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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 33


    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    When Castor entered the house, he left his sword with a nearby servant.


    Seeing that the crown prince was unarmed, gilius invited him into the room without any body check but Castor had hidden the weapon under his sleeve.


    An acupuncture needle, about ten centimetres long, was inserted deeply into Gilius’s shoulder. The needles are thin and the wound is small, so there is little bleeding.


    However, the blood dripping from the gap between the needles stains his clothes and spreads as a red stain.






    Castor sticks an acupuncture needle into Gilius’s shoulder and Gilius grabs his arm and puts some strength into it.


    “I was caught off guard. …… You didn’t mean to do this all along, did you ……!”


    “……That’s not true. I wanted you to be on my side, I really did. I really wanted you to be on my side. I was going to fight with you and give you a fair reward.”


    Gilius tried to pull the needles out. Castor, the one who stabbed using the needle did not resist and simply pulled them out and moved back from Gilius.


    There was a flurry of footsteps coming from the hallway.


    Either they had noticed something wrong in the room, or they had heard the earlier explosion and had come to seek their master’s support……Gilius’s men were coming towards the room.


    “Hmm …!”


    Castor moves the table with all his might and drags it right up to the door. He then piles up chairs and small shelves and sets up a barricade in front of the door.




    Gilius drew his dagger and tried to slash at Castor, who was struggling to move his furniture.


    But…his knee snapped.


    “Kh..! what’s happening …!?”


    “If you move too much, the poison will circulate. It’s better to stay in your seat.”




    The words, spoken without looking back, took Gilius’s breath away.


    His body became numb and can’t get his limbs to work properly. Gilius didn’t think that the needle Castor just stuck in his body was poisoned.


    “The poison was prepared by Kotaro. It’s a small amount, so it won’t kill you right away, but it will make your limbs numb and you won’t be able to move properly. Stay calm.”


    The acupuncture needle used by Castor to stab Gilius was a dark instrument borrowed from Kotaro.


    It is one of the weapons that Kotaro, a ninja, uses to assassinate people, and it is coated with a poison that Kotaro also brought from the other side.


    A poisonous potion taken from the fish’s liver deprives Gilius of his freedom and he finally collapses on the floor.


    “Gilius-sama … Ku, the door won’t open!?”


    “Oi, What’s going on in there? Get that door down!”


    The doorknob of the room makes a rattling sound, but the table is holding the door.


    They tried to slam the door from the outside, but the door seems to be sturdy because it is made for a duke’s house. It’s not likely to be broken down anytime soon.


    “Well, the siege has begun. It’s a race against time from here.”


    “How dare you? Don’t think you get a free pass for doing this…..!?”


    Castor returns, having finished putting up the barricade. Gilius muttered, his face contorted in hatred.


    The crown prince, who was supposed to be captured by Gilius, took him for a fool and made him crawl on the floor. It was an unthinkable humiliation.


    What little respect there was left in him for royalty was crumbling.


    “Forgive me. It’s war. I’ll do whatever I can to win”


    Castor looks down at Gilius on the floor and lowers his eyebrows apologetically.


    “That’s why you use poison…… How shameless…..!”


    “I don’t need a rebel to tell me what to do. And…..I don’t have the luxury of being able to fight openly and win. I’d get my hands dirty and lick the ground to get my country back. I think it’s my duty as a royal.”


    “……Do you think you can escape? This is the residence of the Dukes of Caesar, remember?”


    Castor raises his mouth in response to Gilius’s question.


    He looks down at Gilius with a smile on his face, but with a strong will in his eyes.


    “I’m not going to run away. I’m going to win this war.”




    “You can’t fight a war alone. I’m not the only one in this house. Didn’t the explosion make that clear?”


    Castor looks down at the astonished Gilius and boasts of his treasure.


    “My men are strong, you know. After all, I have three heroes!”

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