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    Mayday Mayday Mayday

    Chapter 7

    Chapter 7

    Translated by Naralara
    Edited by Naralara


    Eunhan knew that Vasily Kaminsky was an arms dealer, a mercenary company president, a red mafia, a serial killer and a madman. But he really didn’t know that Vasily was even doing car thefts. He looked blankly at Vasily. Vasily jumped into the open car parked on the road and opened the passenger door. When Eunhan hesitated, he glanced at him once, and Eunhan quickly got into the car. Car theft was a federal crime. He shouldn’t get involved with this. He wanted to cry, but today, Vasily was being so scary, so Eunhan couldn’t even cry. Vasily started the car so easily. ”Let’s go somewhere close,” said Vasily. Where was somewhere close? Eunhan held his breath, wondering if he was going to bury him alive this time. Then he started to hiccup. However, Vasily ignored Eunhan’s circumstances and drove the car at the speed of light.


    “Get off.”


    With his head bowed, Eunhan, who had been wandering through scenes from all kinds of horror movies in his head, suddenly raised his head. When he looked up, he saw a very luxurious building. A man in uniform greeted him politely and kindly said, “Welcome.” Eunhan lifted his head to check the building, but wasn’t sure where it was. One thing was for sure, it looked like the entrance to a hotel.


    “Mi, mi, Ka, Mr. Kaminsky. Over there.”


    “Call me Vasily.”


    Vasily said so and pulled Eunhan out. Eunhan, who was trying to hold on to the passenger seat, was pulled out so easily that he had to stand next to Vasily. Vasily easily dragged Eunhan to the front desk. He handed his card and said, “Suite,” and at that moment the hotel staff smiled brightly. Vasily frowned at the hotel employee who asked him to wait a little longer. Eunhan felt like he was about to die as he stood in front of the front desk while Vasily held his wrist. People glanced at Eunhan and Vasily. Although America was quite open, it was uncommon for a man to drag another man and ask for a ‘suite’ at the front desk. Eunhan closed his eyes tightly. He couldn’t bear the looks people shot him. After all, it was a hotel. He was going to get used instead of being killed. Oh fuck! Being violated by a guy once in his life was enough–Of course, that didn’t mean he should be violated multiple times– but twice. Besides, the first time was by his cousin, so he could fight back, but this time his opponent was the paybacker. He was about to get violated, but could he survive? No! He was afraid he’ll end up being tortured enough to beg for death. Eunhan’s face contorted. The hotel arranged for a room very quickly. Eunhan was immediately led by Vasily and dragged to the hotel room. The butler, who was assigned to the guest of the suite, began to explain how good the room was. It was a penthouse-style suite, with a separate private pool, and a cook was assigned…. Suddenly Vasily frowned. As Vasily’s mood now determined whether he would live or die, Eunhan looked at Vasily in surprise. Vasily said. 


    “Don’t let anyone in, I’ll call you if I need to.”


    Don’t be ridiculous! Eunhan protested in his heart. It was his duty as a customer to hear about the hotel room! Please tell more, butler! No history in the room? He could recite a historical moment, a historical person’s stay, or a list of guests from the last 5 years! But the butler smiled broadly and said, “Then I’ll make sure I don’t get in the way.” 


    What kind of butler was he! Eunhan roared inwardly again. Vasily looked at Eunhan. Eunhan was following him with a cautious face, holding his wrist. It was a face with a head bowed and contemplating something. Hiccups, hiccups, hiccups, and hiccups, he kept his head down. Whether he liked it or disliked it, Vasily clicked his tongue with a face he couldn’t read. Then Eunhan glanced at him, but when their eyes met, he lowered his eyes again. What signal was that? He hated feeling complicated. Vasily scanned Eunhan’s body, trying not to strain Eunhan’s wrist. A black crossbody bag that touched Eunhan’s buttocks stood out. It definitely fit him. Much more suited to Eunhan than the childlike things he chose to wear.


    “Then, have a good time.”


