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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 27

    Ilius, the capital

    Translated by SoundDestiny
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    The next day. First thing in the morning they met up with Vysha and her friends, and Castor and his party set off for the town of Ilius.


    From here it would take a full day’s ride to reach Ilius. Castor rode a horse he had taken from the Revra soldiers, and Vysha rode horses she had bought in the town, together they were heading west.


    After forcing themselves to take as few breaks as possible, they made it to their destination by dusk. They slipped in at the gates just before they closed at dusk and entered the town.


    At the entrance to the town there was a brief screening, but as Vysha had received a pass from the Duke on her previous visit to the town, she was allowed to enter without any problems.


    “So this is the capital, Ilius. This is the home of the Duke Caesar. It’s as bustling as the royal capital.”


    Castor looks out over the streets of Ilius and exclaims in admiration.


    Ilius is the largest city in the southern part of the kingdom of Styria, and it is full of people coming and going. It’s hard to believe that there’s a family feud going on in Ilius, as the shops on either side of the main street are full of people calling out for customers.


    “Apparently, the incident at the Duke’s house has not been leaked to the outside world.”


    Kotarō  looks around with a casual gesture and mutters to himself.


    Kotarō, who normally wears a black robe and cape, is dressed inconspicuously as a traveller.


    Castor nodded his head to the words of the ninja in disguise.


    “Aa, it may be more convenient. It’s better to keep things private than to make a scene.”


    There are more than 10,000 people living in Ilius.


    If the infighting among the dukes were to get out, it could cause panic and even rioting among the masses.


    The Duke Caesar is well-liked and trusted by his subjects, and if that trust is shaken, there could be a great deal of confusion.


    If at all possible, the rebellion of Gilius Caesar should be put to rest without any publicity.


    “Then a certain man will make inquiries at the house as planned.”


    Kotarō leaves the group and heads for the Duke of Caesar’s residence.


    The purpose is to find out where Duke Caesar and Natalia Grainne are being held.


    Knowing the location of the hostages in advance is crucial to the success of the rescue operation. It was up to the ninja, Kotarō Fūma, to obtain this information.


    After parting ways with Kotarō, Castor takes a room at a suitable inn, where he confirms his plan.


    Hanbei explained his plan to Vysha and the others and obtained their approval, and after listening to their opinions, he refined his plan.


    The discussion went on until late at night…….When it was time to call it a night, Kotarō came back.


    “It seems that the two hostages are being held in a remote part of the house. I couldn’t see them, but they were more heavily guarded there than in the main building, as there were always mercenaries blocking the entrance to the building.”


    “Hmm, it seems that Gilius Caesar has a guilty conscience about being under the same roof as the father he betrayed!”


    Vysha spits hatefully at Kotaro’s report.


    Vysha’s face had a look of unconcealed hatred on it, as if she was very angry that her Lord had been taken from her.


    “Un,Un, that’s to be expected. The more guilty and petty you are, the more you want to keep people away from you, like your parents and brothers. You can see how small a man Gilius Caesar is.”


    It was Hanbei who gave a merciless assessment of the situation.


    “As expected, the situation is as good as it can be. The soldiers employed by Gilius Caesar should not be able to harm the hostages without the Lord’s orders. I think we can move with peace of mind because no hostages will be killed easily.”


    “Yes, it looks as if things will go according to Hanbei’s plan. I’m relieved.”


    Castor nodded at the young boy’s words.


    The operation that is about to take place will put Castor in the crosshairs and put him in danger.


    Still, Castor has no fear.


    He was so happy to be able to contribute to the victory, instead of relying on the power of the heroic spirits he had summoned.


    “The operation takes place tomorrow at noon. I’m going to go straight to the Duke of Caesar’s Palace and talk to Gilius Caesar! I want everyone to do their part!”




    “We understand!”


    When Castor made his declaration, everyone present bowed their heads in acknowledgement.

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