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    Mayday Mayday Mayday

    Chapter 11

    Chapter 11

    Translated by Naralara
    Edited by Naralara


    It was quite usual to think ‘I made a mistake’ as soon as he woke up. But he never felt so ashamed. Eunhan sighed and closed his eyes. His eyes were sore because he cried so much that he collapsed. While he blinked, Vasily, who was holding him, gently stroked his hair.


    “Woke up?”


    He wanted him to think he died instead of waking up, but what he wanted to do and what he had to do were different. Eunhan shook his head. Vasily was looking down at him with a slight stubble. Eunhan was surprised again because the terrifying guy had a beard and looked more wild. Then Vasily frowned.


    “Who am I?”


    “Kamin… ah, Vasya. Vasya.”


    Seeing Vasily pulling a knife from the pillow next to him, Eunhan was shocked and shouted Vasily’s nickname. Oh god, that knife must have stayed stuck in that pillow during their ridiculously long sex. Really, that was absurd. Eunhan trembled. He was rolling around in a bed with a pillow that had a knife sticking out of it.


    “Good evening.”


    At Vasily’s greeting, Eunhan raised his head and looked out the window. The sun was setting outside the window.




    As Eunhan muttered, Vasily kissed his ear.


    “Did you sleep well? Did you not sleep well?”


    “Yes, yes, but…”


    Whatever it was, taking a nap next to Vasily Kaminsky. Eunhan realized that his nerves were thicker than he thought. Or maybe he just got used to it… he would rather it be that he had thick nerves. It was when Eunhan sighed and lowered his head.


    What’s this?


    Eunhan frowned. His arms were blotchy. When he looked from his right arm to his left, the condition was the same. It was the same when he looked down at his chest and stomach. Looking at the swollen nipples and teeth-stained side, Eunhan was tired of talking and was at a loss for words. Was this sex? He had a body that impressed the gay community with sex, but it was the first time he had experienced something like this. As Eunhan looked around his body without saying a word, Vasily put his lips to Eunhan’s cheek and got up.


    “Ugh, why, why, why, this…”


    Cough. Cough. When Eunhan, who swallowed his saliva while screaming and biting back, coughed heavily, Basily laughed. Eunhan, who was still scared even after having sex, had a strange look. But he knew all too well that sex was just sex, and sex didn’tt change anything. It was a misconception that many people, male or female, made. An arbitrary misconception that sex would bring about a huge change in the relationship between two people. The end is always painful.


    “Last night, after hanging on to me and crying so much, today you’re nervous again.”


    Vasily got up. Unknowingly, Eunhan glanced at Vasily’s body. Fuck. Eunhan spit out a curse word. What did that man eat to have such perfect body? A slender waist, slender muscles, a well-arranged body, and even that thing. Eunhan couldn’t understand. Why the hell did God give Vasily such a perfect body? What did he believe in?


    “I thought about it before.”


    Last night had definitely affected Vasily too, and he looked back at Eunhan and spoke with a slightly murky voice.


    “You, you hate me so much but yet you look at my body as if you covet it, did you know that?”


    Eunhan was startled and took his eyes off Vasily’s body. Vasily looked at Eunhan, who had half raised his body, and pulled his ankle. Eunhan couldn’t stand it properly and fell into bed at once.


    “It’s like you’re scoring me, coveting with the eyes.”


    Today was an extra point added to A++++.


    Eunhan couldn’t say anything and looked up at Vasily with eyes full of fear. He didn’t think he was caught, but he thought his heart was going to fall out. How would he react if he found out that he looked at his body and had been scoring points for over a year? He didn’t want to even imagine


    “I used to look into your eyes every time you did that. Do you know that the corners of your eyes twitch a little every time you do that?”


    Vasily pressed Eunhan’s eye area with his finger.


    “At first, I thought I’d dig this eye out because it was so unpleasant.”


    Ugh…Eunhan took a deep breath. Before he could breathe and collapsed, Vasily continued.


    “But it was cute when you turned a little red, so I left it alone.”


    That was it. Couldn’t he please just leave him alone in the future? He will never look at him again!


