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    Mayday Mayday Mayday

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 5

    Translated by Translated by Naralara
    Edited by Edited by Naralara


    As soon as Eunhan sat down in the drawing room, Kaminsky asked what he would like to drink. As usual, he refused, saying it was okay. Unable to bear it any longer, Kaminsky struck the table in front with his hand. ’Bang!’, the sound rang out. It was such a strong sound that he didn’t think it could be made with the palm of his hand. Eunhan was startled, and Kaminsky put his face in front ofEunhan’s face and threatened in a low voice.


    “You mean you won’t even take a glass of water from me?”


    It was exactly that, but Eunhan, who had to pretend it wasn’t, had to explain with a crawling voice, “That’s not it…”. As Kaminsky gestured, a man who looked like a bartender approached with a bright smile on his face.




    The bartender said with a kind and polite voice. ‘Oh, hello.’ Eunhan said back cautiously. 


    “What would you like to drink?” asked Kaminsky.


    Eunhan muttered, “Well, then, I’d like some water.” Even though it was only water, the bartender kindly nodded and disappeared. As soon as Kaminsky stood with his arms crossed, the bartender brought a glass of water and placed it on the table. Eunhan finally looked at Kaminsky and drank all the water from the glass. Kaminsky sat down next to him. He slowly moved away from Kaminsky. But Kaminsky, who was sitting next to him, stroked his hips and slowly moved away from the sofa, rested his head on Eunhan’s shoulder. Eunhan took a deep breath. Since Kaminsky didn’t pull his head away, Eunhan looked straight ahead, stiffening his body. He wanted to remove the head from his body, but it was impossible.


    “Yoon, you hurt me.”


    Kaminsky mumbled after a while.


    “Isn’t that a bit too much for a lifesaver?”


    He didn’t want to be too condescending, but Kaminsky mumbled that it was too much. Life saver? Eunhan was startled, but he still couldn’t lose the weight on his shoulder and couldn’t even see Kaminsky. He just widened his eyes a little. Nikolai, who entered the drawing room, smiled at the sight of the two. And he chuckled even more when he saw Eunhan’s black bag. Unlike Eunhan, who was looking down at the floor without being able to show that he was irritated, Kaminsky, who was resting his head on Eunhan’s shoulder, even though he felt Nikolai’s presence, sat comfortably.


    “Did you find out?”


    When Kaminsky asked, Nikolai said, “Ah,” and opened his mouth.


    “I roughly figured it out, but I don’t think I can figure out who’s behind it.”




    “The boss said he received a commission. The bastard probably doesn’t even know.”


    “Hmm,” Kaminsky groaned. When he glanced up at Nikolai, Nikolai smiled bitterly.


    “You don’t believe in my skills?”


    Kaminsky glanced at Nikolai for a moment, then grinned.


    “No way.”


    Nikolai smiled broadly at Kaminsky’s words. That smile looked very cruel. It was such a smile that Eunhan, who was looking at the floor, would have been scared if he had seen it. Kaminsky reached out and pulled Eunhan, who was slowly moving away. Kaminsky asked while holding his shoulder.


    “So, are all the people who wanted to harm Yoon finished off?”


    Eunhan raised his head in surprise. It sounded nonsensical. They were aiming at him, not Kaminsky, how can such a thing happen? Seeing Eunhan’s round eyes, Kaminsky patted his shoulder. Looking into those eyes, Kaminsky said,


    “Those aiming for me aren’t that careless, Yoon.”


    Someone was aiming for him, why the hell? Eunhan looked at Kaminsky and Nikolai alternately. Nikolai scratched his head as he looked at the frozen face.


    “Think carefully, Lady. Something like a grudge.”


    “Oh, no.”


    Eunhan immediately shook his head. He was an atheist. He would never have something of value. Wasn’t Kaminsky the only person he knew who might have a grudge? Eunhan shook his head as if he didn’t need to think. As Eunhan was so nervous that he forgot to be scared, Kaminsky pulled him closer. Kaminsky’s finger slipped inside the bare arm under the shirt, but Eunhan couldn’t even feel it because of his nerves.


    “Then who will benefit from your death?”


    Kaminsky asked. As Kaminsky pulled him with force, Eunhan leaned his head in Kaminsky’s arms. His brain was a mess as if it had been hit by a bomb. A person who would benefit  by killing him, where in the world was such a person? Eunhan shook his head. Each time, his black hair swayed like grass in Kaminsky’s arms. Kaminsky whispered to him.


