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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 25

    Duchy’s infighting

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    “It was about ten days ago that this happened. Lady Natalia and we the knights, sent by the Parthenos Republic, were staying at the residence of the Duke of Caesar. The Duke welcomed us with open arms and has taken great care to ensure that the Republic continues to have friendly relations with Styria. But……that man, Gilius Caesar, who should have been the second son of the duke, suddenly rebelled and imprisoned the duke.”


    With a pained expression on her face, Vysha talks about what happened.


    “Gilius hired a large number of mercenaries to seize the duke’s house. The main soldiers of the duke’s family were absent, accompanying his eldest son, Garayle Caesar, and were unable to resist, so the duke was captured. Gilius, who had seized the Duke…… had, of course, extended his evil hand to Lady Natalia, and had crowded into the house where we were staying ……!”


    “That’s how Lady Natalia Grainne came to be taken prisoner.”


    Castor sighed softly, trying not to notice Vysha shaking her fist in anger.


    Castor does not know why Gilius Caesar rebelled. It may have been an attempt to seize the duchy title in the absence of his eldest brother, or it may have been instigated by the kingdom of Revra.


    However, if an envoy from the Parthenos Republic is involved in the……duchy’s internal conflict, it will not be a straightforward matter.


    This could lead to the collapse of the alliance with the Parthenos Republic. In the worst case scenario, they might be forced to fight a two-sided war with Revra in the north and Parthenos in the south.


    “I understand what you said, but …… why is this knight here, safe and sound?”

    When the conversation stopped, Hanbei, who was lying on the bed, opened his mouth.


    He was lying on his side with his head upright and his sleepy eyes fixed on Vysha.


    “Isn’t that strange? How is it that the young lady, who is supposed to be protected by her bodyguards, has been captured by the enemy and only her bodyguard has managed to escape unharmed? Have you by any chance abandoned your lady and fled ……?”


    “No, it’s not!”


    Vysha replied to Hanbei’s accusation point in a biting manner.


    “I wanted to fight for my lady too! I would have risked my life to shield my lady until the day I died! But…… my lady  wouldn’t let me do that!”


    “Would you mind if I asked what that means?”


    Castor urges the conversation on, while glancing sideways at Hanbei.


    Blamed for his small outburst with a glance, the young soldier sticks out his tongue mischievously, closes one eye and winks back.


    “When Gilius’s private army swarmed into the detached part of the house,….Lady Natalia ordered us to flee.She said that if we fought here, we would lose our lives in vain.”


    “Couldn’t you have escaped with Miss Natalia?”


    “We tried to do the same, but we were rejected. [If I run away, the enemy will come after me. But if it’s you, they will not dare to pursue.]



    From what Castor heard, Natalia Grainne is a very intelligent and perceptive person.


    She also seems to have a good head on her shoulders. It is no wonder she was sent as an emissary to the war-torn kingdom of Styria.


    “When we parted, Lady Natalia ordered us to come to the town and wait for help in front of a shop called [Migratory Bird’s Stop]. There I was told to ask a young grey-haired traveller called Kotarō Fūma to come and act as an intermediary for His Highness Prince Castor. I did as Lady Natalia asked, and was able to meet Kotarō.”


    “Ha…..? Are you saying that Miss Natalia has a prophecy?”


    Suddenly the story went crazy.


    There was no way Natalia Grainne could have known about Kotarō being summoned as a Heroic Spirit, much less expected him to visit this town.


    The black-robed ninja shook his head as Castor looked at Kotarō, who was waiting at the door.


    “It’s just a coincidence that I ended up in that shop, No one recommended it to me. But…… indeed, there, Miss Vysha  stopped me, and clearly said my name, “Kotarō Fūma!”


    “I know it sounds crazy, but……Lady Natalia can see the future. That’s what she’s blessed with.”


    Vysha adds to Kotaro’s explanation.


    The blessing of foreseeing the future.


    Castor has never heard of such a power, but if he were to believe her, it would explain Miss Natalia’s bizarre prophecy.


    No, this was the only explanation, given the fact that Vysha was in contact with Castor in this way.


    “But….if she has the power to predict the future, how can she get caught?”


    Then Hanbei interrupted her again.


    The young soldier, who had been lying down earlier, was up before Castor knew it, sitting on the bed and thinking about something.


    “I’m not surprised that she can foresee the future. There are people who can do that in the other world too. I’ve had a yin-yang master in Kyoto tell me the good fortune of the future, and I’ve heard a sorcerer called “Guoxin Jushi” tell a prophecy like that. My previous lord, he had a natural intuition that sometimes made me wonder if he could see the future. But……if you know the future so clearly, why couldn’t you have avoided being caught? I’m sure you all could have run away beforehand.”

    (TL: I’m not sure about Guoxin Jushi as i tried to search, i’m sorry if miss spell or totally missed the mark but here is the raw [果心居士])


    “……I don’t know about that either. Lady Natalia sometimes behaves in a way we don’t quite understand.”


    Vysha’s shoulders slumped with a bitter look on her face. She seems to be remembering something from her past that she doesn’t like. It seems that Natalia’s “unfamiliar behavior” is bothering her a lot.


    [But……if you do what that man says, it will all work out in the end.] So I had to swallow my tears and leave Lady Natalia behind…….”

    “Hmmm….I get the full picture.” 


    Castor nodded and looked at his three vassals.


    Kotarō nodded quietly, and Yukimura nodded back emphatically. Hanbei shrugged his shoulders and said, “It can’t be helped.” none seemed to have any particular objection.


    “So it’s just a matter of rescuing the Duke and Lady Natalia Grainne, who have been captured by …… Gilius Caesar Either way, we’ll need the help of the Dukes of Caesar. Can’t say no to that.”


    If the infighting in the Duchy of Caesar is not settled, it will not be possible to enlist their help in confronting the Kingdom of Revra.


    In addition, if anything were to happen to Natalia, relations with the Parthenos Republic would deteriorate. Castor would be cut off from his path and from the rest of the world.


    Castor rises from his chair and declares like a monarch.


    “We’re heading for the capital of Ilius and we’ll end the infighting in the Duchy ourselves!”

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