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    Malicious Medical Princess of the Marquis House

    Malicious Medical Princess of the Marquis House (Web Novel)


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    When Imperial Grandson Liu Zhao was selecting his future wife, he circled Gu Jiu’s name with great flourish. He said resolutely, “I want her!”


    And so, the emperor bestowed an edict of marriage.


    People dropped by continuously to congratulate Gu Jiu. Sure enough, she was able to marry the Imperial Grandson through sheer dumb luck.


    Facing everyone’s blessings, Gu Jiu smiled on the surface, but inwardly, she cursed fiercely.


    The most fortunate thing that happened to Gu Jiu was dying of illness but unexpectedly traversing to the ancient times to live again.


    And the most unfortunate thing that happened to her was running into Imperial Grandson Liu Zhao.


    Rumour had it that Imperial Grandson Liu Zhao was an elegant gentleman, graceful, cultured, modest and courteous.


    Gu Jiu: Hehe!


    Everyone was blind. That man was obviously two-faced, deceitful and treacherous great villain who had the ambition of wild wolves. He was like the tyrannical male lead who was killed by the screenwriter in the finale but fans still felt distressed for him.


    Rumour had it that the Gu family’s second daughter Gu Jiu was soft, gentle, virtuous, frail and tender.


    Liu Zhao: Gentle, virtuous, frail and tender? Nonsense!


    That woman was obviously a selfish, bad-tempered and narrow-minded tsundere; a little foodie with a soft and delicate body that wasn’t easy push down.


    First encounter:


    When Liu Zhao saw Gu Jiu’s unkind scheming, he came up with a 108 ways to silence her.


    Gu Jiu counter-killed, pointing at Liu Zhao’s body and said, “You aren’t capable!”




    Liu Zhao was completely defeated.



    Second encounter:


    When Gu Jiu fell into the lake, Liu Zhao played the hero rescuing the beauty.


    Gu Jiu slapped the back of his hand, “You are too meddlesome!”


    Liu Zhao was defeated once again.



    At last, one day, Liu Zhao married Gu Jiu back home.


    The little foodie with a soft and delicate body that wasn’t easy to push over was finally locked up in his embrace.


    He said lovingly, “Wife, it’s late. Let’s enter the bridal chamber, ba.”


    Gu Jiu smiled bashfully, “Husband, my body is uncomfortable. I’m afraid we cannot do it tonight.”




    Liu Zhao once again suffered 10,000 points of injury.



    A year later, Gu Jiu’s stomach did not show any movement. People dropped in to express their concern.


    “Xiao Jiu, if you are ill, you should be treated. You must never hide your illness to avoid criticism. We will all understand you.”


    Gu Jiu bowed her head shyly. “Everyone misunderstood. I’m healthy. The imperial physician said that when husband is well, we can have a child at once.”




    Realisation dawned on everyone.


    Sure enough, Imperial Grandson Liu Zhao was incapable. Xiao Jiu was pitiful.



    Many years later, Gu Jiu had a son on her left and a daughter on her right.


    The old imperial physician stroked his beard with pride. “With my miracle cure, even a man who can’t do it will be able to do it.”




    Liu Zhao was completely defeated once again.


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