    “Those who are after you are already handled. So you don’t have to worry.”


    At that moment, Eunhan wriggled in Kaminsky’s arms. Then he, very carefully, moved away from Kaminsky’s arms, clearing his head as if he was removing his feet from a land mine. The fact that he was in Kaminsky’s arms was more unbelievable than the fact that his life was threatened, and he looked at Kaminsky with wide eyes.


    “Why? Come here.”


    Kaminsky spread his arms, and Eunhan shook his head. It is said that even if you go into a tiger’s den, you will survive if you come to your senses, but you must have been really crazy to go into the tiger’s den by yourself while losing your mind in the midst of it. As Eunhan shook his head, Kaminsky murmured, “You just reassured me.” Not knowing what Kaminsky was talking about, Eunhan asked, trembling, sitting on the sofa farthest from Kaminsky.


    “Well, then, can I go home…?”


    Kaminsky seemed to be in thought for a moment. He didn’t know what he was thinking, but he wanted Kaminsky to let him go home. He looked at his face with terrified eyes, and Kaminsky stood up.


    “I’ll give you a present today, so take it.”


    Eunhan shook his head. The black bag that Kaminsky gave him was enough. He really didn’t want to receive anything anymore. As he shook his head, Kaminsky walked over to him and stretched out his arms to lock him in. Kaminsky’s dark eyes flashed with a dangerous light.


    “Take it.”


    “I, I really don’t need anything…”


    “You think it’s going to be okay, but you don’t know. Or do you really want nothing from me? Are you going to insult me ​​right now in front of me?”


    How could he answer yes to Kaminsky’s words? There may be such a brave person in the FBI, CIA, CSS, etc., but Eunhan was just a normal person, and of course, he wasn’t that brave. He quickly shook his head. Even if he couldn’t lie with his mouth that it wasn’t like that, he tried hard to appeal with his attitude. When he showed that he didn’t mean that, Kaminsky, who felt better, raised Eunhan up to go with him. Even though Eunhan didn’t want to stand up, Kaminsky’s force caused him to stand up.




    Nikolai called Kaminsky in a slightly heavy voice, probably because he knew what Kaminsky meant.


    “Anyway, it’s not even ours, that’s a bit…”


    Kaminsky glanced at Nikolai, and Nikolai stepped back, saying, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Argh, don’t step back. Eunhan was cheering for Nikolai in his heart, but when he stepped down too easily, he felt betrayed. Kaminsky grabbed his wrist. He tried to get his arm out of him, but Kaminsky was holding his wrist so the attempt was more trivial than an unexploded bomb. Kaminsky moved while holding him, and he had no choice but to follow Kaminsky. Nikolai whispered softly as he passed by.


    “Just do what Vasya tells you.”


    ‘What do you mean, what?’ Eunhan looked back at Nikolai in surprise, but the man in his fifties was waving to say good-bye. ’You should’ve told me what was going on, and you’re telling me to do what I’m told to do, which is scarier. Eunhan blinked his eyes.He was just told that someone was about to kill him, and he was so engrossed that he was in Kaminsky’s arms like a child! He had already crossed his limits, but thinking that there might be something else behind this made his heart ache as if it were being squeezed. He has had enough for today, so he just wanted to be sent home now. It was not a lie to say that he already had a prior arrangement. While he was constantly repeating the words he couldn’t say out loud, he arrived in front of an iron gate. There was even a fingerprint reader in front of the iron gate, which looked a little suspicious at first glance. Eunhan thought about running away for a moment as Kaminsky scanned his fingerprint and typed in another password. No matter how he looked at it, this was a place he shouldn’t go into. It was clear that entering would make it more difficult to get out of Kaminsky’s grasp.


    “Ka, Mr. Kaminsky.”


    In the end, Eunhan called Kaminsky. Kaminsky turned to him without opening the iron door.


    “It’s a rude thing to say, but I, here, don’t really…”


    “I’m not imprisoning you here, Yoon. Don’t worry.”


    At Kaminsky’s words, his blood went cold. That was another possibility that he hadn’t thought of. He wouldn’t have thought of it if Kaminsky hadn’t said it. He was scared, so he held back the numbness in his hips and opened his mouth.


