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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 28

    Into the lion's den

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    The next day, Castor had a final meeting with his companions and set off for the Duke of Caesar’s residence.


    As soon as he arrived in front of the Duke’s house, he was stopped by a soldier who was standing guard at the gate.


    “Hey! Wait!”


    “Stop! This is the residence of the Duke of Caesar!”


    A soldier stands in front of a high walled compound, shouting at them in a coarse and violent tone.


    He is probably not a regular soldier employed by the Duke of Caesar, but a mercenary hired by Gilius Caesar for the coup.


    Castor straightens his back and announces himself in an imposing manner.


    “My name is Castor Styria. I am the Prince of the Kingdom of Styria.”


    Castor made no attempt to conceal his true identity.


    “I am here to speak to the Duke of Caesar. Will you open the gate for me?”




    The appearance of the Prince, a great man, caused unrest among the soldiers.


    The soldiers on either side of the gate looked at each other and began to whisper to each other.


    “Oi…It’s the Prince, what are we going to do?”


    “What are we going to do?……We can’t turn him away.”


    “I don’t know if it’s real or not? If it’s a fake …”


    “I don’t know what the Prince looks like. I’ll have to ask the top to decide.”



    The soldier on guard coughs, turns to Castor and straightens up.


    “I’m sorry, sir. I’m going to go and report to my master, if you don’t mind waiting a moment.”


    “Aaa, of course. I’ll wait for you.”


    Castor shrugged his shoulders at the soldiers, who spoke in a stuttering, respectful tone.


    One of the soldiers walks into the gate and runs towards the house in a flurry.




    While waiting for the soldiers, Castor casually checks the surroundings of the house.


    It is indeed the residence of the Duke of Caesar. The security seemed to be quite strong. The mansion is surrounded by a high wall and is difficult to break into. The front gate is also made of iron and will not be easy to destroy.


    “Yukimura would be able to jump over such a large number of soldiers, but …… ordinary soldiers would not even be able to get inside the house.There are probably many more soldiers inside the gate.”


    According to the information they gathered beforehand, there are two types of soldiers in the Duke’s Palace today.


    One of them is a native soldier who has been in the service of the Duke Caesar since the beginning. They have sworn allegiance to the Duke Caesar, but have been forced by Gilius Caesar to obey him because he has taken their master hostage.


    The other is a mercenary hired by Gilius. Because they were hired temporarily for money, their loyalty is low, but on the other hand, they are soldiers who will do any dirty work for money. Some of them are like ruffians, and some of them are even roughing up the female servants who work in the house.


    The number of soldiers inside the mansion, including regular soldiers and mercenaries, is about a hundred or more.


    If Yukimura, the greatest force on Castor’s side, were to be deployed, he would be able to overwhelm the mansion by force.


    “But if we try to solve the problem by force ……, it will cost us no small amount of money. Not only those who have given their lives to Gilius Caesar, but also those who are reluctantly following him, having been taken hostage by the duke”


    This is something that Castor would like to avoid.


    If they are mercenaries hired by Gilius, Castor has no choice but to kill them, but he does not want to take the lives of those who are forced to obey Gilius.


    In order to free them, Castor would like to get things done as peacefully as possible.


    “Ideally, I’d like to persuade Gilius to stop the coup……. Well, let’s see what happens.”


    “Thank you for your patience. The Duke would like to see you, so please come in.”


    After a short wait, the soldier came back and told him so.


    Castor nodded and looked back at his men who were following behind him.


    “Now that we have…… the permission, shall we pay a visit to the mansion?”


    “Yes, I will accompany you. His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”


    Castor is accompanied by only one woman, dressed like a servant. She has no soldiers with her.


    She has grey hair down her back and is dressed in a white blouse and ankle-length skirt. Her appearance is so well put together that even the guards look at her with a distinctly servile look as they pass her.


    “A soldier with no discipline. It shows the calibre of Gilius Caesar that he could only have this sort of person on his side.”


    Excellent human resources gather around excellent human beings.

    If all he could do was pay off a bunch of thugs, that was probably his limit.


    “Maybe that’s what’s motivating the coup. Either way, I’d have to meet him first to get started.”


    With this in mind, Castor went through the gate of the mansion with a female companion following him.


    The first obstacle to entering the mansion seemed to have been overcome. The real battle began here.




    Hearing the iron door close behind him, Castor sighed softly and walked towards the entrance of the mansion.

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