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    Kingdom Of Styria

    Chapter 12

    Republic of Parthenos

    Translated by SoundDestiny
    Edited by SoundDestiny


    The southernmost country on the continent is the Republic of Parthenos.


    The country was once a monarchy, but thirty years ago the oppressive king was ousted and the country became a republic.


    The country’s legislative body is the Parliament, made up of the country’s leading merchants, priests and nobles, and the highest administrative and military office is the Consul, who has the confidence of the Parliament.


    It is the youngest of the three states on the Liguanian peninsula, and diplomatic relations with Styria and Revra were not established until ten years after its foundation.


    It is now the economic centre of the Tripartite Pact, funding its allies with the rich resources it has acquired as a maritime nation.


    The tragedy in the Kingdom of Styria has already reached the Parthenos Republic, causing great confusion.


    Capital of the Parthenos Republic. The Central Council Chamber.


    In the urgent session of the Parliament, an old man stood up from his chair and shouted furiously.


    “Revra has turned to the Empire! Then what will become of this country?”


    The assassination of King Styria and the capture of the Prince Castro during the wedding ceremony.


    The alliance between Styria and Revra was as good as broken. Then the question arises as to the position of the third country, the Parthenos Republic.


    Parthenos, too, has fought alongside Revra and Styria against the northern empire.


    Although they rarely sent soldiers because of the distance from the battlefield, Parthenos was the richest of the three countries in terms of economy. However, Parthenos has the richest economy of the three countries, and has provided large quantities of food and weapons.


    The Empire is the enemy. This should be a fact that will never change in the Republic.


    “We must send help to the Kingdom of Styria! We must punish Revra, who has become a dog of the empire!”


    “Wait, wait, wait, Revra has betrayed us and the fate of Styria is in the balance. We can’t win against the Empire and Revra alone.”


    “Why don’t we make peace with Revra? They are not at war with us yet, are they?”


    The participants in the Congress were expressing their opinions verbatim, confusing the debate.


    A week has already passed since the discussions began, and no conclusion has yet been reached.

    It was no wonder. The Republic of Parthenos was founded 30 years ago. There have been times when pirates in the South Seas have been a problem, but never a war on a national scale.


    If they’re not careful, the country will be destroyed. No one in the Congress knew how to deal with such a situation.


    “The relationship between Revra and Styria is no longer repairable. However, we do not have the strength to fight. Should we set up a negotiation with Revra?”


    “Nonsense! Our ambassador who attended the wedding has been captured and has not returned! We have every reason to believe that they regard us as enemies! We should work together with Styria against Revra and the Empire!”


    “…… We’re in trouble because Styria might be destroyed.”


    Flinching at the shrill voice of the old senator, the young male senator modestly countered.


    If they were to face their enemies to the north, they will of course need the help of the Kingdom of Styria. But, they have been informed that the King of Styria has already been murdered and that the prince has been captured and may be executed at any moment.


    There was no way they could rely on an ally who might or might not be there.


    “It’s ridiculous to fight. It would be better to make peace with Revra……”


    “That’s a very quick decision!”


    The high-pitched ringing of a bell shook the air, cutting through the almost resigned voices of the male members of the House.


    It came from a seat at the back of the chamber, next to the Speaker.


    “It is not yet time for a decision. The kingdom of Styria has not yet fallen.”


    She is the only woman in the room, sitting in a chair and speaking in a calm voice.

    The female member of parliament, with her fiery red hair pulled into twin tails on either side, was a girl who looked to be in her early teens.


    The girl’s comments were so out of place in a political setting that most of the members present fell silent.


    “General Grein’s daughter…..”


    A small voice purred from the edge of the chamber.


    The girl’s name was Natalia Grein. She was the daughter of General Grein, the leader of the Republic’s national army.


    Natalia was there on behalf of her father, who was supposed to be at the Congress, and her comments were not to be underestimated because they came from a general’s daughter. An insult to Natalia would be an insult to her father, the general. It is no wonder that everyone present was silent.


    “But Miss Grein……we have heard that the King of Styria has fallen by a deadly blade and the prince is in captivity. The country is already as good as dead.”


    It was a young male councillor who spoke to her, choosing his words carefully.


    Even though they were sitting around the table as participants in the same parliamentary session, it did not mean that they were equal. Regardless of age or gender, Natalia’s position was far superior to that of the male member.


    The male member of parliament was slightly frightened, his voice trembling, but he did his best to give his opinion to Natalia.


    “That’s old news. Senator William. I’ve already got more information than that.”


    “More information you say?”