    “I, I, I’m just a money launderer. I don’t know where this is, but I don’t know where I’m going, but it doesn’t seem right for me. Kaminsky, please, forgive me, please, ugh!”


    Although Eunhan had gathered up a year’s worth of courage, Kaminsky entered the iron gate with a smiling face and pulled him in. Eunhan stumbled. Kaminsky, who almost hit Eunhan’s face, straightened his balance. While Kaminsky’s firm forearms held up Eunhan, Eunhan glanced around the small room blankly.


    “Oh My God.”


    Eunhan muttered in Korean. It seems that when people get too surprised, their mother tongue comes out. The small room protected by an iron gate was an exhibition room. There were many guns in the room. They ranged from small to large. Eunhan, who knew nothing about guns, couldn’t tell what was what. However, one thing was certain: they were guns handled by the arms dealer Kaminsky. And this room must also be proof that Kaminsky was an arms dealer. Because Kaminsky probably didn’t have permission for all these guns. Eunhan didn’t say anything, so Kaminsky picked up the nearest gun.


    “AN-94, ABAKAN. It’s an assault rifle, weighs less than 4kg, and uses a box magazine of up to 60 rounds. Rate of fire varies depending on the method, but 600 rounds per minute for fully automatic. Pretty good for grinding.”


    Six hundred rounds per minute? Eunhan was so stunned that he forgot what to say. How the hell is someone going to avoid that? Even in the world of mattresses, the screen is full, and he could not avoid it! He got chills when he imagined what it would be like to shoot himself with a gun like that. No body would be left behind. As the soul escaped from Eunhan’s face, Vasily put down the gun.


    “Is this because it’s a little heavy?”


    When Vasily was out of focus and he did not dare to deny it, Vasily took out another gun.


    “Okay then, let me introduce you to some German luxury goods. G36C. It weighs less than 3kg and has a long effective range. Two hundred meters. It is the best among submachine guns. It has strong destructive power and is quite portable, but it has little recoil. It’s a stroke gas piston system. Can you explain what it is?”


    Please stop. Eunhan shook his head. Two hundred meters? Is it possible that someone could die with a machine gun in such a place where people can’t be seen properly… Cold sweat was running down his spine.


    “You hate machine guns?”


    “It’s… scary.”


    Who confidently shoots away at people? It was unrealistic and scary. No matter how he thought about it, it was unreasonable to use that gun himself. But when he thought that his opponent would definitely be able to shoot that gun, he felt like he was going crazy.


    “It’s nothing. Shall I give you a pistol then?”


    Saying so, Vasily raised his gun. At least it looked okay, so Eunhan’s gaze moved along the gun.


    “Vetera M92F. It weighs only 1kg and has an effective range of 80m. It has good recoil control, high accuracy, and good lethality. Actually, I wanted to present this pistol to you. It’s a really good gun. There’s a reason why soldiers use it…”


    Soldier? Was this a gun used by the Americans who were at war right now? The image of war was so vividly drawn in his mind. Pistols, dying people, blood and pain and…




    Eunhan slipped to the ground. Vasily hurriedly grabbed him so he didn’t fall, but Eunhan had already lost consciousness. Vasily clicked his tongue.


    “This is Yoon’s phone. Yoon can’t answer the phone right now, so I’ll send him a message…”


    Who was answering his call? It would be Chris. Ah, he should have woken him up, why did he answer the call… Eunhan tried to wake up. But his body, as heavy as cotton in water, could not get out of his dream. As Eunhan wandered blankly through the dark dreams, the voices were getting closer and closer.


    “…My Name?”


    But at best, Chris was the only person who could answer his calls, so why was Chris’ voice like that? A low voice as if walking through the darkness, that was not Chris’ voice. Besides, was it his imagination that his voice even got a little harsher? Eunhan thought hazily with his sleepy head. Who owned that voice? Then the owner of the voice kindly revealed his name.


    “It’s Vasily Ivanovich Kaminsky, who are you?”


    Eunhan jumped up at that moment. Why was he sleeping here, and why was Kaminsky answering his phone calls? As soon as Eunhan woke up, he found Kaminsky, who was answering his phone. Kaminsky clenched and opened his fists as he saw that Eunhan had woken up. Instead of saying hi, Eunhan ran to Kaminsky.


    “Yoon? You’re awake now.”


    At Kaminsky’s words, Eunhan immediately held out his hand. Kaminsky asked, looking cutely at the hand asking for the phone.


