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    Mayday Mayday Mayday

    Chapter 9

    Chapter 9

    Translated by Naralara
    Edited by Naralara


    The next day, Eunhan spent half a day at home, doing nothing. About two hours after finishing dinner, he took the enema. It was something he did every time he went fishing for a man, but it was quite difficult to do it after a year. It was hard and he didn’t have the motivation. The man he met was fixed anyway, and it was an enema for the one person he wanted to avoid even if he had to sleep with everyone in the world. No, honestly, it wasn’t just for that guy. He was well aware that when he had sex, he almost went crazy. Obviously, he will beg the man to put it raw. It was obvious The bell rang when self-hatred reached the top of his head.


    “Who is it?”


    Eunhan habitually opened the front door while asking such a question.


    Sunghan was standing in front of the front door with a bright face. In an instant, Eunhan, unable to control his rising emotions, threw a fist at him. Sunghan could not dodge and was struck by Eunhan’s fist, but he dodged the second time he threw his fist.


    “Is this bastard crazy?”


    Sunghan’s fist hurt because he did sports, but instead of avoiding, Eunhan gave his face away and swung his fist at Sunghan. It didn’t go in as well as the first time, but his fist passed through Sunghan’s neck. Sunghan attacked him, and the two of them rolled around in the hallway, biting, hitting, and beating each other. Unless someone was a professional fighter, the fights were all the same. Beating, hitting, biting. Moreover, if their body became entangled, from then on, it will only determine who was stronger.


    “Yoon, why are you doing this?”


    Someone was pulling him off. However, Eunhan kicked Sunghan while being dragged away by someone. When Sunghan was about to attack again, the man who had removed Eunhan held out his badge. Sunghan hesitated in surprise at the police badge.


    “Chris Bergen, Miami Police. Who are you?”


    Eunhan shouted before Sunghan could even say his name.


    “Chris, get out of the way!”


    “What do you mean get out? You’re beaten up way worse.”


    Chris didn’t back down. It looked like he was hit in the same place, but Eunhan’s blow was more visible. Eunhan shouted.


    “I’m going to kill that bastard!”


    “Then I can’t get out of this place.”


    Chris shook his head, he was not going to watch his friend commit murder. Chris, a fairly large white man, stopped Eunhan and looked at Sunghan.


    “Didn’t I ask who you were?”


    “My name is Yoon Sunghan, his cousin. Ah, my passport…”


    He didn’t expect to see the police, so Sunghan tried to dig through the bag he was carrying. But Chris asked Sunghan as if he didn’t hear anything.


    “Yoon Sunghan?”


    He didn’t even have time to answer. Chris moved like lightning. He ran up to him in an instant and smacked Sunghan. Unaware, Sunghan had no time to defend himself. Chris pulled out a gun and aimed it at Sunghan’s forehead.


    “Are you the kid who raped Eunhan?”


    Chris asked. What was in his eyes was clearly murderous intent. It was the first time a gun had touched his forehead. Being nervous and scared, Sunghan didn’t even have time to squeeze his voice out. Eunhan was surprised by that. His stress exploded and he tried to beat Sunghan, but that didn’t mean he wanted to kill him. It was 10 years ago, and in fact, he had forgotten about it until a few days ago. How can he kill someone like that? Eunhan was surprised and grabbed Chris’ arm.


    “Hey, hey! Don’t do that!”


    Chris looked at him with a gloomy face.


    “Let go. If it’s Yoon Sunghan, that’s that bastard, right? That bastard who is arrogant and has no shame. Did that bastard crawl all the way to Miami?”


    “Chris Bergen, stop it!”


    Chris was a friendly man, but only to his friend Yoon. His feminine tone and high-toned voice was only for Eunhan or the gay community, but actually Chris was a scary man. Even now, his usual feminine tone was nowhere to be found, and his voice seemed creepy. Eunhan was surprised and grabbed Chris by the arm, and Chris said something scary in a calm voice.


    “Don’t touch it wrong, Yoon. It’s a loaded gun, so if you’re unlucky, it will really fire.”




    “Do you think I’ll kill him? Don’t worry, Yoon. I’m not Kaminsky.”


