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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 3

    Goddess Of Darkness

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by Zil


    “What am I supposed to do? I can’t just sit here and let them execute me…….”


    In a fit of rage, Castor struck the bars once more.


    His knuckles are sore and bleeding, but he is so angry that he doesn’t care.


    “Is there nothing I can do now? I’m royalty, I’m the crown prince, but …… I can’t do anything for this country?”


    The situation was a complete dead end, but Castor was not ready to give up yet.


    If Castor gives up, the destruction of the Kingdom of Styria will be decided at that moment. He must not let that happen.


    If he were to believe the words of Zardis, the Kingdom of Revra has made peace and formed an alliance with the Empire of Leohart.


    Considering the difference in national power between the two sides, it could not be an alliance of equals. It was clear that they were practically vassal states.


    The Empire, a military state, has destroyed several countries and turned them into colonial colonies.


    Castor also knew how these poor victims were treated.


    The colonists are deprived of their human rights and turned into cattle to be used only to cultivate the land. They would be ruled by violence, deprived of their property and treated with trampled dignity.


    “I can’t let that happen……! I will not allow the Kingdom of Styria to become a colony!”


    As a member of the royal family, Castor cannot allow the people of his country to be enslaved.


    Part of him wants to avenge his father’s death, but more than that, it is the sense of duty he has developed as a member of the royal family that makes Castor refuse to sit down and die.


    “I don’t care what it takes, I’ll take any humiliation if it means I can protect my country. ……! We have to get out of here somehow and fight off Revra…….!”


    Castor is desperately trying to think of a way to turn his desperate situation around.


    In order to save the Kingdom of Styria, Castor must first escape from his prison.


    But of course, as a prisoner of war, Castor doesn’t have a key.


    This castle is now under the control of the Kingdom of Revra, but it was originally the residence of the royal family of Styria. He knew that there were no loopholes in the prison.


    “The most likely thing is to be rescued by an outsider …”


    As far as Zardis is concerned, it will be difficult.


    The knights protecting the royal family have already been subdued, he said. The Revra side will naturally be wary of the remnants of Styria trying to rescue Castor.

    It is unlikely that he will be able to escape on his own, or that he will be able to get help from anyone. That is, unless there is a miracle, which is impossible.


    “But I can’t give up ……. I am the crown prince …… no, the king of this country!”


    The king who was supposed to protect the country is no more. He has been killed by a traitor’s blade.


    So – the king of this country is now Castor.


    Even if he never officially ascended the throne, even if he never had a throne or a crown, he was still the crown prince and king of this country.


    A king must not give up on his country. He couldn’t abandon his people.


    “There must be something …… to do, there must be a way ……!”


    “I’m surprised you still have the will to fight after being pushed so hard.”


    “Who’s there?!”

    A sudden voice pulls Castor back from his sea of thoughts.


    He looked up and saw a girl in an unfamiliar white robe.


    She looks like a ten years old. She has black hair and eyes like Castor, and her hair is so long that it touches the floor.


    Her face is pretty and well-shaped, but there is no emotion in it, and she looks like a finely crafted doll.


    What was surprising was that Castor did not even notice that the girl was there. There was not a single footstep, not even a hint of a presence.


    And – the girl was not on the other side of the bars, but in the prison, just like Castor.


    “How long have you been there ……! No, how did you appear?”


    It was less than a month ago that Castor was put in this prison. If someone else had been there, it would have been impossible not to notice.

    Then the girl must have appeared in the prison in an instant in some way.


    There are supernatural powers of magic and witchcraft in this world, but he had never heard of any magic that could transport oneself to another place in an instant.


    “If you’re on the Revra side, there’s no point in bothering to come to jail. If that’s the case, ……!”


    Perhaps this is a chance of a lifetime.


    Castor doesn’t know how she did it, but he’s pretty sure the girl in front of him, has the means to get in and out of the prison.


    Castor sighed slowly to calm his confused mind.


    “…… I’m sorry, I got carried away. Who are you?”


    Changing his tone of voice, Castor asks the girl in front of him.


    The girl nods admiringly and opens her lips, which are as red as rose petals.


    “The self-control to be able to calmly weigh up the pros and cons of the situation. You’re a real gem. I think I can expect a lot from you.”


    “The best …… expectations ……?”


    The girl’s voice had an air of deep reserve. It was as if she was a superior looking down on him from a great height.


    It would have been quite disrespectful if Castor had been aware that he was a prince,……, but he’s more interested in what she has to say.


    “Black hair or …… the same colour as my hair”


    Castor looked at the girl’s long black hair and narrowed his eyes.


    In this world, black hair is a very rare colour.


    In fact, Castor’s parents and grandparents also had brown or chestnut hair, and no one else had black hair.


    No one else in the family has black hair. It would have been easy to suspect his mother’s infidelity, but this was not the case. The reason was that black hair was a special thing, born regardless of bloodline.


    A dark-haired person was born only once in a few hundred thousand to a few million people, and was known as a “miracle child” or, in some areas, a “devil’s cub”.


    Sometimes, some of them developed special powers that could not be reproduced by magic, so Castor was raised as a child chosen by God.


    “I didn’t have any special powers,…… but could it be that the transference …… that she appeared in the prison or the ability to go through walls is her ability?”


    “It’s neither transference nor wall-penetration, Castor Styria. And moreover, I am not of this world.”


    “What the ……?”


    She’s read his mind.


    Castor’s eyes widened in astonishment and he took a step or two backwards.


    “…… I’m surprised. It seems that you are not really an ordinary person. Let me ask you again, who are you?”


    “Ah, yes. So much for pretensions, it’s time for me to tell you my name.”


    The girl raises the corner of her mouth to make a smile.


    Even if Castor looks at her face, despite her smiles her face is still like a doll.


    “This mistress’s name is Izanami. One of the gods who controls a world different from this one.”


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