    ‘Now that you’ve heard my name, it’s your turn, isn’t it, Chris?”


    Eunhan looked out the window. It was dark outside and it looked like it was past seven o’clock. He held out his hand again. ”Please, Mr. Kaminsky.” he pleaded. Kaminsky looked at his hands and lips for a moment, then clicked his tongue.


    “Yoon wants to talk.”


    And Kaminsky returned the phone. Eunhan picked up the phone and said, “Chris, it’s me.” As soon as he said that, Chris said, “What the hell happened to you? Are you waking up now? So you slept in front of that bastard?” He usually forgets Chris’ voice because he had a high tone, but Chris originally had a very low voice. His voice was as low as Kaminsky’s.


    “Hey, that’s how it happened. What time is it now?”


    “It’s a little past seven. Time doesn’t matter. Why are you still there?”


    Chris asked, with a serious voice. Eunhan was silent, unable to say that he collapsed while listening to the gun explanation. Chris shouted “Yoon”, and Eunhan glanced at Kaminsky’s eyes. It was not something he wanted to talk about here, but Chris was so angry that he couldn’t move on without saying anything.


    “I fainted.”


    “Fainted? Why the hell?”


    “I don’t know, it must be anemia.”


    At that moment, Kaminsky burst into laughter. Hearing Kaminsky’s laugh warmed his face. Chris didn’t seem convinced, but he thought Eunhan wouldn’t say any more, so he said to come. When Eunhan said, “Oh, I have to go,” Chris understood it.


    “I’ll be waiting at your house until you come, so come quickly.”


    And Chris’ phone was cut off. Eunhan hung up the phone and sighed. He was as surprised as Chris. He definitely remembers that he collapsed in the exhibition room earlier, but how did he get here? But where is this?He looked around the room. It was quite a luxurious bedroom. A bedroom like a suite on a yacht was ridiculous. Was this a yacht, a private hotel, or a private cruise ship? As he looked around the room with a puzzled face, Kaminsky answered his curiosity.


    “It’s my bedroom.”


    ‘I beg your pardon?’


    “I sleep every day in the bed you were lying in.”


    As Eunhan’s face turned white, Kaminsky grinned and ruffled Eunhan’s hair. Originally, he didn’t touch him like this, but is it his mistake to think that Kaminsky’s touch was going too far? Eunhan removed his head from Kaminsky’s hand. Then he glanced at Kaminsky, fearing that he might be angry. Fortunately, Kaminsky wasn’t in a bad mood. But his eyes were on Eunhans body. He followed Kaminsky’s gaze and looked down at his body. He was half-naked and had his pants hooks untied. When he was startled, Kaminsky said calmly.


    “It’s between men, so what’s wrong?”


    Everyone knew he slept with men. Eunhan muttered, “Ahaha, that’s right…” and wandered around looking for his t-shirt. Business alone was enough for him to suffer because of Kaminsky. He didn’t want to even play with Kaminsky as a one-night stand. It was something that happened only in movies to say, “Thank you for saving me,” and making a relationship overnight. Kaminsky’s gaze was clinging. After all, they were both men, so why was he looking at him? Eunhan picked up a neatly folded t-shirt on the bedside table, feeling like he was about to cry. As soon as he put his arm into the T-shirt, his gaze fell. Eunhan trembled and put his hand on his t-shirt and looked back.


    “”I, I have to go.”


    At Eunhan’s words, Kaminsky folded his arms.


    “Ah, I’m late for my appointment, I…”


    “Is this your promise to Chris?” asked Kaminsky. He should have said no, but his mouth stiffened for a moment and did not move. He looked carefully at Kaminsky, and Kaminsky came and stood in front of him.


    “Are you dating a man on a Saturday night?”


    At Kaminsky’s words, Eunhan said, “Because there’s no one special, friends…” He knew there was a nuance of being gay in Kaminsky’s question, but Eu-han said something else without knowing it. Hadn’t Nikolai already said that he might have been eaten if he had been gay? Him being gay should never be known. Kaminsky’s body was really cool, but no matter how nice he looked, he didn’t want to sleep with Kaminsky. It was even more a specification to have sex intentionally rather than voluntarily.


    “I’m thinking of coming to Miami next month, but then I’ll see you on Saturday night. It’ll be fun.”