    Eunhan looked at Vasily silently and sent him a telepathic message. ‘Leave me alone, let’s stop doing this as of today, we don’t seem to fit in, and our inner compatibility is not good…… No, it’s not good. There is a famous saying the the gay community that if you have a good compabilty then you’ll get sick, he didn’t have it but it might happen soon. If you don’t have it, forget it! It seems that Eunhan’s telepathy which he sent with all his might did not reach Vasily.


    “From then on, I think I might have liked you.”


    Don’t think so deeply. Eunhan shook his head. There was no need to think so deeply. It didn’t matter when he fell in love with him. The more he thought about such things, the more he thought, ‘It’s kind of like that.’ Eunhan looked at Vasily eagerly, but Vasily was smiling with a relaxed, pleasant face.


    “I should’ve held you sooner.”


    ‘That’s your own opinion.’


    “Your inside feels so good…”


    Eunhan pursed his lips. He wanted to stop talking to Vasily. He wanted to bring Vasily back to reality, who went into flashback mode while recalling last night. But Eunhan didn’t have the ability to do that.


    “You like me too, right? You stuck to me and didn’t even let me go. Tears were dripping down, pulling me in, turning around and seducing me. It’s a bit too much to pretend not to be right after waking up. Or should I try again now?”


    Eunhan turned his head. If he did, it seemed like he was really planning to kill him. After Vasily ejaculated for the fifth time, Eunhan was carried by Vasily and dragged back to the bathroom. Vasily drained the semen from the inside of Eunhan and washed his body roughly. He wanted to get up and tell Vasily that he was going to wash himself. But Eunhan couldn’t even open his eyes. And Vasily washed Eunhan roughly with clumsy hands that had not washed anyone before and took him to bed. As soon as his back touched the bed, he fell asleep. He couldn’t get his mind to rest. He wanted to do it again even after seeing him having such a hard time. Did he ever had sex in his life? …No, that kiss or sex wasn’t like a first timer’s. It was skillful craftsmanship. It was definitely a technique from someone that had sex enough to get tired of it. But he had no idea why he was acting like a kid. When Eunhan turned his head and said nothing, Vasily smiled bitterly. He grabbed Eunhan’s ankle and held it. When Eunhan looked at him in surprise, he smiled and tried to spread Eunhan’s legs. He really didn’t hesitate to put it there. Eunhan held out his arms.


    “Va, Vasya.”


    As Eunhan called, Vasily raised his eyebrows. It was a face that said “why”.


    “Vasya, Vasya.”


    Even when Eunhan called, Vasily just looked down at Eunhan. In the end, Eunhan had to mutter to Vasily, “Come here,” in a voice the size of an ant. However, Vasily heard Eunhan’s call and immediately bowed his head. Eunhan held Vasily’s cheeks. Once again, he was surprised at the smoothness of that cheek. He rubbed his cheek and made eye contact with Vasily. Even at this moment, he was afraid he would die. It was hard to imagine how long this relationship will last. He’d only been held for one night, but how long will he have to hug him like this? Thinking like that gave him goosebumps. But honestly.


    Vasily Kaminsky was very handsome, even a little charming. If he looked closely at that face, he definitely thought he was cool.




    Eunhan called out his nickname and kissed his forehead.




    He kissed both of his eyelids. Then kissed on his exquisite nose as if they were made by hand, the manly cheekbones, and the well-groomed lips. Eunhan continued to kiss Vasily’s face until Vasily softened. At that moment, as if Vasily’s mood was lifted, Vasily said, “Okay,” and raised Eunhan.


    “Let’s stop for today and have dinner.”


    Saying so, Vasily handed Eunhan’s clothes. Eunhan wore a suit. It wasn’t Eunhan’s own, but it fit him better than his own. As he looked at Vasily as he put on his clothes, Vasily laughed.


    “Come wear it next time we meet. It’s the clothes I bought to take off.”


    If Eunhan had the strength, he wanted to return the clothes. But he didn’t have that kind of power, so he dressed modestly. He glanced at him while putting on his clothes, and Vasily was leaving the room with only his pants on. As he opened the large door on both sides, Eunhan sped up on his dressing. After getting dressed and looking around the room, he thought it was the first time he had seen this room. No way. Eunhan doubted himself and went out.


    “Yoon, this is it.”


