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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 26

    As a monarch

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    We have decided what needs to be done.


    The only thing left to do is to act.


    “I will go and tell my friends that His Highness Prince Castor has agreed to help us.”


    “Yes, let us meet at the west gate of the town to-morrow, and proceed to the city of Ilius.”


    “Very well, sir. We will provide you with food and other supplies. Thank you for your time.”


    Vysha bowed politely and left the room. Castor and the three heroes are left in the inn room.


    “Now that we’ve decided to save……Duke Caesar and Miss Natalia, we can’t just jump in without a plan.”


    “We can’t go in unarmed. We are four men and ten of Vyssha’s men. The enemy’s force consists of about a hundred mercenaries hired by a man named Gilius Caesar. There is no way we can win.”


    Kotarō analyzes each other’s strength in a calm tone.


    Fewer than twenty allies. More than 100 enemies. If he only looks at the numbers, the difference in strength is unbeatable.


    “However,……it is only about numbers. It is a strength in numbers that ignores quality. We are not necessarily at a disadvantage because we have a warrior, Yukimura Sanada, who is a warrior without equal. It seems to me that Lord Vysya also has the strength of a samurai general of a powerful country. If the enemy doesn’t have a powerful warrior, we should be able to handle it without any problems.”


    Castor also studied martial arts from an early age, so now that the exhaustion caused by [Summoning the Spirit] has been recovered, it will not slow him down.  Although Kotarō was not a proper warrior, he was as capable of fighting as any other warrior. 


    The problem was the last one. It was the military strategist Takenaka Hanbei……


    “Don’t worry about me. I won’t pull your leg.”


    He said in a light tone, sitting on the bed and waving his right hand.


    “I’ve been mocked as a ‘blue gourd’ but …… I’m a samurai born into a warrior family. I’ve been doing a bit of martial arts for fun. I didn’t get a chance to use it much because of my lung problem, but …… now I’m back in good health, so it’s not a problem.”


    “Well, if it’s that…….,then we’re good.”


    Even if his body is healthy, he still looks like a child no matter how one looks at it. But Castor did not dare to point it out. If Hanbei says that there is no problem, then Castor has nothing to complain about.


    “Then there is no problem! I, Yukimura, will take the lead in this war. I will present the head of Gilius Caesar before you, my lord, and you shall see!” 


    Yukimura proudly asserts.

    This man, who has been called “the best soldier in Japan”, could defeat a hundred enemies single-handedly.


    But …… things were not so easy. Castor shook his head and rejected the advice of his vassals.


    “It’s not going to work. There are hostages over there. If anything were to happen to the Duke or to Miss Natalia Grainne, we would have no means of defending ourselves against Revra.”


    If he lets the Duke of Caesar die, it is likely that he will not be able to get any help from the Dukes. This would be fatal for Castor, who has no soldiers of his own.


    The same applies to Natalia Grene. As a representative of the Parthenopean Republic, Natalia had been sent to determine whether the Kingdom of Styria should be supported. If Natalia were to lose her life, there was a risk that the Republic would become the enemy.


    “If we’re going to do this, we want to make sure they’re rescued unharmed and we’re indebted to them. The support of the dukes and the republic is something we must have.”

    “Then we need a…… strategist. Is that where I come in?”


    Hanbei laughed mischievously and held up his forefinger.


    “So you want me to devise a plan to defeat Gilius Caesar and settle the internal disputes of the dukes without harming the hostages. That’s a difficult task. It’s a difficult task, and one for a military strategist.”


    “Oh,……and, and this is only an ‘if’, but I would like the opportunity to speak directly to Gilius Caesar.”


    Castor repeats his order to Hanbei.


    Hanbei looks puzzled, and blinks curiously.


    “You want to talk to the leader of the enemy? Do you want to ask him how you want to be executed?”


    “Gilius Caesar is also one of the nobles of the kingdom of Styria. In other words, he was a man who should have been……my subject.I want to know exactly what he was thinking and what made him turn on his father.It’s not fair of the monarch to unilaterally condemn Gilius without hearing his side of the story.”


    Was he motivated by a mere lust for power? Or did …… Gilius have his own uncompromising beliefs and justice?


    Castor doesn’t want to hear only what Vyssha has to say and assumes that Gilius is the only one who is evil.


    As the crown prince of the kingdom of Styria, Castor wanted to face his subjects head on.


    “Hmmm …… Well, that’s fine. Instead, it’s His Highness who will be in danger, and that’s okay, right?”


    “I am prepared for this. I’m an incompetent royal who has no control over his own destiny……Still, I don’t want to be ashamed of being the next king.”


    “My lord…..”




    Yukimura was so happy with his lord’s growth that he had tears in the corners of his eyes as if he were overcome with emotion. Kotarō also nodded admiringly and smiled wryly under his hood.


    “Heh …… hmmm …….”


    Hanbei was looking at Castor’s face, his eyes twinkling with interest……eventually retracted his childish smile and turned serious.


    “After all, Your Highness is a little like Hideyoshi-sama, isn’t he? He is neither brave nor skilled in military prowess. But he’s also a bit of a wimp and likes to put himself in harm’s way at the drop of a hat…….Well, at least you don’t have a monkey face.”



    “Okay. I understand. I’ll find a way to fulfil every one of your requests.”


    A blue circle appears above Hanbei’s head.


    The power of “Konkoumei” has been activated – the ability to accelerate the ability to think and compute to find the best solution in the shortest possible time.


    “But……the measures I’m going to make won’t be sweet or gentle. You may get hurt or burned, so be prepared!”

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