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    Mayday Mayday Mayday

    Chapter 14

    Chapter 14

    Translated by Naralara
    Edited by Naralara


    Eunhan first looked around. There were two guests in his house. One was a friend and one was a cousin. And one of them was a police officer, and the other was an ordinary person with no common sense. So why Nikolai came and how he got in was the next question. First, Eunhan had to let his two guests go. Or let Nikolai go.


    “I’m just at home… Well, if you don’t mind me asking how did you get into my house…?”


    Eunhan asked carefully. Nikolai shrugged.


    “The door was open?”


    And the men standing behind Nikolai began to approach. The men were holding bags which were fairly large sports bags, and Eunhan shrugged his shoulders involuntarily as he thought of bags used to put a corpse in. The sound of men opening the zippers of their bags was particularly loud. And a man grabbed something from the bag. What? At first glance, it looked red. Blood? No way. Was this a warning that if he betrayed him, he would stain this room with blood?


    The man then threw what he had just grabbed. What, What? Eunhan closed his eyes tightly.




    Nikolai made a hoarse voice.


    “You don’t like it?”


    At that, Eunhan carefully opened his eyes. He had seen it wrong. The objects the men were throwing were not blood. But it was not a good thing. It was twenty dollar bills. The large men were wearing black suits, and the smaller men standing in front were throwing money like they were throwing roses at a bride. As Eunhan’s mouth opened blankly, Nikolai clicked his tongue and then whispered to Chris.


    “Your friend doesn’t like money?”


    “He loves it.”


    If he can be sure where the money came from, Chris added. At the same time, Chris looked at the bills flying in the room with regretful eyes. Oh, the Prada bag was flying. There was a Fred Segal’s suit over there. Hello Marc Jacobs. In the eyes of Chris, who was very interested in brand products, whenever money flew, the things he wanted to have flew together. It was a hallucination, but he had a terrible feeling.


    “Is that right?”


    Nikolai said so and handed a black bag to his subordinate. He strode to Eunhan and turned the black bag over his head. Eunhan, who was showered in money, screamed in surprise.


    “A shower of cash from your lover.”


    Nikolai smiled playfully, but Eunhan was not in the mood to laugh. There were dollar bills all over the house. How can he get rid of all that? No, why were they throwing money like that? Eunhan couldn’t hide his confusion and looked around. Meanwhile, Vasily’s loyal servants were pouring money here and there.


    <What kind of perverted man is this? Yoon Eunhan. Did you suck off an 80 grandpa?>


    <Are you already suffering from dementia? Don’t you even remember meeting the person?>


    As Eunhan answered, he looked at Chris. Chris, who had even seen the Fendi fur as a hallucination, came to his senses and turned to Eunhan. When Eunhan blinked his eyes at door and Sunghan in turn, Chris nodded.


    “We’re leaving now that you have a guest.”


    At Chris’ words, Nikolai’s men quickly made way. It was, of course, an attitude for them to let them leave. Perhaps if he had acted a little more ignorantly, he would have made them leave. Chris looked back at Eunhan once as he dragged Sunghan out. Eunhan waved his hand as if to say goodbye. As Chris and Sunghan went outside, Eunhan bent down and picked up the bill. No matter how he looked at it, this bill did not come from a bank. It was a crumpled bill with a sense of life like it had seen some things.


    When Eunhan raised his head, Nikolai was smiling brightly.


    “How much is this in total?”


    Eunhan looked around with a face that said, “Gimme a break.” ”I don’t know,” Nikolai replied very simply.


    “You don’t know?”


    “The kids stole it.”


    Eunhan was about to faint. They were throwing stolen money in his house?!


    “Wh, Wh, what are you talking about! Steal, what do you mean steal!”


    “That young bastard was acting disrespectfully, so we took it. Don’t be too scared.”