    It was a huge tropical garden. Ah, what was this? As Eunhan blinked in surprise, Vasily called him from the other side. Eunhan walked towards him and looked around the garden. At that time, the hotel was not like this The hotel’s suites—that was, the penthouses—were modern. There was never an atmosphere like this tropical garden. As Eunhan was looking around late, Vasily came back.


    “You mustn’t get lost. There’s a bit of a booby trap here.”


    What did it have?


    Eunhan looked up at Vasily with a tired face. Did he let him walk around here, who didn’t know anything, a garden filled with booby traps? He was a really, really, really bad guy! Eunhan cursed Vasily. But Vasily looked at Eunhan’s face, smiled lightly, and held his head.


    “There are only a few booby traps. Don’t make that face.”


    He didn’t know what kind of face he was making for him to tell him not to make that face. However, Eunhan walked carefully, placing his shoulders in Vasily’s arms. It was a booby trap, he didn’t even want to think about it.


    The main building, which was huge enough to let him know that the building they were in was an annex, appeared. It was a beautiful building with high ceilings. While Eunhan looked around, Vasily said, “It’s like this again,” and dragged Eunhan as he walked. Eunhan looked around the huge building that could fit two of his houses in the lobby. He never thought that Vasily would not have a home in Miami. Vasily came to Miami regularly, and as an arms dealer, he must have needed a warehouse, and he had a car. But he never imagined it would be this huge.


    “Vasya. Are you finally out?”




    Vasiyl answered Sergei’s greeting without sincerity. Sergei frowned at Eunhan next to Vasily.


    “Why does the lady look like that?”


    “What’s wrong with him?”


    Knowing that the clothes he had bought didn’t suit him, Vasily frowned and scanned Eunhan from head to toe. No matter how he looked at it, it was a lot better than the elementary school look Eunhan alway had, but Vasily squinted at Sergei, wondering what that meant. Not only Vasily, but Eunhan was looking in the mirror because he thought he looked strange.


    “He looks like a patient with an epidemic disease. People will misunderstand him.”


    Nikolai came out of a room and wrinkled his face. Then Eunhan’s face brightened up. Eunhan bowed his head. Vasily’s calm voice flowed into his ears.


    “It’s better to be misunderstood. The guy is too twisted.”


    “He doesn’t look like that, but was he a Casanova?”


    Sergei asked. Eunhan didn’t answer, but Vasily hugged Eunhan’s shoulder and whispered.


    “Naturally, flowers are sweeter as more bees gather . Is it the flower’s fault that more bees are attracted? It’s different from Casanova.”


    Nikolai muttered in a very low voice. ’I think it’s completely the same.’


    “Anyway, there won’t be any more attraction.”


    Sergei nodded at Vasily’s words.


    “Well, that’s right. No bastard will come for Vasily Kaminsky’s lover.”


    “If there is, I can kill it.”


    Marie Antoinette, who said, “If you don’t have bread, eat cake,” must have said it so lightly. If she said that, the people would only be angry. But what kind of lovers were they, boss and mistress? Eunhan shrugged his shoulders in Vasily’s arms. A lover, he wasn’t a lover. A lover was a more peaceful being. A gentle, gentle… A person who was the will of his heart. Eunhan rolled his eyes and walked as Vasily led, thinking about the lover he wanted. He didn’t have to be handsome, rich, a tech, or young. He just wanted to give strength to the heart, and hoped that he can become a strength to that person’s heart as well.


    “You’re finally dating.”


    While walking down the hallway, they ran into Vasily’s men. Some were smiling and some were sympathetic. In any case, everyone seemed to know that he wasn’t walking in Vasily’s arms because he liked him Vasily was definitely a more casual person than he thought. He boasted his kindness to people as if he was proud of his lover. Vasily’s faithful men lifted Vasily’s mood.


    “Vasya, Vasya.”


    Someone called, Vasily turned around.




    What was he doing? Eunhan tried not to turn, but Vasily’s strength was strong enough. Vasily said cheese while holding Eunhan’s shoulder. Then, with a sound, the square camera spit out the picture. It was a Polaroid camera. A subordinate gave the picture to Vasily, who walked and waited for the photo to appear. When the picture became clear and visible, Vasily showed the picture to Eunhan. Unlike Vasily, who was smiling brightly, Eunhan was looking elsewhere.


