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    Brelin: The Writer Lives the Life of a Time Limited Villain

    Brelin: The Writer Lives the Life of a Time Limited Villain (Novel)

    브렐린 : 작가는 시한부 악 역의 삶을 산다

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    Translated by Boucha



    Someone was licking down her neck.


    It must be part of a dream…


    a very vivid one.


    Electrical impulses sprung up through the blood vessels of her body.


    “It’s you who planned tonight, but you’re treating me as if I’m the shameless one.”


    “What the hell?!”


    I had to give up saying any more words. It was strangely stimulating.It was like she was wearing someone else’s body and not her own.

    Her gaze stopped on the snake-shaped tattoo on his forearm.


    “Um, maybe… Of course not… You’re not Red Ross, the Duke of Vermont, are you?”


    “What answer do you want to hear? Do you mean you want to erase the night you spend with me from your mind?”


    Red Ross, the Duke of Vermont, married Berlin of the Aphrin family.She was a villain who died a year after doing all kinds of evil, without ever being loved.

    War, famine, raids by demons, natural disasters…

    A list of misfortunes that she had described for fun at random came to mind.


    “I’ll leave in a year. I’m a different person now.”

    It was unfair, but since the novel was written by me, I tried to change it somehow.


    But the original male lead is now obsessed with me?




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