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    The Dungeon’s S-Class Time Limited Lady

    The Dungeon’s S-Class Time Limited Lady (Web Novel)

    그 던전의 S급 시한부 영애

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    Shin Yuri was a dealer from the S-Class Hunter team who became possessed by the RP dungeon along with the rest of the team.


    This dungeon, often known as the RP dungeon (role-playing dungeon), is a dungeon that imitates a person in the dungeon’s worldview.


    A place where I can’t clear with my existing abilities, but give a huge reward. 


    Everything is good, but I, who used to break knives with my bare hands, become a frail noble Lady whose wrist breaks when picks up a knife?


    Are you kidding me?


    And the three team members who came in together,


    One is the Emperor, 

    One is the Pope, 

    One is the Lord of Magic Tower? 


    Why am I the only one looking like this? While I was asking, my own abilities were unlocked.


    [God’s Store : You can purchase anything for a price] 


    I thought it was amazing, but there is only one thing I can buy now. 


    Are you kidding me? 


    [God’s Store Level Up!] 


    But is it the item that improves as it levels up?




    “I told you. When the opportunity comes, I’ll die for you.” 


    From the guy, I thought he was just a naughty childhood friend, 


    “—Joo Yian-ssi,  do you know what’s strange today?” 


    “Yes, I know.”


    Even a man who makes a strange illusion. 


    [Four members of Shin Yuri Hunter Team enter the L-class Dungeon, “I’m possessed by a weak time-limited Lady”] 


    [Dungeon goal: Prevent the end of the continent (1 year)]


    Will they be able to break this dungeon and get out of it? 



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