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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 21

    The captive demon

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny




    “Are you all right, Duke Caesar?”


    A woman in the room walks up to Grayson, who is cowering on the floor, moaning in frustration.


    The silver-haired woman was watching the question and answer between father and son without interrupting. She was Natalia Grein, the daughter of a general of the Parthenopean Republic.


    Sent as an emissary from the Republic, Natalia was staying with the Dukes of Caesar, allies of the southern kingdom of Styria, when she was taken prisoner by the Gilius coup.


    One of the most dreaded futures for the Kingdom of Revra is that of a third country, the Parthenos Republic, joining the Styrian side.


    The purpose of Gilius’ capture of Natalia was also to hand her over to Revra as a hostage against the Republic.


    “Hold on to my hand, please. Can you stand up?”


    “Gh…… I’m sorry.”


    Grayson stood up with Natalia’s help and sat down in a chair.


    The Duke’s gaze was still fixed on the door through which Gilius had disappeared, and there was a fierce anger in it.


    “……If I could only get my legs to work properly, I wouldn’t be so far behind my son. I do not wish to grow old.”


    “”It can’t be helped, because the years are equal to everyone”




    He agreed with Natalia’s words, but still felt a sense of regret.

    The kingdom of Styria is on the verge of extinction, but his feet are not functioning well and he is not able to stand on the battlefield.


    On the contrary, he cannot even hit his wayward son on the cheek.


    The supposed equality of time, It is not unreasonable to feel an unreasonable resentment towards an accidental illness.




    Grayson sits deep in his chair, clutching his cane with his safe left hand and closing his eyes.


    His anger at Gilius was unbounded, but he could not keep shouting at him. As the head of the House of Caesar, he had to stand up to his son’s treason.


    After a few moments of silence to calm his agitation, Grayson opened his eyes. There wasn’t much he could do, but first he should apologise to Natalia for his son’s outburst.


    “I’m sorry……Miss Grainne. I don’t know how to apologize to the Republic for what has happened. ……”


    Natalia is an envoy from the Republic. She is a guest of honour.


    She has been dragged into the infighting of the Dukes of Caesar, and is now a prisoner of war. In the worst case, the relationship with the Republic could collapse.


    Grayson threw away his pride and bowed to the girl, while Natalia smiled and waved her right hand in the air.


    “Raise your head, please. You don’t need to apologise to me. I knew this would happen.”


    “A Prediction, you say?”


    “Yes. I am very sorry, but it was to be expected that your son would run amok. In fact, it is I who should be blamed for not pointing it out.” 




    Grayson’s brow furrowed in suspicion.

    How could a girl he had only just met have anticipated Gilius’s plan, when even a blood brother and father could not have seen it coming?


    “And …… I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think your son’s intentions will succeed. Sir Gilius will soon be defeated and we will be saved.”


    “Hou……will the Republican soldiers who escaped rescue us?Or will my son Garayle come back to me?”


    Grayson asked, with a slight tinge of ridicule in his words.


    He can’t take Natalia’s word for it. But he was curious about the basis of the girl’s confidence, which she expressed with an …… unquestioning gaze.


    Gilius was already in possession of the ducal house.


    If anyone could save them, it would be Natalia’s bodyguard, who had escaped from the house before the coup d’etat, or Galail, who was on the battlefield.


    “No, neither of them.”


    Natalia shook her head slowly.


    Then, with her mouth in a crescent shape, she smiled bewitchingly and turned her wet eyes out of the window like a maiden in love.


    “Soon the Saviour will appear from the East. We will be saved. And with the life of …..Gilius Caesar as a springboard, that One will fly to even greater heights!”




    “Oh, what a wonderful thing! To be in the position of a princess being rescued by a prince. I’m so happy, my body is on fire!”


    Natalia’s skin turns vermillion as if she is suffering from a fever, and she clears her throat with amusement.


    Grayson gulped, feeling an incomprehensible creepiness in the profile of the girl who looked so glamorous like a whore playing with men’s hearts and leading them to ruin.




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