    A room, no, it wasn’t a room, it was a house. As soon as he entered the house, the butler politely bowed his head and immediately closed the door. Eunhan gasped and looked towards the door. Couldn’t he see that Eunhan didn’t like it? Couldn’t he really see that he was dragged? No, shouldn’t the butler ask him about whether he came here voluntarily? Was he really human? Eunhan spit out a swear word. Of course, only inside. He made a firm resolve. What kind of sex does Kaminsky have? Did he like being rough? That was fine, but wouldn’t it cause lasting damage? Rumors about ‘Paybacker’ made a mess in his head. Killing a person with a single plier, digging up an eye, an agent of an agency that died with a limb being amputated, and so on. Even the Red Mafia, who were said to be the cruelest in the world, say they avoid a head-to-head match with Kaminsky! Eunhan raised his eyes full of fear and looked at Vasily. While hiccuping incessantly.


    “You’re gay?”


    Vasily whispered in a smiling voice. Uh, wasn’t he mad? Eunhan made a puzzled face. Were hiccups funny? Then Vasily’s lips approached. Eunhan closed his eyes and opened his lips. He had no intention of resisting at all. He shouldn’t resist so that he doesn’t get hit. It seemed that Kaminsky would let him go alive if he did not resist. Vasily’s tongue tasted like bitter coffee. Eunhan closed his eyes tightly.




    A squeaking sound echoed between his lips. This house, no room, no house. It was closer to a sweet home than a suite, so it was very quiet because there were no people. And the sound rang out. As Vasily pressed his body tight, Eunhan’s chin, which was constantly bowing down, was fixed with his hand. One hand held Eunhan’s chin, and the other ruffled his hair, Vasily’s lips kissed him even more deeply.




    A moan escaped from the inside of Eunhan’s throat. Kiss, why was he so good at it? His whole body was shivering. Vasily knew how to kiss him for his body to awaken its erogenous feelings. He kissed so well that it gave him goosebumps. Vasily chuckled as he fumbled with his tongue several times. Every time he chuckled, it passed through his overlapping lips, giving Eunhan’s body a vibration. Oh, no. Eunhan tried to restrain himself. But when he thought about it, he remembered that he hadn’t even had a one-night stand for nearly a year. No, this was just an excuse. Just, just-.




    As Eunhan groaned once more, Vasily retreated. Unknowingly, Eunhan opened his eyes and looked up at Vasily when the tip of his lips couldn’t touch him. Vasily was smiling. Smiling like a lover, Vasily whispered.


    “The hiccups have stopped.”


    Vasily’s hand, which was holding Eunhan’s chin, lightly tapped his cheek. It was then that Eunhan realized that it wasn’t because his chin was fixed, but that he was being kissed by Vasily while raising his head. As Eunhan’s eyes widened a little, Vasily smiled a little and kissed Eunhan’s lips. Don’t be afraid, Vasily said. The sound of Vasily’s lips was more resonant than his voice. Thinking that the sound of the wet lips was too resonant, Eunhan closed his eyes. He thought that this shouldn’t be the case. The opponent was Vasily Kaminsky. The scariest man in the world. He thought he shouldn’t do anything that pulls him from his side, lest he be forced to do it. He thought, but.




    Vasily laughed with a groan. His laugh was low. Eunhan wrapped his arms around Vasily’s neck and pulled him closer. He couldn’t stop as if the wicks of his body were on fire. It had been a long time since he had kissed. It felt like it was the first time he had ever received a kiss that felt like it was from a lover. As Vasily stood still with his lips open, Eunhan was anxious. Eunhan pulled Vasily’s tongue out. Ah, he shouldn’t have done that. He will definitely regret it later . It wasn’t that he didn’t think of it that way. But the sexual contact he had after a year was too powerful. Besides, Vasily’s body was to Eunhan’s taste. Didn’t he always look at that body and wished there was another body like that in the world? When Eunhan intertwined Vasily’s tongue and caressed the inside of his mouth, Vasily, who had been quiet, suddenly reacted violently. Without even giving him time to swallow the saliva, Vasily kissed him violently. It wasn’t painful. It was just dazzlingly ferocious. Eunhan clung to Vasily from the kiss that told him that he wanted him more directly than words. The kiss didn’t stop even as Vasily raised Eunhan’s T-shirt over his head. Eunhan’s hand hesitated. He grabbed the collar of Vasily’s jacket and wanted to take it off, but he couldn’t get it off. Taking it off was really tough. But his reasoning was already clouded by the kiss. Vasily pressed his genitals into Eunhan’s groin. Eunhan didn’t hesitate any longer under the pressure of not doing it. He couldn’t get away from him unless Vasily lets him go anyway. Instead, he took off Vasily’s jacket, using the nonsensical excuse that it would be better to have sex so that he could get bored more quickly. Vasily unhooked Eunhan’s pants and lowered the zipper. Vasily chuckled lightly as he saw his lower part standing only by kissing. Eunhan’s body vibrated whenever Vasily chuckled because their lips were overlapping. Vasily said.


