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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 31

    Battle of words

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    “……Your Highness has a funny way of saying things. Are you paranoid?”


    Gilius squeezes it out his remaining composure.


    The person in front of him – Castor’s intentions are completely unreadable.


    How can he assert so confidently under such circumstances, when his father has been killed and half his territory has been occupied?


    “It’s a fact. As long as I am alive, the kingdom of Styria will never end. It has not been destroyed. I have heroes behind me.”




    Gilius looked at the crown prince in front of him suspiciously, but could not see anything in Castor’s face.


    “That’s all I can say to you, who is not yet my vassal. I will tell you the rest when you are a vassal.”

    Castor left it at that, and continued his one-sided conversation.


    “I’m not going to ask……why you tried to betray me and siding with Revra. It’s all my fault and my father’s. I don’t blame you.”




    “But…..if you can, let me hear the reason for the coup against the dukes. Did you want the governorship? Or was there dissension in the family?”


    “…… Well, what do you think?”


    Gilius slurred his words vaguely.


    The main reason for this was a feeling of inferiority towards his brother, but he was afraid to say it outright. He felt that he was too narrow-minded to have staged a coup d’état because he was jealous of his brilliant brother.


    “If you want a territory or a title … I have an alternative for you”


    “An alternative, you say?”


    “Yes, if you become my vassal, I will give you a fief and a house in place of the Dukes of Caesar. I will give you a knighthood for your services. Not for dishonourable treachery. In return for your just loyalty.”




    Gilius listens in silence while Castor continues in a cheerful tone.


    “When I came to this house I heard from Vysha Roswald. She referred to you as a despicable little thing. …… I don’t think so.”




    “You did indeed commit a dastardly deed. However, you are to be congratulated on the skill with which you were able to gather your troops without the Duke’s knowledge, and to overrun the house in such a short time. I also heard that during the coup d’etat, the Duke, Miss Natalia Mazu and the servants were hardly injured? It’s wonderful that you managed to do all this unscathed.”

    “……Is that a compliment? Are you trying to be sarcastic?”


    “No, it’s not. It’s an honest compliment that doesn’t contain any malice.”


    Gilius’ face twisted, and Castor laughed.


    “The gift of scheming. In times of peace it may be a quality to be despised, but in times of war it is a fine talent that can be put to good use. The future of Styria. It will be very useful in the battles to come.”




    “Your brother Garayle seems to be a man of great courage and wisdom, but your talent is not inferior to him. I assure you that you are a great tree of talent, only with different branches and leaves growing in different directions.”




    “That is why I do not want you to end up as a mere traitor. I want you to become my vassal and use your talent for scheming at the right value. Fortunately for you, there is a surplus of estates and titles in the kingdom of Styria due to the large number of traitors from the nobility. I am sure that I can offer you a seat at the head of the house apart from the Dukes of Caesar.”


    “So you want me to be your vassal? Do you want me to throw myself into a battle that I have no chance of winning?”


    “We will win, I have assured you. And… you really think you’re going to be treated well by turning to the kingdom of Revra?”


    Castor crossed his arms and shook his head, a pained look on his face.


    “As we all know, the Kingdom of Revra is a strict nation of warriors. It is a land of righteousness and justice.Not only that, as I was reminded by their earlier deception…..but I do not believe that Revra will value you, lord Gilius, who betrayed his father and brother. ”


    “That’s not true! Give me your head and the Republic’s emissary, and Revra will accept me!”


    “Do you really think so? Do you really believe that the stern Revra would praise a man who had defeated his father and brother by deception and had even laid hands on his lord?”




    At Castor’s unhurried words, a feeling of anxiety grew in Gilius.


    In the first place, Gilius did not trust the kingdom of Revra from the beginning.


    He chose to turn to the kingdom of Revra because he had a better chance of survival and because his brother, whom he hated, was on the side of Styria.


    There was no guarantee that Revra would really value Gilius.


    “The Duchy of Caesar is a strategic point leading to the Parthenos Republic. It is also the key to the traffic and economy of the southern part of the kingdom. Revra is not so good-natured as to entrust such an important place to an untrustworthy nobleman. Even if you, Gilius, declare your surrender, the Revra will not leave you alone. At best, you will be transferred to a remote area. At worst, you will be purged in the chaos after the war. The more land you give to their soldiers, the better.”


    The Kingdom of Revra has many knights and soldiers. When they win the war against the Kingdom of Styria, they must be rewarded.


    The land that they give as a reward is, of course, the land that they took from Styria. There is no such thing as too much.


    In order to secure more land to give to the soldiers as a reward, it would be more convenient to destroy the Dukes of Caesar, who have a vast territory.


    “Do you understand? If you side with Revra, you will most likely die as a traitor. Wouldn’t it be better for you to work for me?”

    “If I can’t trust them……then neither can you! What guarantee do I have that you will value me, Your Highness Castor?”


    Gilius’s impatience at the prospect of his plan being thwarted causes him to raise his voice. His face is twisted into an expression of biting anger.


    “Aren’t you just like Revra? Don’t you want to use me for your own ends and then cut me off?”


    “I’m different. I’m not like Revra.”


    “What’s the difference? What makes you think I can trust you?”


    “I am not like Revra. Unlike Revra….I don’t have many allies, do I?”




    An unexpected rebuttal. Gilius was speechless, as if he had been thrown cold water.


    Gilius remains silent, but Castor continues with a wry smile.

    “I have few vassals. Therefore, I cannot afford to cut off my men. Revra has plenty of men, so it would be easy for them to throw Gilius away, but I cannot do that.  If I do that, I’d be short-staffed.” 




    “If Revra is defeated and driven north, there will be a gap of more than half of the kingdom’s territory. There is a surplus of land. There is no need to cut you off, is there?”




    Gilius remained silent and shook his shoulders. The reason there is no rebuttal is because there are no words to say back.


    It was never supposed to be possible to serve Castor and fight Revra. But…..Castor’s words have shaken that expectation.


    The question arose as to whether it was right to hand Castor over to Revra and sided with the invaders.


    “Do you understand? You will have a better future with me than with Revra. You don’t have to be loyal to me. You can let me win by calculation, for our mutual benefit.” 


    Seeing Gilius’s hesitation, Castor adds his own words of caution.


    “The Revra does not need you. But I need you. Would you be willing to lend me your scheming talents?”



    Gilius bit his lip and turned away.


    This must have been the word Gilius was looking for.


    As the second son, he was unable to succeed to the throne. He had a brilliant older brother, Garayle Caesar, to whom he was compared and regarded as inferior.


    For Gilius, the word that someone needed him must have been something he wanted more than anything.


    Gilius continues to remain silent, unable to speak.


    The man who was about to offer Castor to Rebula had a look of deep hesitation in his eyes.




    Gilius was silent for a long time, but after a while he finally opened his mouth.


    “That’s not good enough. His Royal Highness Prince Castor.”




    “I appreciate the offer and I understand the benefits that would accrue to His Highness. But……that would not achieve my aim. I cannot kill my brother that way.”


    Gilius declared clearly.


    The hatred that he has always pictured in his mind, but never expressed in words, is clearly expressed to Castor.


    “I want to kill my brother, Garayle. I cannot kill my brother if I am on your side.”

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