    Hearing Kaminsky’s name, Sunghan looked up at Chris with a startled expression. Eunhan looked at Chris and Sunghan alternately with a tired face. He didn’t even have the strength to do this anymore. he won’t be able to eat for a while, and even if it’s not,he was too tired.


    “Chris, I’m worried about you.”


    Eunhan thought he would just go into his home, but eventually changed his mind and started to appease Chris.


    “I don’t care if he dies or not. But Chris. You’re my one and only friend. I’d hate for you to go down.”


    Sunghan looked up at Chris and swallowed. Please Please. Sunghan muttered lowly. ’Help me.’ To Sunghan’s voice, Chris said, “If he’s gay, it’s okay to rape your cousin. Did your grandmother say that?”. The muzzle pressed against Sunghan’s forehead painfully.


    “Chris, please.”


    Eunhan pleaded with Chris once more.


    “Let’s just go in. Just give up on that guy. It’s a waste of strength.”


    He had already been hurt because he had been working lately, but when he told him to stop, Chris just stood up. Chris stood up on Sunghan’s body and kicked his stomach once. Without even paying attention to Sunghan’s grasp on his stomach and rolling, Chris hugged Eunhan’s shoulder.


    “Don’t contact that guy.”


    “I’m not playing.”


    “Then why is that bastard here?”


    “He said he was on vacation in Miami. He just stopped by.”


    Before entering the house, Chris glanced back at Sunghan. Sunghan was still lying on his back, clutching his stomach.


    Get off before you die, bastard. If I see you again, I’ll make your body into something that cannot rape anyone.”


    And Chris closed the door. Eunhan sighed as he heard the bang. Chris looked into Eunhan’s face and whispered, “Baby.” As always, it was a high-tone, gentle voice. Eunhan sighed as he was hugged by Chris behind his back. Chris lightly kissed Eunhan’s cheek.


    “What are you going to do today?”




    Eunhan felt depressed because he remembered what he had to do today. He had to sleep with the Russian mafia boss today. He was glad he was not a pervert with a big belly, but he didn’t like what he didn’t like. But there was nothing to be gained by talking to Chris, who was already excited, and he’d be wasting his time trying to appease him. So Eunhan lied and said, “I’m just going to take a break.” At Eunhan’s words, Chris smiled and said.


    “It’s Saturday night, are you going to stay at home?”


    “What does Saturday night have to do with me?”


    “Let’s go to the club. The water is really good these days.”


    Chris started flirting. When Eunhan tried to shake his head, Chris hugged him tightly and whispered to him to think carefully.


    “How long are you going to abstain? You’ll get spider webs there. Just come and have fun with me. Then you’ll have fun.”


    Cobwebs, what. The cobwebs that were there also seemed to disappear. When Eunhan didn’t say anything, Chris insisted on going with him. Eunhan finally nodded.


    He remembered Chris, who was angry earlier. No one had ever been so angry. Chris was the only one who shouted that he was going to kill him by pointing a gun at him. Even he couldn’t be that angry, but Chris was happy to do it. Thanks to that, Eunhan couldn’t refuse Chris.


    Kaminsky told him to come at night anyway, so he thought he’ll just stop by the club and go.


    Eunha decided. Anyway, Chris played whenever he went to the club, so Eunhan was left behind. Chris shook his body in a place where the psychic light turned, made eye contact with a man, and eventually disappeared somewhere with the man. Originally, people who came to do so gather at the nightclub. Eunhan himself naturally played like that until a year ago.


    “I have some work to do at night, so I have to come back.”


    He was reluctant to lie to Chris, but he had no choice. Eunhan casually lied.


    The music was fun. Eunhan nodded and stood in line in front of the club. The club had not yet opened, and diligent gays were already lining up in front of it. As he was standing in line with Chris, he was greeted by faces he didn’t know and faces he knew. Greetings were only possible by shouting. Because the big speakers in front of the club were thumping.


    “It’s been a while, Yoon!”


    When a face that made Eunhan confused on whether it was a familiar face or an unknown face  appeared, he pretended to know him. Eunhan said “Hello!” and returned the greetings. Chris leaned behind him and whispered to Eunhan.


    “Do you know this dandy dude?”


