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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 15

    Hanbei Takenaka

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    “Summoning Spirit… Reveal yourself to me, Takenaka Shigeharu!” 


    Castro shouts. A blue-white flash of light fills the air in front of them, illuminating the trees around them.


    This is the third time he has seen it. It is the light of a goddess who transcends the barriers of time and space to bring down heroes from other worlds.


    Eventually, the light fades and a figure emerges from inside but it’s a boy at least a size smaller than Kotarō.


    “…A child?”


    “How do you do, My new lord. His Highness Castor Styria. Takenaka Shigeharu…… but those closest to me call me by my street name of ‘Hanbei’, so I hope you will call me that.” 


    A boy who looks no more than twelve or thirteen years old speaks to Castor in a crisp, clear tone.


    This boy is a rare military strategist who has made a name for himself in the Warring States period with his wisdom. Is he one wing of the “Ryobei” who raised a man from a peasant family to the rank of emperor?


    “Is this the Takenaka Hanbei……? Why is he in the form of a child?”


    “Isn’t that what you’re like, Fūma Kotarō?”


    Kotaro murmured a question, to which Shigeharu Takenaka – Hanbei replied without pause.


    “I’m sure you’re all younger than you were when you died, cured of injuries and illnesses. Perhaps the spirits summoned by Your Highness’ power will appear in their prime, in their prime age and form?”


    Hanbei held out his hands and spun around in a circle.


    The white kimono worn by the diminutive soldier, like a death suit, fluttered at the hem.


    “I was sick when I came of age, and I was sick when I died. Hideyoshi-sama stayed with me until the end, but …… I died a little unhappily for a warlord of Japan, and I was very disappointed. So it seems that in this life, I was summoned in the form of a child before I became ill.”


    “I see, that I understand. By the way, I also had a bad leg and back, but it is getting better, that it is.”


    After listening to Hanbei’s explanation, Yukimura slaps his palm with his fist as if he is convinced. Next to him, Kotarō also nods in admiration.


    “It seems that the rare warrior is still alive and well. Master Castor.”


    “Aa. I can’t complain about being a child or an old person, as long as Hanbei can show his wisdom. Please,  lend us your knowledge.”


    “As His Highness says…… So, let’s have a chat. The situation we’re in, our strength and the strength of the enemy. Everything you know, down to the last detail.”


    Hanbei sat down on the ground and urged him to explain.


    His manner was not that of a superior, but that of a child who has no sense of propriety.


    However, rather than being offended by his rudeness, Castor felt confident and reliable. 




    Eventually, when he had heard everything, Hanbei fell silent and put his hand over his mouth.




    “I’d like some time. I’ll come up with a plan.”


    Hanbei stays silent and ponders.


    Castor decided to wait for the boy soldier to get his thoughts together……Then a strange phenomenon occurred.


    A jade green circle appeared around Hanbei’s head and began to rotate at high speed.

    “Oi,oi! Hanbei!”




    Castor couldn’t help but call out to the circle, which spun like the wheels of a carriage.


    But Hanbei didn’t react to his lord’s call and continued to think in silence.


    At any rate, there seems to be no harm done to the circle, but it is a clear anomaly.


    “Well……perhaps this is Hanbei’s special ability……?”


    Eventually Castor arrived at the answer.


    Hanbei’s special ability – “Kon Komei”. It is the blessing of the goddess that has the power to accelerate the ability to think and calculate.


    As Castor can imagine, the calculator is playing at a frightening speed in Hanbei’s brain.


    Hanbei, who originally possessed unusual intelligence as a military strategist, has had his calculation speed further boosted by a special ability. His devilish thinking must be incomprehensible to ordinary people.


    “Un…… perfect. The whole forest is in my hands.”


    Hanbei was silent for about a minute.


    The jade-coloured circle disappears at the same time Hanbei opens his mouth confidently.


    The young soldier has a smile on his face, like a little boy who has come up with an amusing prank.


    “A tiger is waiting for us in front, and a wolf is chasing us from behind. If that’s the case, I’ll bite the tiger and the wolf together and make them both disappear.”


    “I see you’ve come up with a brilliant idea. Can you tell us about it?”


    “Of course. This time, the plan will put a bit of a strain on Kotarō-san. …… Is there a problem?”


    When Hanbei glanced at the hooded ninja, Kotarō gave him a deep nod.


    “Of course not. A man’s life is a small price to pay if he can be of service to his master.”


    “Un, with Kotaro’s help, it’s perfect, even more perfect. It’s as if all the pieces have fallen into place.” 


    With a childish giggle, Hanbei talks about his newly devised plan.


    Castor and the others listened to the young soldier’s proposal with a mystified look on their faces.


    The discussion went on until midnight, when Castor and his party decided to take action.


    The half-moon was rising above them, casting its golden light down on the secret talks.

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