    The smell of money was pretty strong. The smell began to permeate the whole house. Some said this smell couldn’t be that fragrant, but to Eunhan, this smell was just a stench. But he was afraid and couldn’t open the window. ’Young bastard’ acted ‘disrespectfully’ and ‘took it away.’ All three of these words were problematic. Who was the young bastard? Who was the young bastard who dared to be disrespectful to Vasily Kaminsky? And when he finds out that the stolen money was in Eunhan’s house, what will that scary young bastard do to him? Damn it, how long was his bad luck going to last!


    “Hey, is that person dead?”


    He hoped he was dead. Better if he died Eunhan prayed earnestly. However, Eunhan ended his religious life when he came to America, so God did not show mercy to him.


    “He’s still alive.”


    Arg! God. Why was he doing this to him! Rather, Vasily Kaminsky, do it to him!


    Eunhan bit his lip. Otherwise, he would scream.




    Nikolai opened his mouth in order to save Eun-an, no, Eunhan’s lips.


    “Why don’t you stay at Vasya’s house? Just for a while.”


    For fear that Eunhan would hang himself right away if he told him to stay forever, Nikolai set the premise as ‘for a while’.




    Eunhan looked up at Nikolai in surprise as if his eyes were about to pop out. Was he serious? Eunhan was asking. No, it was a face asking him to say that it was a joke. Nikolai laughed. Nikolai, who was laughing and licking his tongue, extended his hand, and Eunhan took a step back before the hand touched his face.


    “I told you, Yoon. If you run away, they will chase you.”


    ‘That’s right, why don’t you listen to my advice.’ Nikolai shook his head in disapproval.


    When did he run away! And, he did have a point. His advice was of no use! Eunhan clenched his teeth without even being able to express his resentment. Looking down at Eunhan, who clenched his teeth and bit his lips, Nikolai thought he was strange. Yoon Eunhan was not that good-looking or a striking man. But there were moments when they kept meeting him and he stood out. Like black stains on a white tablecloth, once he noticed him, it was hard to ignore. He was a weird man Nikolai thought. But will this mysterious charm be beneficial or detrimental to him?


    He can tell by looking at Vasya. Nikolai raised his lips. That bizarre charm was causing great damage to Yoon Eunhan himself.


    “May I ask whose money this is?”


    Eunhan asked in a hoarse voice. To him, Vasily’s house was like a prison. He was asking if the owner of this money was strong enough for him to escape to such a place. Nikolai replied kindly.




    “There are a lot of Powells in the world… Please tell me it’s not Brad Powell.”


    “You guessed it. It’s Brad Powell. His eyes must have rolled over by now.”


    Was he crazy?!


    Vasily Kaminsky, who goes around everywhere, murdering, wanted to take him as a woman and lay him in bed like a hero ? Brad Powell, a well-known Miami drug dealer, was also known for his perverted nature. Vasily Kaminsky wasn’t a murderer, though cruel (no, he might be, but he never enjoyed it). But Brad Powell was a real murderer. He was a person who enjoyed seeing people die and be terrified.


    “He’ll probably find out soon.”


    Eunhan had a sore throat no matter how much he swallowed, so he ended up going to the sink and drinking a glass of water. In the meantime, Nikolai’s men were throwing money as if they were kids. Looking at the expressionless madmen, Eunhan asked with a tired face.


    “What the hell did I do wrong?”


    “Well, will Vasha know?”


    Nikolai, who received Eunhan’s silent gaze, made a gesture of surrender.


    “I really don’t know. Don’t think we know everything that goes on in his head.”


    Eunhan looked around the house. Money was everywhere. All this money was Brad Powell’s money? Even if he said he would pick up all the money, he didn’t know if this money was the full amount they had taken from Powell. Even if he returned the money, he didn’t know if Powell would spare him.


    There was only one path Eunhan could choose. He put his hand into her pants pocket. A small object caught the tip of his finger. Really, was this the only way? Eunhan lowered his eyes.




