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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 29

    Face to face

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    “Well, well, your Highness! You have made it here safely!”


    As soon as Castor stepped into the house, a young man greeted him in the entrance hall.


    He has a slightly slender body and a nervous look on his face. This man, with his hands open in an exaggerated manner, is probably Gilius Caesar.


    “I have heard what happened to the King. As his vassal, I am very sorry to hear this! You must be very tired after your long journey, please make yourself at home!”


    “A warm welcome, thank you. But I am here to see the Duke Caesar, and who are you?”


    Castor asked in an offhand way.


    The royal family, however, does not know all the nobles in the country. They only know the head of each family and his successor.


    So Castor asked him to give his name, Castor noticed Gilius was slightly frowning.


    Apparently, he did not like the fact that his name was not known. Gilius put his right hand on his chest, his mouth twitching slightly.


    “……I apologise for this. My name is Gilius, son of Grayson Caesar. I’ve seen you at the soirées in Royal Capital, but this is the first time we’ve spoken, isn’t it?”


    “So you are the Duke’s son. I’ve spoken to his successor, Sir Garayle, a few times, but I’ve never met you.”


    “……Garayle is my brother. At present he is away from the house, fighting against the Revra army.”


    Gilius explained with a somewhat frustrated look on his face.


    Looking at Gilius’s face, Castor is convinced.


    “Prideful and nervous. That’s the info that Vysha gave.”


    That’s what Vysha Roswald, a lady knight from the Parthenos Republic, called Gilius. She said that Gilius was untrustworthy because he always wore a fake smile on his face.


    Castor thought it was just the uninformed assessment of a knight who had her master taken hostage, but it seems that she hit the nail on the head with her blunt assessment.


    “And……apparently there’s a feud between him and Garayle Caesar. The colour of his eyes clearly changed after his brother’s name was mentioned.”


    Observing the change in his expression, Castor becomes more and more convinced.


    Gilius had a disagreement with his brother, the heir to the ducal throne, which led to the coup d’état.


    When Garayle  Caesar went on an expedition and the soldier was thinly spread, he used his mercenaries to overrun it. He have taken the Duke Caesar hostage.


    Castor is unfamiliar with the situation because he has no brothers, but aristocratic succession struggles are not uncommon.


    If disagreements within the family are the cause of the coup, it may take more than an outsider’s persuasion to stop it. Castor would prefer to get this over with peacefully if possible. 


    Castor carefully not to let his expression show, and thinks of words of persuasion to stop the coup.


    Unaware of the prince’s inner thoughts, Gilius invites Castor into the house with a flirtatious smile.


    “Come on in, then. Have you eaten yet? If you’d like, I can prepare it for you here….”


    “But first, Gilius. I would like to say hello to the Duke first, if that is alright with you?”


    “My father is not at home at the moment. I’ll send a messenger to let him know you’re here.”


    “Well, there’s a story I really wanted you to hear .I have some very important information about the Kingdom of Revra, and I wonder if we could speak alone..”


    “Just the two of us?”


    Gilius looks at Castor suspiciously.


    Castor, with a serene expression plastered on his face, continues to speak without hesitation.


    “It’s very important. I don’t want anyone else to hear it. If you were a duke, you would know what I mean.”




    Gilius fell silent, a hint of suspicion in his eyes.


    Castor pretended not to notice Gilius’ suspicion and casually drew his sword from his waistband and handed it to a servant at his side.


    By disarming him in front of him, the aim was to throw him off his guard. As he had hoped, Gilius’s eyes relaxed with relief.


    “Of course, of course. I’d love to hear what you have to say.”


    With a friendly smile, Gilius leads Castor into the back room.


    The mercenaries on guard duty and the female attendant who had accompanied Castor were left in the entrance lobby.






    On their way to the back of the house, Castor casually exchanged glances with a servant.


    The brief exchange of glances went unnoticed by anyone present, and Gilius and Castor walked together down the corridor.

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