    “You haven’t been with Chris, have you?”


    “Fri, my friend…”


    Eunhan gasped. Vasily’s large hand gently grabbed Eunhan’s and shook it. Seeing that they were right in front of the door, Eunhan raised his hand to cover his mouth, but Vasily was faster. He took Eunhan’s hand and pressed it to his shirt.


    “Take off more.”


    Eunhan tried to unbutton Vasily with trembling hands. But his body kept shaking and his hands slipped. When Eunhan bit his lips, Vasily made Eunhan’s mouth open with his free hand. But that wasn’t enough,  so Vasily stirred Eunhan’s mouth with his finger, and Eunhan couldn’t close his mouth and had to salivate and moan. 


    AHHH! It was almost a scream at the end. The climax that was reached by someone else’s hand after a long time gave birth to a distant sexual feeling. Eunhan ejaculated and sat down on the floor. Even then, he could not take off Vasily’s clothes. Vasily began to undress in front of him. When he came to his senses, he tried to gather himself up. He shouldn’t be doing this. However, once he poured it out, he became more hazy rather than awake. It was such a good feeling. His body relaxed with fatigue as if he had realized pleasure again. It was as if he could hear a clamor all over my body that he wanted to do more. Eunhan looked up at Vasily’s face and thought to calm himself down. However, what Eunhan saw was not the man he had known. There stood a man he did not know. The man who was about to take off his pants and all his tops off. He felt his gaze and looked down. The groin was already thick. What was it like to be with a man like him? With his hot head, Eunhan thought of the pleasure the other person would give him rather than who he was. It was tingling between his legs. The man dropped a smile on Eunhan’s head. He endured it well just by stealing a look at his body. Saying so, the man unhook his trousers. And before he unzipped the zipper, Eunhan crawled on his knees and licked his fingers. The head had already completely forgotten who the opponent was. The thought of not doing it, the worries about what would happen in the future, all disappeared. 


    “You’re not like usual, it’s like you’re a different person.”


    Vasily said in a low voice. Drunken with lust, his already low voice became even more husky. Eunhan licked Vasily’s finger with a blushing face, and Vasily removed his hand from her pants. Then Eunhan zipped Vasily’s pants down with his mouth. The smile disappeared from Vasily’s face as he watched Eunhan rub his protruding member with his cheek. Vasily pulled Eunhan up and kissed him. With their lustful kisses, they were already in the middle of sexual activity. When Eunhan’s pants fell down and he couldn’t walk properly, Vasily lifted him up. Without his toes touching, Eunhan kissed Vasily passionately. Eunhan moaned and caressed Vasily’s cheek and neck. He moaned as he was thrown on the bed. Vasily was approaching. Eunhan smiled without awkwardness for the first time since meeting Vasily. Sticking out his tongue and licking his own lips, he waited for Vasily to approach. And Vasily came up on the bed and opened Eunhan’s legs. At that moment, Eunhan regained consciousness.




    Vasily spit out a curse. It was because at this point, he could see in Eunhan’s eyes that he was clearly regaining his sanity. But soon, he thought that he would lose his mind again, and put his mouth on Eunhan’s lips. As he kissed him to comfort him, he felt Eunhan’s body relaxing again. It was a very racy body. It was hard to believe that he had avoided him so neatly with such a body. Eunhan lost his mind again as he kissed him, and then woke up to Vasily’s finger. Vasily’s fingers were coming through his hips. Eunhan suddenly regained consciousness and struggled.


    “Mi, mi, mi, Ka, Mr. Kaminsky! Come on, wait, wait!”


    Eunhan turned and tried to run away from Vasily’s lips, but Vasily grabbed him and bit him. Eunhan, who was avoiding, shouted, “Oh, no, I can’t.” Eventually, Vasily realized that Eunhan was completely sane and had to give up the thought of kissing him. Vasily looked down at Eunhan with an annoyed face.