    It was after midnight when Vasily Kaminsky returned to his villa. As soon as he returned, he went into Eunhan’s room and looked down at him. A light smile appeared on his expressionless face. Reaching out and stroking the hair on Eunhan’s face, Vasily enjoyed it for a moment. A face that slept defenselessly. He had a completely different face from his usual. Yoon Eunhan, who protected his territory like a cat and trembled more than a puppy abandoned as soon as he was born, was quick-witted and good-natured. He left no pods. No matter how much money laundering was entrusted to him, no matter how much he asked for more, Eunhan did exactly what he asked and stepped back.




    Vasily called Eunhan in a sweet voice. But Eunhan didn’t answer.


    He seems to be the type of person who slept quite deeply, and even when they slept together last night, Eunhan slept the whole time. As Vasily brushed Eunhan’s hair a little more, Eunhan’s lips relaxed. Like the hand stroking him felt nice.


    “Yoon Eunhan.”


    Vasily called Eunhan with a fairly accurate pronunciation and smiled. Eunhan’s complexion deteriorated over the past few months. It was probably because he had been tormented all over the place. Among them, Vasily, who was the most disturbing, clicked his tongue without even thinking about his subject. Vasily opened his mouth as soon as he left the room, looking down at Eunhan, who was asleep with bruises all over his body.




    Vasily called, and Natalia, or Natasha, appeared from behind.


    “Yes, Vasya.”


    “How are the guys doing?”


    Natasha, who changed from maid mode to subordinate mode, answered in a polite tone.


    “Guys… that’s not quite right. There’s only one left.”


    Three were captured, but the fact that there was only one left meant that the men that followed Vasily’s orders did not have the answers yet.


    “Since there are three, the bastards know the information.”


    They moved as a team. But it was hard to call them as people from the government side. They weren’t some clumsy neighborhood bastards, but it didn’t mean they were very professional either. Vasily moved, and Natasha followed. Vasily, who entered the basement with the stairs leading to the lobby, looked down at the person being dragged on the bright basement floor. No, he was a person, but now he looked at the creature that was close to a lump and shook his head. Then, from afar, Nikolai got up with a grin.


    “I got it.”


    “It was right to bring them all. So, who was it?”


    Vasily did not make a mistake this time, like when he had brought only one of the men who attacked Yoon last time, but could not find out who was behind it. He found the guys who were waiting for Eunhan hiding in front of Eunhan’s house and brought them all. Nikolai placed a piece of paper in Vasily’s hand.


    “It’s Yoon Sunghan.”


    Vasily’s lips rose.


    “His cousin?”


    “I know him. I’ve met him before.”


    Vasily read through it and returned the paper to Nikolai.


    “Find out more. If he’s an airline pilot, it’s pretty easy to find out more. Make sure you find out what he wants and why he wants to drop his cousin off a cliff.”


    Everyone in the basement answered at the same time. It was money.


    Vasily frowned.


    “It could be a grudge.”


    “Isn’t grudge a cliche? These days, it’s still money, money.”


    Nikolai told him not to fall behind on trends. Vasily smirked.


    “Anyway, find out everything. How long do you think it will take?”


    “A day?”


    It was a subtle meaning that, if he held on for a long time, it would take about a day. Vasily nodded his head.


    Yoon Sunghan’s face was still clear. His eyes, lusted with greed, looked at him. He was a pretty cute guy. It was funny to see a face that looked a little like Eunhan looking at him and making calculations like this, so Vasily played with him longer than expected. However, he did not understand how Eunhan could be related to him. Yoon Eunhan was a completely different person. Eunhan refrained from being conspicuous, but his cousin was a guy who wanted to stand out. He had a confidence that Eunhan didn’t have. However, he wasn’t as quick-witted as Eunhan, and he wasn’t as good at dealing with situations as Eunhan.


    When Nikolai turned his back, Sergei called Vasily.


    “Ah, and Vasya. We finally got a picture from Miami Airport.”


    Sergei, who was smoking from afar, fluttered the paper.


    “He was at the Miami airport yesterday afternoon. You were right.”


    Vasily laughed bitterly.

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