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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 30

    The alleged dialogue

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    Castor Styria, the crown prince of the kingdom of Styria, arrived at the residence of the Duke of Caesar.


    Gilius Caesar cheered inwardly at the good fortune that had befallen him.


    “Looks like I’m going to have some luck! I have more souvenirs to give to the Kingdom of Revra!”


    In order to become the head of the Dukes of Caesar, Gilius has taken over the house while his brother is away.


    The Dukes of Caesar have been clashing with the invading forces of the Kingdom of Revra, inflicting no small amount of damage on their opponents. At the moment, they have the advantage of the land, but the difference in strength will eventually overturned the situation.


    In order to save his own life and that of his dukedom, Gilius offers the life of his brother Garayle and begs the kingdom of Revra for forgiveness.

    He hoped that if they surrendered while they had the upper hand, they would be able to strike a deal with Revra……There were more cards to play in the negotiations.


    “If I can capture and hand over the Prince, who has managed to elude from Revra, they won’t be able to ignore the Duke! My house will survive. I should be able to avoid reparations and the cession of my lands! Oh, I should have been the head of the duchy after all.It was I, not my brother, who saved the dukes!”


    Garayle, Gilius’s brother, is fighting to stop the advance of the kingdom of Revra, but in the process he is provoking the wrath of his enemies. The more he fights, the angrier Revra gets, and the more the duke is in danger.


    But, Gilius is the one who can save the dukes. With Garayle as an offering and Castor as a sacrifice, the Dukes of Caesar will survive.


    Gilius, who had lived his whole life as a second son, unable to win the throne because he was compared to his older brother, had never felt better.


    At last, he had defeated his brother.


    He would have what he had always wanted. He could take the position he had always wanted.


    Castor is shown into the drawing room at the back of the house and sits down on the sofa as recommended.  Gilius sits on the sofa facing him, puts his hands together and opens his mouth.


    “So what is this …… story you speak of? His Royal Highness Prince Castor?”


    Gilius asks in a sniffling, triumphant tone.


    Although not bound, the crown prince Castor had already fallen into his hands.


    The house is full of mercenaries hired by Gilius. Some of the soldiers and servants were originally in the service of the duke, but since he had taken Duke Grayson Caesar hostage, they too were at Gilius’ mercy.


    In the meantime, Castor has stupidly disarmed himself and is unarmed.


    As soon as Gilius calls, soldiers will rush into the parlour and seize Castor.


    Gilius’s advantage was unassailable.


    Gilius was convinced that he had captured his father, outwitted his brother and that the Prince before him would also be a source of protection and credit.




    Castor, on the other hand, sits shallowly on the sofa and breathes heavily in front of Gilius, who is slumped over.


    It is not a battle of swords that is about to begin, but a negotiation of tongues. Castor closes his eyes for a few seconds and opens them with determination.


    “So, let me ask you first. Gilius Caesar, why have you betrayed your father, the Duke of Caesar, and imprisoned him?”




    Gilius’s shoulders jumped with a jerk at the words.


    “How do you know this?” –Castor stared at the man, who questioned him not with words but with attitude, and opened his mouth slowly.


    “If you did not hear me, I will ask you again. Gilius Caesar…..why did you betray your father?”


    “……What are you talking about? I have never betrayed my father.”


    As he squeezes out his excuses, Gilius inwardly grows impatient.


    How did Castor find out that he had imprisoned his father and taken over the duchy? Where did the information come from?


    “Aah,……! Those women. ……!”


    A woman’s face flashed in his mind.


    Vysha Roswald.


    She was one of the guests at the house when Gilius staged the coup against his father. She was the guardian of Natalia Mazu, the emissary sent by the Republic.

    Natalia, her master, had been held hostage by Gilius, but her bodyguard, Vysha, had escaped in the confusion.


    If Natalia is at hand, she can be used as a bargaining chip against the Republic. He left the guards to their own devices, but he didn’t expect them to be in contact with….Castor.


    “Did you hear that I made a coup against my father? …… No, wait. If so, why did he show up at this house all of a sudden?”


    “No need to hide. I know that you have imprisoned the Duke and taken over the house. I came here knowing this and wanting to speak to you.”


    Gilius was pondering, but his thoughts were interrupted by Castor’s calm tone of voice.


    When this happens, there is no point in hiding it anymore. Gilius sighs slightly and opens his mouth.


    “……Your Highness has a lot of nerve. I never thought you’d be jumping into enemy territory.”


    “Enemy territory, I don’t think of you as an enemy, Gilius. You may have had a falling out with your father, but you are still a member of the House of Caesar. You are a vassal in the service of the kingdom of Styria.”


    Castor crossed his legs and looked at Gilius with a slight sharpness in his eyes.


    “Or have……you already betrayed the royal house of Styria? Betrayed your lord and took the side of Revra?”




    Gilius turned his gaze away at the probing words.


    Gilius is a member of the nobility of the kingdom. It’s not that he doesn’t feel guilty about being accused of betrayal by the crown prince.


    “His Highness Castor is suspicious of me. This is the last time I’m going to back down. ……”


    Loyal to the royal house of Styria, Gilius staged a coup d’état against his father, who was resisting the invasion of Revra.


    In the end, it was the inferiority complex of his older brother that led to the coup…..There is no doubt that he put his own self-preservation ahead of his loyalty to his lord.


    However, he had not yet taken any definite action in favour of Revra. It was a coup d’état, but it was a civil war within the House of Caesar. It was not a clear betrayal of the royal family of Styria.


    “…Now you can go back. Here you can pledge allegiance to His Royal Highness and return to the Kingdom’s nobles.


    But if he does…. he will have to give up the duchy he has acquired.


    It would be unacceptable for him to imprison his father in his brother’s absence and take over the family business. Swearing allegiance to Castor was equivalent to abandoning the power he had gained.


    “……I have not yet turned to Revra. I’m going to turn in now.”


    And so Gilius replied.


    It was the last thing he wanted to do for the man who had been his lord, at least to be honest with him.


    “I see……”


    Gilius accepts any criticism…he confessed with that intention, but Castor’s reaction was not what Gilius expected.


    Castor is not surprised, and nods his head with a calm expression.


    “Well……“not yet”. Then we’ll talk soon.”


    “What do you mean……?Didn’t I declare that I would betray you?”


    “I have come here to dissuade you from betraying me. I do not want you, my vassal, to betray me, so I have come here to dissuade you.”


    He crossed his legs and rested his weight comfortably on the back of the chair.


    “It seems that I have not come here in vain. No offence, Sir Gilius Caesar, but you must not follow Revra. As a nobleman of the kingdom of Styria, you must be loyal to me.”


    “……You say interesting things. Are you asking me to give up my life for loyalty? Are you asking me to martyr a dying royal family for my own sake?”


    “No, you’re wrong. You’re making a big mistake.”


    In response to Gilius’s reproachful words, Castor’s calm expression never falters.


    Gilius’s face clouded over with an eerie feeling at how calm Castor looked.


    Revra will be defeated and the Kingdom of Styria will be restored. You will not sail in the mud under the stigma of betrayal. No hard feelings. You will be my vassal.”


    Looking straight back into Gilius’s anxious eyes, Castor made a clear statement.

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