    “Yoon. Didn’t I tell you not to play with me?”


    Pl, play with him? He started first! Even though he lost himself in the middle, because he was a little cheap, how did it come to him playing with him? He didn’t have to start in the first place!—Of course not, Eunhan opened his mouth carefully.


    “I, there, I’ll do it with my mouth…”


    “Let’s do it first.”


    While Eunhan thought that there was room for conversation, Vasily turned his body over at once. Eunhan was startled and tried to run away, but Vasily instead threw himself between Eunhan’s ass.


    “Ka, Mr. Kaminsky!”


    “Yoon, you already came once too.”


    Vasily’s hard thing touched Eunhan’s entrance. The blunt part rubbed the entrance. Slowly feeling the wetness there, Eunhan cried out in panic.


    “No, no! No! Oh, fuck! I said no!”


    The last swear word erupted with weeping. And Eunhan lowered his head. Vasily, who saw that his body was trembling, scratched his head, and retreated from Eunhan. But Eunhan did not raise his head. To be honest, Vasily didn’t even think that he had done anything wrong, but even so, he didn’t want to forcefully hold a man who hated him so much that he cried and cursed at the person he was afraid of. As Vasily left, Eunhan stood up. Eunhan, whose eyes were bloodshot, could not even finish saying “So, so,… I’m sorry…” and he burst into tears. Vasily was stunned and didn’t answer. Playing with people was also bothersome. But when he got angry, he didn’t get mad at the man who was crying again. What’s wrong with this man? Vasily was annoyed with him.


    “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…, ha, but, man, man over there, really, you need some preparation, there, there. To put it in there, there…. it is ready…”


    Eunhan gibbered in surprise that he had dared to yell at Vasily Kaminsky with abusive language, but Vasily got the point. Vasily burst out laughing. Well, that was right. Vasily looked down at Eunhan as if he learned a lesson, but Eunhan was still out of his mind. He was so scared that he couldn’t even look straight into Vasily’s face. Vasily kissed Eunhan’s cheek. Then Eunhan looked up at Vasily with tears in his eyes.


    “You said you’ll do it with your mouth.”


    At Vasily’s words, Eunhan put Vasily’s in his mouth, wondering if he would change his mind. It was a very sincere fellatio. However, Eunhan was already anxious and was only watching Vasily’s reaction, and Vasily laughed. It was cute, but he didn’t feel like ejaculating. On the contrary, the more he received the oral, the colder he felt. In the end, Vasily raised Eunhan up. Eunhan got up with a frightened face and looked at Vasily. Vasily began to kiss Eunhan’s body. However, Eunhan’s body, once frightened, did not relax. He flinched and groaned, but he did not cling to Vasily. Then, when Vasily’s finger touched the wrinkled entrance, his body completely hardened. Vasily whispered. ’I won’t put it in.’ Saying that, Vasily traced Eunhan’s entrance. his body tried to escape when he pressed it with his finger. Vasily grabbed the body lightly and hugged him, confirming where he would receive him. It was definitely small. It was when he stretched out each wrinkle and lightly stroked the area, thinking that it would have been impossible to do it even if Eunhan had given permission or not. Eunhan groaned and suppressed his moans and clung to Vasily again.


    “Is it okay as long as I don’t put it in?”


    When Vasily said mischievously, Eunhan shook his head. It wasn’t clear whether he was saying no. Eunhan’s was already standing stiffly. As he rubbed him from the front to the back, Eunhan swallowed a moan and hugged Vasily’s neck tightly. When he pressed the entrance again, it felt like it was opening and closing. Vasily took Eunhan’s hand and made him touch it. Eunhan’s hand tried to escape. Vasily, who grabbed it by force and forced him to press his hole, said, “I don’t have much experience with men, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a lewd hole.”


    “Are you still getting along with the guy who made you like this?”


    Who made it that way. Eunhan remembered that his first man was now in Miami. However, he and Eunhan never got along well. So Eunhan shook his head. Vasily grabbed Eunhan’s finger and made him rub his hole. Unhappy with the feeling he had been feeling for a long time, Eunhan shook his back.


    “Yeah? Is there any bastard who loves you here?”