    “Yes, the captive prince, His Royal Highness Prince Castor Styria, has already escaped from Revra’s clutches. He is now fleeing towards the south and is trying to make contact with the remaining resistance groups. If His Royal Highness Prince Castor is able to rally his remaining troops to oppose Revra, the Kingdom of Styria will come back to life.”


    “How…… did you get such information ……?”


    A murmur arose from the members of the Council.


    They had already sent a secret agent to the kingdom of Styria, but no one had been able to obtain such detailed information.


    “Is it then worthwhile sending reinforcements?”


    “Would it not be better to take custody of the Prince in our own country?”


    “If we can work together to drive Revra back, or …..”




    The parliament was inclined to agree with Styria, but there was a dissenting voice.


    The objection was raised by an elderly man sitting next to Natalia. He was the chairman of the parliament.


    “It is true that we are glad that His Highness Prince Castor is still alive. But the fact remains that Styria is still at a disadvantage. If they are able to rebuild that ruined country, can they really defeat Revra? And even if they did, could they defeat the empire to the north?”




    The assembly, which had been welling up, became quiet again. The speaker of the House gave them a cold shower of words and they calmed down.


    While everyone in the assembly was silent with a somber look on their faces, it was Natalia, also the youngest, who spoke up.


    “So, Mr. Chairman. Even if we were to make peace with Revra …… would we be able to defend our republic from that point forward?”


    “What do you mean by that, Miss Grein?”


    “If we make peace with Lebla, we will both be part of the Empire. The Lion of the North, who wants to conquer the continent, will not miss us. Our republic will crumble and we have to serve a king. After thirty years how can we protect the freedom and peace of our people under a republic?”




    At Natalia’s rebuttal, the old chancellor bit his tongue.


    There was a time when the Parthenos Republic was oppressed by tyrants,everyone was oppressed and suffered. Even some of the members of the council here know what it was like.


    Even when they allied themselves with the monarchies of Styria and Revra, they were met with a number of objections. There was no way they would accept to be under them as a vassal state.


    “If our Republic were to come under the Empire, the Parliament would certainly be dismantled. People’s freedom will be lost and they will be treated as less than imperial people, under imperial law. Can you stand it? Can you teach your children to endure it?”




    Natalia’s words were met with silence by all.


    That’s the common understanding of all participants in republican politics, regardless of their position or profession.


    “So what do you think we should do Miss Grein? Do you think we should go on with an all-out war?”


    “No, I may be young, but I don’t mistake recklessness for bravery. If I’m going to fight, I want to be in a fight that I know I can win.”


    Natalia stood up for the first time and smiled.


    It was a mature and sexy smile, not something most people would expect to see from a girl in her early teens.


    “I will go to the Kingdom of Styria with my private army to see if we can be allies to His HighnessCastor and fight together against Revra and the Empire. If I have failed, please dismiss it as my own fault. Please explain to my dad that the little girl has gone off on her own without the approval of parliament, and that the Republic has no intention of fighting either the Revra or the Empire.”


    “What …… that much determination ……!”


    The chancellor’s eyes widened and he growled slowly.


    If she sided with Castor and saw him not a worthy man, they would go down together. It is for this reason that Natalia is going to the kingdom of Styria.


    “I’m committed to the Republic, there’s no point in arguing. Is that alright with you?”




    When Natalia asked, she was met with a silent affirmation.


    The chairman hadn’t decided what to do, of course. There was no reason to stop the young girl from making her move.


    “Then it is decided that Miss Natalia Grein shall be sent as an envoy to the kingdom of Styria, and we shall wait for her report before taking any further measures.”


    “I have to go to prepare, so I’ll leave you now. I hope you will forgive me for leaving before you.”


    The chairman made a decision and the discussion was over.


    Natalia, with a gentle smile on her face, left the room before anyone else.


    “Ha …… ha ……!”


    As soon as she was out of the hall, Natalia clutched the edge of her skirt with both hands and ran. Out of breath and at an unladylike trot, she climbed into the Grainne family carriage, which was parked outside the hall.


    She instructed the coachman to go to the mansion and sat down slowly in her seat.




    On the carriage, Natalia hugged herself with both arms.


    She shakes her shoulders and lets out a throaty cry.


    “Huh …… huh …… huh ……!”


    What came out of Natalia’s mouth was an unconcealed squeal of delight.


    The girl’s lips lifted in a crescent shape and she made a distorted laugh, as if she was so happy.


    “Ahhh ……! How long we have waited for this day to come! At last you will meet me, my dear brother……!”


    Natalia’s cheeks were rosy with excitement, her eyes were moist with the colour of mad love.


    Her feverish, lustful expression was far too sensual for a teenage girl, and she had an unearthly quality about her.


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