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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 32

    Confessions of a murderer

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    “I want to kill my brother.”


    In the wake of the revelation of his true sinful desire, Castor gulped down his spit.


    “….. Does it matter? More than your life or your career.”


    “…… For me, it mattered. I have to kill my brother to be able to move on. There is no other way.”


    “Why are you so insistent…..on spilling your brother’s blood?


    Castor could not understand it.


    If he is saying that his brother is in the way of his taking over the reins of the family then it is still understandable.


    But Gilius cannot inherit the dukedom of Caesar if he uses the kingdom of Revra to kill Garayle Caesar. Revra would take it from him and that would be the end of it. Castor thought he had explained that properly.


    “……The truth is, I was supposed to be the heir. I was supposed to be the head of the Dukes of Caesar”


    Before long, the first person had changed to the young “I”, but Gilius continued without noticing.

    ( いつの間にか一人称が『僕』という幼いものに変わっていたが、気づくことなくギリウスは言葉を続ける。)


    “The Duke has two wives. A noble wife and a commoner concubine. I am the son of the noble wife. And my brother is the son of a concubine.”




    “After ten years of marriage, my father and mother could not have children. So he had no choice but to take a concubine. Only one year after taking a concubine, my brother was born. And…..!”


    Gilius’ face contorted and he bit his back teeth so hard that they creaked.


    “And soon after, my mother conceived me……! If only I had been conceived just a little bit earlier, I would have been the only child and heir of the Dukes of Caesar!”


    Coughing up blood, Gilius slammed his fist down on the table.


    It was too rude to make such an act in front of the crown prince, but he seemed to have completely lost the luxury of worrying about it.


    “My father, of all people, named my brother, the son of a concubine, as his successor! Because he was better. He was born before me, albeit only slightly! But because of… mother died of a heart attack! If only he hadn’t been born, if only my brother hadn’t existed, everything would have been fine!”


    “….. I see. So that was the real reason for the rebellion.”


    For Gilius, the usurpation of the dukedom was a crusade to regain what he had been promised and to avenge his mother’s death. The murder of his brother was not a means to an end, but an end in itself.

    “Your Highness, Castor. You were going to take me… under your wing, but you’re not going to kill my brother, are you?”




    Castor remained silent, but the answer was clear.


    For Castor, who is short on human resources, Garayle Caesar, who is still fighting on the front line against the Revra army, is the man he wanted.


    In addition, Garayle has been nominated as the successor to the Dukes of Caesar, and the current head of the family, Grayson Caesar, would not allow Garayle to be cut off.


    “After all, you don’t want me to inherit the Dukes of Caesar either. You are going to make me the new lord of the newly acquired lands. That’s not good enough. I have to kill my brother and become the head of the Dukes of Caesar.”


    Gilius slumps his shoulders and speaks with a dark light in his eyes.


    “Even if the kingdom of Revra takes my land away, even if it’s just a temporary heaven, as long as it can I beat my…, it’s fine. If I can take the duchy from my brother, so be it. That is far more important than my life….!”


    “…… Well then, I guess negotiations have failed.”


    Castor sighs deeply.


    He no longer had the means to persuade Gilius.


    He had said all he could, but it had not penetrated Gilius’s mind.


    “… It’s a shame.. I’m still immature as the king of this country.”


    “……Your Highness, Castor, I am handing you over to the Kingdom of Revra. If you want to hate me, hate me.”


    “……No hard feelings. It was all my fault. I was not good enough to be a monarch.”


    Castor shook his head at Gilius’s remark and Castor asserted clearly in a cold tone.


    “But……seems to have bought me enough time to do the next plan. It’s time to start the operation.”



    Gilius looked puzzled, but he soon realised the meaning of Castor’s words.


    From somewhere in the house came a thunderous, earth shaking roar.


    “From here on, it’s war. Prepare yourself, Gilius Caesar!”




    Castor waved his right hand and pulled out a weapon that he had hidden under the sleeve of his jacket.


    An acupuncture needle, about ten centimetres long, glided out of his sleeve and without hesitation he thrust it into Gilius’s shoulder.

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