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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 23

    An Ordinary man and heroes

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    It was early in the morning, two days after Kotarō’s arrival, when Castor’s party arrived in town.


    Originally, they had planned to arrive earlier, but due to the ambush and pursuit of the Revra army, they were delayed.


    In order to avoid encounters with the enemy, they had to make detours along deserted animal paths, sometimes hiding in the woods to avoid the pursuers, and finally reached the town.


    “We have arrived at last. This is definitely the town.”


    Castor rode his horse through the gates of the town and breathed a sigh of relief.


    This is already the sphere of influence of the Duke of Caesar. It is a place where the Revra army cannot easily interfere.


    Relieved of the tension in the air, Castor dismounted from his horse and set off for the ground.

    “We’re very late. I wonder if Kotarō  has arrived yet?”


    Castor asked his companions who were following behind him.


    Following behind are the two heroes summoned by Castor – Sanada Yukimura and Takenaka Hanbei.


    “Perhaps. If you are as strong as Kotarō-dono, your speed over the ground will be like a gale. It is no wonder that he could have overtaken a horse.”


    “We made a lot of stops along the way.I’ll go round and ask around. You two wait there.”


    Hanbei answered quickly and left them and went into an inn near the gate.


    Left on the main street of the town with Yukimura, Castor casually glanced at the people passing by.


    The street, which has become a major transport hub as an inn town, is crowded with travellers and traders, and even though it is still early in the morning, it is full of life.


    “The Duke of Caesar’s domain, which is supposed to be at war, is quite lively. There’s a lot of peddling going on, and there’s not a trace of sadness on the faces of the inhabitants.”


    Castor had seen many towns and villages before coming here. In both places that are already under the control of the Kingdom of Revra and those that are not, the faces of the people living there are filled with anxiety about the future.


    But there is no such negative feeling on the faces of the inhabitants of this town. They seem to be living a peaceful life, not unlike that of wartime.


    “That is why the lords of this town are trusted. It is because they believe that he will protect them in time of need that they are able to live with a smile on their faces even in turbulent times.”


    Yukimura laughs and looks as if he remembers a nostalgic memory.


    “In the past, when Shingen was alive, Kai was a land full of laughter. Even as a child I was proud of the wealth of the land in which I lived, that I was.”

    (TL: Kai, is now called Yamanashi Prefecture)


    “I see,…… that daimyo Shingen was a fine man, too.”


    “So it was. I dreamed that one day I would be a great warrior and serve my lord, but I was never able to do so. I’ve been through many lordships, from Katsuyori, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and moved from lord to lord with Hideyori. And now I never thought I’d end up in another world with a new lord. One never knows what one’s destiny is.”




    These were the lords whom Yukimura had once served. It is likely that every one of them was a great lord whom Castor could not match.


    Yukimura is not the only one. Hanbei and Kotarō  were heroes of exceptional power. The king they served must have been an unimaginably great man.


    “I envy the kings of the other world, who are praised so much by Yukimura. In comparison, I can’t even free my own country, and I’m being used by my enemies. How shameful!”

    Is Castor Styria the kind of lord who deserves to be above them all?


    Castor fell silent and bit his lip in sorrow.


    “Do not look so anxious. The only lord I serve now is my lord, that I do.”


    “… Was my face too obvious? I’m a bit pathetic..”


    Castor laughs helplessly and clenches his fists at his own disappointment.


    “I’m aware that I am not a man worthy to be your lord. I don’t have the military prowess like you, nor the intelligence of Hanbei. It’s not like I can infiltrate or spy on people like Kotarō. I’m not sure if it’s really okay for me to be your lord if I can’t do anything and I’m just a liability.” 


    It was a worry that had been lodged in Castor’s mind for the longest time.


    Every time he sees the power of the spirits he has summoned, he wonders if he really suits to be in the position of using them – -that’s what Castor thinks.

    They should have a place where they can shine brighter than next to him. They should not be the ones that a diminutive Lord with no power can tie them down.


    “Hoho, I didn’t know that my lord was thinking about that…I am honoured that you care so much about us, that I do.”


    As Castor spoke his mind, Yukimura nodded several times in admiration.


    Although Yukimura looks to be in his twenties, he has lived in the other world for almost fifty years.


    Castor’s problems are the struggles of a young man in his infancy, which Yukimura finds amusing.


    “You resemble one of the lords I once served. He too was a man of neither valour nor wisdom, but by finding and uniting many heroes and warriors, he rose from a peasant with nothing to a ruler of the world.”

    (TL: Toyotomi Hideyoshi) 


    “That’s another……fortunate thing. To be able to become an emperor only by the help of others.”


    “He was not a brilliant man. It is true that he was not a man of great talent, but instead he had the virtue of persuading people and winning them over. That is why he was able to win over so many talented people, that he did.”


    Yukimura looked at Castor with a calm expression on his face, the opposite of the heroic look he shows on the battlefield.


    “Bravery and wisdom are not necessarily talents for a lord. It is only necessary that we, his subjects, have them. If you can unite your men of talent, then you will have the strength to be a lord.”



    “You don’t need to be a hero, my lord. Be a man above heroes.”


    “Hurmm….You could be right.”


    With Yukimura’s encouragement, Castor smiled with a “hurm” in his mouth.


    The words of a man who adorned an era as a historical hero are as brilliant and weighty as gold.


    No matter how well Castor trained in martial arts, he would never be able to defeat Yukimura. No matter how much he learns about military science, he will never be able to match Hanbei in wisdom. Nor will he be able to master Kotarō’s ninjutsu.


    But……still, only Castor can be the crown prince and the new king of the kingdom of Styria.


    Castor had made up his mind. He decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become king.


    Instead of abandoning his country to flee for his own survival, he vowed to fight to reclaim it.


    Castor wanted to take on the kingdom of Revra and the continental power behind it, the Leohart Empire. It’s no wonder that it’s his responsibility to unite the heroes. 


    “I’m sorry I’ve been so weak, Yukimura. You’re right, there’s no point in asking for what I don’t have.”


    With a smile, Castor smacked himself on the chest with his fist as if to get himself back into shape.


    “I’ve sworn to fight to reclaim the country that was taken from me, no matter how small and miserable it is. And for that, I’ll even become the king of the spirits!”


    “That’s the spirit, that it is! You are still young. It is up to you whether you let your potential rot or blossom into a lotus flower. I will support you, and you will grow up well!” 


    Castres and Yukimura looked at each other and exchanged a pleasant smile.


    At just the right moment, Hanbei appeared from an inn a short distance away and waved at them.


    It seems that he has found out where Kotarō  is.


    Castor shook off his earlier hesitation and took a strong step forward to join his friends.

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