro, who was behind him, threw a shuriken at him as a covering shot.


    “Meichu–. That’s Kotaro-san. I’m impressed.”


    “The enemy is gathering more and more. We can’t be playing with the little fishes.”

    “I know what you mean. But if…..Yukimura-san is there, we might not need to run.”


    When Hanbei turned to his comrades in red armour…. There was Yukimura, wielding his jumonji spear like a storm.






    Every time Yukimura swung his spear, the enemy rammed into the walls and doors, destroying the mansion.


    At first, the mercenaries surrounded Yukimura and tried to defeat him, but before long they were running away from the overwhelmingly powerful intruder.


    “What the hell is that thing? Is he a monster?”


    “He’s not human! Get out of here!Runnnnn!!!”

    “What’s the matter? If you are a warrior, come at me! How dare you come to the battlefield without being prepared to lay down your life!”

    Yukimura shouted angrily at the fleeing enemy.


    But Yukimura is more bewildered by the enemy, who is much less formidable than he expected.


    In the past, when he fought against the soldiers of the Kingdom of Revra, the enemy soldiers, including the spearman Zeke Rondos, bravely and valiantly slashed at Yukimura.


    He was impressed that there was a brave samurai in a distant foreign land, but he couldn’t feel the heart of such a warrior from the soldiers here.


    It’s no wonder. The people here are soldiers hired for money. They were only given simple tasks such as guarding the house and watching over the hostages.


    The strength and morale of mercenaries varies greatly. Many of these famous mercenaries, whose names are all over the continent, are more than just regular soldiers. They will go to the hordes without fear of death.


    However……the mercenaries here were ragtag, from a place far from fame. They do not have the slightest bit of conviction, having taken on the dirty work of helping to imprison lords and ladies.


    They had no sense of duty to their clients, and if their own life was in danger, they would run away without a second thought.


    “There’s no credit from me that I have defeated such weak enemies. What shall I tell my lord? ……!”


    Yukimura’s face was distorted and he bit his back teeth, trembling with anger.


    “Then what choice do I have but to take credit for a few! I’ll take them all!”




    The entrance hall of the mansion was turned into hell as Yukimura went more and more wild.


    The mercenaries who had been guarding the detachment and the outside gathered, but they were no match for the heroes, who were said to be the best in Japan, and were defeated.


    “…… Shall we go to Castor ahead of him?”


    “……I think we should.”


    Kotaro and Hanbei nodded at each other and went towards the back of the house where Castor was supposed to be.

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