    “Put it in your wallet.”


    Vasily said so and put the picture in Eunhan’s shirt pocket.


    It was the restaurant where many people passed by. He thought that the restaurant attached to the penthouse was also very large, but it was not comparable to this. Eunhan opened his mouth as he looked at the huge table. It was not even a medieval movie set, so the size of the dining table did not make sense. The seat of the king, that of Vasily, was so majestic that it was ridiculous. Vasily lowered Eunhan to some place. Just then, a white-skinned woman with silver blonde hair came out of the kitchen attached to the dining room. She was so pretty, he thought she might be Vasily’s younger sister.


    “Vasya, who is this?”


    “My lover. His name is Yoon.”


    The word lover was not used so carelessly. At least it wasn’t the title he wanted to hear from Vasily Kaminsky. But Eunhan quietly smiled at the woman. Then the woman said, “Oh, I’m Natasha,” and asked for a handshake. It was a name he didn’t really want to know, and he didn’t really want to shake hands, but there was nothing he could do about it. Eunhan showed a business smile and said, “Nice to meet you.” He said a polite lie.


    “She’s our housekeeper.”


    Eunhan made a puzzled face. Housekeeper? Was she this pretty? Then Natasha smiled. Looks like she was really a housekeeper. Why was she a housekeeper with that face? She should go to Hollywood. Natasha shrugged as Eunhan made an incomprehensible face. 


    “I think this person is doubting my cooking skills, Vasya.”


    “He hasn’t tried it yet, so you can ignore it. If you don’t like it, bring something and let him try it.”


    Vasily, who was standing next to Eunhan, said while rubbing Eunhan’s head with his cheek. He was treated like a pet. What kind of lover was this? Eunhan muttered inwardly, trying to keep the sacredness of ‘lover’, the word of his dreams and hopes.


    “What would you like to eat? Uhmm, steak or something…”


    After not eating for a long time, the steak seemed too sudden, so Eunhan muttered, “If there is soup, only soup…” Natasha said she had soup, but looked up at Vasily. Vasily raised Eunhan’s chin to look at him.




    Vasily was still terrifying, but his dark eyes weren’t that scary because he’d been through a lot. Eunhan looked up at Vasily’s dark eyes and thought. Vasily was quite friendly, whether as a pet or a lover. Sex was also tenacious and difficult, but it was also on the sweet side, so maybe he was less afraid of Vasily. Obviously, compared to a few months ago, he was not too surprised by Vasily’s touch now.


    But this was not a lover.


    Eunhan thought. Of course, he thought Vasily was joking around. Vasily, of course, was quite focused on Eunhan and probably liked some parts of him. But that didn’t necessarily mean it was a romantic feeling.


    Vasily asked as Eunhan looked up at him without answering.


    “Are not you hungry?”


    “I haven’t eaten in a while and my stomach is empty.”


    Besides, he did him like he turned his intestines inside out. Eunhan tried to smile at Vasily, but was annoyed when he remembered last night. It was good that he had good stamina and good energy, but why did he have to accept all that energy! Even though he was annoyed, he tried not to show it, so he got cramps around his mouth.




    Vasily acted as if he understood, but Eunhan was certain. Vasily did not understand. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t eat meat just because he hadn’t eaten in a while. But if he didn’t force him to eat, whether he understood it or not, what’s the use of it?


    “Well, some people say that if you have an empty stomach, you should eat something warm and watery…”


    Eunhan looked up at Natasha, dumbfounded. Natasha, who had a body like a willow tree, had the same face as Vasily.’If you haven’t eaten in a while you should be starving so why eat soup?’ Besides, Natasha looked  pitifully at ‘someone’. No, he didn’t know why he needed sympathy just because he couldn’t eat steak on an empty stomach.


    “Oh, ‘I’m sorry. My mind…I’ll bring the Consommé. Wait.”


    As Natasha disappeared, Vasily swept Eunhan’s head saying that Natasha’s consommé was really delicious. No, why was he getting sympathy now! Most people can’t eat steak when their stomach is empty! Eunhan’s face was distorted because he suddenly felt like a sickly child.

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