    Dandy? Eunhan looked up at the man who greeted him. He was just the style that gays liked. A thick chest and a muscular body that didn’t seem to fit well. He must be one of those guys who go to the gym 7 days a week and laid down on the bench press like it was a bed. He shook his head, thinking that the breasts seen from the clinging T-shirt would be D-cup.


    “You don’t know?”


    Chris asked again.


    “I don’t know if I know or not.”


    Eunhan answered Chris. Whether it was the man he met for a one night stand, the man next to him, or the friend of a man he had been dating for a while. There was no limit to who he was.


    “Then, can I flirt with him?”


    Eunhan pushed Chris forward willingly. Chris said, “Hello, I’m Chris,” but the man was silent as he listened to Chris and couldn’t take his eyes off Eunhan. Eunhan pointed at Chris with his finger. Then the man said, “Oh, hello. I’m Dunkin, you can call me Dunn.” Those words sounded more like he said it to Eunhan than Chris. Eunhan smiled and turned his head. He couldn’t get along well with that guy anyway, so he didn’t want to give him any sign.


    “Hey, Yoon. Do you have a date today?”


    Dunn spoke again, and Chris stepped back with a bitter smile. Among the people who were interested in Eunhan, he was the most serious. Chris gave up on dandy Dunn. Chris was quick to give up as a man who pursued freedom. He glanced at the men in line, trying to find another fashionista.


    As Chris stepped back, Eunhan had no choice but to look at Dunn again. Dunn was shy and talking to Eunhan, but his gaze was on Eunhan’s groin. Eunhan smiled for a moment. ’Hey, take your eyes off there. There, the Red Mafia boss wants it. Or will you fight and win?’ He won’t even be able to stand properly just by Kaminsky’s stare. Eunhan smiled bitterly and waved his hand.


    “Ah, a little bit today. I’m just here to play!”


    “There is such a thing called speed meeting!”


    He was talking about the bathroom in a nightclub. This nightclub’s bathroom had a bigger waiting room in front of it. In the waiting room where a large sofa was placed, people who bite, suck and shoved were lined up. Of course, Eunhan was also a regular customer in the waiting room. Eunhan shouted, “I’m sorry! Go somewhere else and look!” Eunhan turned his head away from Dunn. As he scanned the line to see if there was a man that suits Chris’ taste, Dunn spoke again.


    “Don’t come out, play with me!”


    Dunn came out strong. As Eunhan tried to look up at him with a face that asked where he had thrown his shyness away, his phone vibrated in his pants pocket. When he picked up the phone, ‘Kaminsky’ was written on the screen. He was going to say it as ‘bastard’, but he refrained. Eunhan answered and vowed to save it as ‘Crazy Guy’ next time.


    [Yoon, where are you?]


    Vasily had a perfect body. That perfect body also included a voice. He had such a nice voice to listen to. Eunhan lamented. Why did God give this guy so much? What’s so good about him? No, God must have thought that if he gave him so much, he would thank God and become his servant. Did he ever think that he would stab him in the back and become a murderer?


    “Ah… I’m on the street.”


    To be honest, there was nothing to lie about. Just because he was his mistress didn’t mean he couldn’t go to nightclubs. Besides, Vasily said not to sleep with another guy, did he ever tell him not to go to a nightclub? And to be honest, it was an overkill to say that he shouldn’t even masturbate and wait for someone who comes once every couple of months. He was not a masochist! He endured all the words of his master, and he had no talent for sublimating all pain into pleasure, even 1mg!


    [Street, where?]


    Chris grabbed Eunhan by the shoulder and tried to point to a man, but when he saw Eunhan talking on the phone, he asked who it was. Eunhan waved his hand and replied that it was nothing.


    “It’s just, on the street.”


    [Maybe you’re in front of a nightclub on the night you’re supposed to meet me?]


    Eunhan laughed and looked around. This crazy bastard, did he even tail him? He looked around, but no one stood out. They were all gay men and macho men were all around, but it seemed almost impossible to find Vasily’s subordinates here. But saying it in detail like that, he was reluctant not to believe. It was when Eunhan looked around and blurted out, “That’s…”


    [If you’re looking for me, I’m behind Little Dunn.]


    Unsurprisingly, Vasily said something more terrifying than Heaven and Earth. Eunhan looked at Dunn’s back in surprise. Then Vasily appeared from the dark shadow behind Dunn.