    “Ah, Mr. Kaminsky, you should have a good night with the girls on a Saturday night.”


    Eunhan cried. The fact that he had to pretend he didn’t like it had already disappeared from his mind.


    “It’s definitely not going to be fun with someone like me. You’ll have to spend a bone-burning night with the girls. Those, obviously, sexy girls will be eager to get in touch with Mr. Kaminsky even once. Of course, I’m sure.”


    Those girls certainly didn’t know who Kaminsky was. If Eunhan himself didn’t know who Kaminsky was, he might have wanted to sleep with Kaminsky even if he had to pay. As he said that, Kaminsky’s eyes narrowed. He said with a look on his face that made it impossible to say whether he was in a good mood or a bad mood.


    “I mean, I can spend a night like that with you, Yoon.”


    As the blood drained from Eunhan’s face, Kaminsky laughed. ”I’m kidding.” Kaminsky’s words did not reach his ear, but only touched the tip of his ear and disappeared. Eunhan said, “Ahaha,” and pretended to smile. Kaminsky said to him.


    “What kind of girl do you like?”


    ‘I like men like you. If it’s just style.’


    Eunhan didn’t answer, just kept his mouth shut and smiled. Seeing the awkward laugh, Kaminsky didn’t seem to want to end the conversation. He asked again.


    “A girl with big breasts, a girl with small breasts? An older woman or younger? Red hair, yellow hair, dark hair? White skin, or dark skin?”


    “Well, I don’t really like it…”


    “Tell me, because most of them can cater to your taste.”


    Not knowing what being able to match meant, Eunhan looked at Kaminsky. Kaminsky shrugged.


    “I’m dealing with some call girls. I’m in Miami right now, so I’ll pick the girl I want.”


    Ah, ah, ah, ah, Eunhan could not speak properly, but just say ah, Kaminsky smiled softly, seemingly lost in thought for a moment.


    “Don’t worry, they’re clean girls. I wouldn’t recommend dating, but it’s enough to spend the night.”


    “I, I, I, I.”




    Kaminsky whispered in Eunhan’s ear.


    “Would you like to come with me? Don’t you think it’d be fun to call one or four girls and play with them?”


    Eunhan looked up at Kaminsky unconsciously. Still, Kaminsky’s face felt reverent. Although he had mischievous eyes, his characteristic clean facial features looked good and stoic. It was hard to believe that those lips, who seemed to have only read the Bible, suggested ‘4:2 orgy sex’. He was really crazy in many ways. Eunhan twisted his face.


    “It won’t be a problem. We’ll do it on this yacht anyway.”


    It was a total mess, this bastard. There was nothing wrong with it, Eunhan shook his head with a distorted face. It won’t work with women anyway. Because Eunhan was gay, not bi.


    “I don’t really want to do that.”


    At his refusal, Kaminsky’s face softened. Despite rejecting the offer, somehow he seemed happy. He said cautiously to him, who looked happy.


    “I have to go.”


    “To Chris?”


    He was worried that Kaminsky would be offended, but he didn’t seem to be. Eunhan nodded quickly.


    “Well, I can’t help it today.”


    Kaminsky opened the bedroom door. Suddenly a sea breeze came in. The night sea has a different charm from the daytime. The wind that blew over the sea was also different at day and night. As Eunhan gazed at the dark sea, Kaminsky from behind him said, “See you next Saturday night.” Eunhan turned and looked at Kaminsky. Kaminsky stood under the chandelier light. His black hair swayed slightly in the wind. What kind of sex does this man have? Eunhan suddenly wondered about it. A man who was accustomed to having sex with many people. Would he be twisting that pious face and shaking his sensual waist? That would be really decadent. Many women would never forget having sex with this man.


    “Oh, thank you for saving me today.”


    Eunhan smiled hard. Kaminsky was a reef in his life, no, an iceberg, but he certainly saved him today. And he put himself in danger because of him, and he didn’t say a word about it. After today, he would be amazed to get away from this madman again, but today, he was grateful. At Eunhan’s words, Kaminsky smiled coldly.


    No words. Eunhan moved to get on the boat. Knowing that Kaminsky was leaning against the door of the cabin and looking at him, he turned his head. As he bowed lightly, Kaminsky also bowed. He moved with his back to him, and never looked at Kaminsky again, but Kaminsky’s gaze stayed on Eunhan’s back for a long time.


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