    It seemed that Eunhan was the type of person who couldn’t see well when his sexual desire was on fire. Usually, it was normal to wake up to Vasily’s gloomy voice and be frightened, but rather than that, Eunhan was grabbing Vasily’s shoulder with his undisturbed arm. If there was a bastard who liked it, he thought he’d find him while staying in Miami today. It was a moment when that person died. That was Vasily’s theory. However, Eunhan shook his head violently as he burst into tears from his unsatisfied sexual desire.


    “How often do your fingers go in here?”


    Then Eunhan shook his head even more vigorously. But that didn’t mean it didn’t go in. Vasily whispered while pressing Eunhan’s finger threateningly.


    “Yoon. Come on.”


    “Ah, that’s, Ugh, ah, no…”


    “Come on, tell me. How often? Huh?”


    “That, ugh, that, no, that…”


    Eunhan was already insane. He moved his waist and cried and spit out words that didn’t make sense.


    But when Vasily asked, “Come on, tell me. Then I’ll let you masturbate. I thought you wanted to suck mine. How about it? I’ll let you suck. Do you like masturbating while sucking?” Eunhan’s face turned red. Vasily, who had done everything in terms of orgy, hard sex, gentle sex, looked down at Eunhan with a strange face. In most cases, this kind of personality was only a normal person, but Eunhan was quite blatant. He didn’t know if it was because he gay or if he was on the lewd side, but he liked it anyway. The fact that someone else could make Eunhan like this during sex was not something he liked.


    But this person treated him like this when he should be offended.


    Vasily laughed. For some reason, he felt like this man was holding his ankles, but he didn’t hate it. It was fun and his heart was pounding. It was more thrilling than the an assassination. Assassinations could be planned, but this man was more enjoyable because nothing went according to plan.


    “Ha, once…”


    “Per day?”


    “Once a week…”


    Vasily chuckled.


    “Don’t lie. There’s no way this place can get so loose that way. You don’t want to suck mine, do you?”


    In the end, Eunhan cried and confessed to Vasily’s threats. Once every four or three days, no, once every two days… Rather than doing it every day or every two days, Vasily thought and let Eunhan go. He made Eunhan lean against the head of the bed and pushed his member in. He looked like he was about to pass out as he gasped and sucked. He really was cute. He liked it too much. Could this be an agent? What if someone who knew his taste was sent here? If not, how could it be such a perfect match?


    But Vasily knew it was nonsense. Vasily actually thought about Eunhan several times, ‘I’m annoyed, should I kill him?’ Each time, it was just a coincidence that Eunhan was saved, so it wasn’t a show at all. Just as expected. Eunhan rubbed his cheek against Vasily’s hard-on. It seemed that Vasily liked it so much that he gently rubbed it on Eunhan’s face, and Eunhan was showing a captivated face from Vasily’s reaction. Eventually, Eunhan swallowed Vasily’s from the end.


    I was awesome.


    Eunhan was so good at it, Vasily was a little annoyed. It was the first time he met a man who was so good at it, both men and women. If he thought about the group of people that Vasily had been with, they were mostly professionals. Eunhan was better than a professional. He feel a little annoyed, but Eunhan reached out for his own genitals. Licking Vasily’s, he stroked himself with his hands. It was a great loss.


    “Next time, we’ll prepare properly and meet. Okay?”


    From Eunhan who sucked him off, Vasily got the promise. Eunhan licked him and nodded with a hazy face.


    “And don’t put your fingers or anything in it. Anything that goes in, I will break it. Whether it’s your finger or someone else’s .”


    Eunhan’s eyes widened. Seeing Eunhan’s face that was about to come to his senses, Vasily moved his waist forward. Most people would’ve been disgusted by the genital slap on the throat, but Eunhan’s eyes quickly opened. He was a fun person in many ways.


    Anyway, Eunhan was sure to understand, so Vasily decided to satisfy his greed. He grabbed Eunhan’s head and tried to move it. While checking out what Eunhan liked, Vasily happily savored his mouth. Eunhan began to urge Vasily. In Eunhan’s face, the expression of the usual careful and timid money launderer could be found. His face was full of excitement. Vasily did what Eunhan urged. When he stabbed his genitals towards the root of Eunhan’s tongue, his mouth opened and Eunhan stroked his own, just like Vasily’s movements. When Vasily reached his climax, Eunhan also ejaculated into his hands.

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