    When Vasily appeared, the atmosphere around him changed in an instant. He was great today, as always. All eyes were drawn to the strong handsome man, standing with his shirt half undone and his jacket rolled up to his elbows. Vasily raised his eyebrows once, even after receiving attention, but showed no reaction. Eunhan looked up at Vasily, completely frozen, and he looked at Dunn, who had a strange look. He frowned.


    “What is it, you bastard?”


    If you are ignorant, you are brave.


    “Go somewhere else and find one, bastard!”


    And it’s dangerous.


    Eunhan, startled, jumped out of the line and stood between Dunn and Vasily. Vasily laughed lightly, but Eunhan knew. That a man named Vasily Kaminsky could harpoon a person in a crowded street with such a face. Annoyance appeared on Vasily’s smiling face. Vasily clicked his tongue as if he was offended by Eunhan trying to save someone else. It was the moment he was about to warn Eunhan to stay away. Chris, who had not yet grasped the situation, laughed and said, “My dear, are we doing this again?”


    ‘Chris, calm down. Please just look at your opponent’s face once. Where were you looking when everyone else was obsessed with this face! Chris Bergen, please open your eyes!’ Eunhan sent a very desperate telepathy, but Chris did not receive it. Far from receiving, Chris grabbed Eunhan’s head, grinning as to whether he had received the wrong telepathy. Lips approached without hesitation. Although he had never slept with Chris, they kissed often, so for Chris, it seemed like nothing was wrong, but Eunhan was different. Thinking of Vasilyi standing behind him, the blood in his body seemed to freeze.


    Chris and his lips touched. Chris’ soft tongue pierced Eunhan’s mouth. His eyes opened wide, and he couldn’t do anything and just froze. Then Eunhan was snatched away by Vasily. He was pulled from Chris’ lips and touched Vasily’s lips. Vasily licked Eunhan’s lips as if to devour, as if to show his anger. It was so rough, Eunhan thought that his lips might be torn. However.


    A scary motherfucker named Vasily Kaminsky was really good at kissing. Eunhan’s head slowly turned white. He closed his eyes. He grabbed Vasily’s shoulder. Vasily’s kiss was fantastic, to make his goosebumps appear, to wake him up, and to make his knees tremble. The loud sound of music that seemed to shake the ground faded away. He couldn’t even remember what kind of danger he was in.


    “…Anyway, it’s ridiculous.”


    Vasily muttered in an absurd voice. Only then did Eunhan realize that his knee was bend and Vasily was supporting him. However, Eunhan did not know that Vasily had grabbed the neck of a man named Dunn, who was about to attack them the moment they kissed. He didn’t even notice that he had lifted Dunn so his feet barely touched the ground. And he didn’t know that Chris showed his police badge when blood rushed to Dunn’s face like a man hanged, and Vasily smiled wide open. All Eunhan knew was that Vasily had been kissing him ecstatically.


    “You’re acting so cute, why don’t you listen to me?”


    Vasily smiled and lifted Eunhan like a sack. His body was completely relaxed. When he kissed the policeman, he was scared with his eyes wide open, but as soon as he kissed him, he collapsed softly. He couldn’t get angry because there was no such reaction to the police officer’s kiss, but he completely let go when he kissed him. Anyway, this guy was cunning. He always made sure to stop before the last line. Vasily tried to disappear with Eunhan, but once again turned to the man who was a police officer. There was something on his mind.




    “Who, who are you?”


    “There’s nothing to know. You’re a police officer. How long have you been a police officer? A year or two?”


    Vasily asked. Chris shouted, “You don’t have to know! Put Yoon down!” However, his attitude was to acknowledge Vasily’s words wherever he looked. Vasily laughed.


    “Yeah, it was you.”


    Vasily laughed ferociously. Chris unknowingly took a step back. A red light lit up in Chris’ head, who had been a police officer for over a year. This guy was really. This man… Only then did Chris remember Vasily’s face.


    “Ka, Kaminsky…”


    Vasily smiled and moved. The Rolls Royce door opened. The people from the gay bar were looking at Vasily’s back with curious eyes. No one looked at poor Dunn.

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