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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 34

    Desire and Blades

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    Rewinding the time a little.


    Castor was taken by Gilius to the back of the house.


    Left in the entrance hall of the mansion are Gilius’s mercenaries and a maid, a young woman whom Castor has brought to the duke’s house as his companion.


    “Well now, you wait here. And don’t you dare do anything suspicious!”


    The men who had been hired by Gilius said this and tried to follow them as they left to the back of the house.


    Perhaps they have been instructed by Gilius to wait in front of the room in case something should happen. The mercenaries follow Castor and Gilius as instructed by their employer.




    But……Castor’s companion, a woman, wobbles and collapses to the floor.


    “What’s the matter with you?”


    “Is it anaemia? That’s why women are..”


    The mercenaries tried to help up the fallen woman with a cumbersome look.


    A woman in simple clothes looked up at these rough men with wet eyes.


    “I’m sorry……I’m feeling a bit sick ……”






    The men in their moist eyes. Their shoulders tremble, their limbs are so thin that they would break if someone squeezed them too hard.


    The mercenaries gulped as if their souls had been sucked out of them by the sight of the woman who was weakly breathing hot air.

    “I’m sorry……is there somewhere I can lie down? I just need a bit of a rest…..”


    “Resting …”




    The mercenaries looked at each other and nodded to each other without saying a word.


    They had an unnatural smile on their face and spoke gently to the woman.


    “All right. I’ll show you around.”


    “Come,come. I’ll give you a hand. Hold on to my body!”


    “Yes…….Thank you very much.”


    The mercenaries smiled at the woman, who grabbed them with open arms, and led her to one of the rooms.


    They had orders to restrain Castor in case of emergency, but……it was far more important to play with the woman in front of them.

    Mercenaries in the world would be offended if they were told that they were only mercenaries and only were hired by money to take part in treason. It was nothing for them to put off their employer’s orders and torture a butterfly that had flown into their web.






    As soon as they stepped into the deserted room, the mercenaries threw the woman’s body on the bed.


    They looked down at the woman, who blinked in confusion, and approached the bed, removing their clothes.


    “W,wh-hat are you doing?”


    “What do you mean, you know what I’m talking about!”


    “Heh, don’t be so scared! I’ll take good care of you!”


    “No, No!”


    The woman screams and falls back on the bed.

    The mercenaries reach for the woman’s body as they themselves climb onto the bed and lean over.


    “No, no …… no!”


    “Hahahahahahahaha! Be quiet!”




    “… Ahh, that’s why I told you to stop..”


    There is a damp thumping sound.


    One of the mercenaries can’t help but feel the warmth running down his neck.


    “He … oh … this is …”


    As soon as he realises that it is blood that flows from his neck, the mercenary collapses on the bed.



    “You’re in my way. Please step aside.”


    Another mercenary had his throat pierced and died before he could even scream.


    The woman who easily killed the mercenaries, covered with a large amount of blood, stood up from the bed.


    “……It’s pretty much what I’d expect. The world may be different, but the actions of a lustful man are the same. It’s both sad and heartbreaking.”


    A woman who murmurs in a high-pitched voice, her appearance transformed, becoming that of a different person.


    A small man dressed in black appeared from under the guise of a woman who seemed to be a servant. He was one of the spirits summoned by Castor – Kotaro Fuma.


    He was transformed by ninjutsu, and accompanied Castor in the guise of a woman, and managed to infiltrate the residence of Duke Caesar.


    “Now, I’m sure the Master is doing his best drawing out the enemy leader over there. Let’s finish our work while we can.”


    Kotaro Fuuma kicks the dead bodies of the mercenaries and leaves the room without making a sound.


    A rare strategist, Takenaka Hanbei, has set in motion a plan to hunt down Gilius Caesar.

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