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    Mayday Mayday Mayday

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    Translated by Translated by Naralara
    Edited by Edited by Naralara


    Yoon Eun-han glanced up at the sky. It was a cloudy and overcast sky. It was raining a bit in the morning. Why is he swimming in the sea on a day like this? Leaving it all alone on a sunny day. Eun-Han couldn’t understand. Well, it wasn’t the only thing Eun-han couldn’t understand. Eun-han could not understand the entire existence of this man. Why did he choose a dangerous job like an arms dealer? Why are arms sold to both the left and right sides of the conflict zone? Why did he even become the president of a mercenary company? Why is it that people are so carefree while choosing all kinds of jobs? Eun-han himself would not be able to sleep with his feet stretched out at night, but this man is calm enough to swim in the sea on a cloudy day. Considering what he himself has done, he shouldn’t have gone to a place as dangerous as the sea. People will not grieve in the slightest if he got a cramp and drowned while swimming in the sea. Rather than be sad, he will realize the existence of God once again.


    “It’s been a while, Yoon. How have you been?”


    The man’s English accent is perfect. A French friend said that the man’s French accent is also perfect. Indeed, he is the scariest man in the world, but foreign languages are not a problem. Eunhan smiled softly.


    “Yes, Mr. Kaminsky. It’s been a while.”


    The man, Vasily Kaminsky, nodded. As Kaminsky climbs the ladder, his subordinate, waiting for him, holds out a towel. Kaminsky took a towel and wiped himself, giving Eun-han a glance. Smirking, Kaminsky’s well-groomed lips drew an arc. His dark eyes scanned Eun-han from head to toe meticulously. It was as if a ghost’s fingers were fumbling all over his body, giving him goosebumps, but Eun-han endured the gaze without any expression. Soon, Kaminsky commented on his attire.


    “It’s like elementary schoolboy.”


    And Kaminsky added one more word as if he felt that his evaluation was lacking.


    “An elementary school student who is teased for being a nerd.”


    Kaminsky’s mean jokes were always there. But as usual, Eun-han laughed at Kaminsky’s joke, “Ah, ha, ha ha…” as if reading the script. Kaminsky waved his hand. 


    “If it’s not funny, don’t laugh. Why are you overdoing it?”


    ‘Because you are the scariest person in the world.’ Eun-han smiled awkwardly as he swallowed the bitter answer. Kaminsky looked into Eun-han’s face. As Kaminski’s face got closer, Eun-han’s complexion turned white. Kaminsky raised his hand and ruffled Eun-han’s hair.


    “You’re really like my elementary school nephew.”


    And Kaminsky smiled and walked away.


    “But you’d say you don’t need a Glock.”


    Eunhan smiled awkwardly again when he heard that his nephew in elementary school asked for a Glock. ‘Because I thought this was a joke.’ While Kaminsky turned his back, Eun-han glanced at Kaminsky’s body. A slender, slender, muscular body is wearing only a black triangular swimsuit. There were no tattoos or scars anywhere on his body. All he could see was blood. Blue veins were sprouting from his forearms. He really liked the body, Eunha thought sadly. He knows that people with a body like that are not common in the world. But why did it have to be Kaminsky’s body? If it’s someone else’s body, it’s possible to dream of a happy ending. Seeing the body covered by the soft towel, Eun-han slowly turned his head. Kaminsky turned his head to look at Eun-han. He looked away from him, but his gaze was clearly felt. Eunhan took a small breath.


    “Oh yeah.”


    Kaminsky spoke out as if he remembered it now.


    “You did a good job last time. Thanks to you, I found the bug.”


    Eun-Han didn’t say anything. The worm must have been killed. How would he have died? Would he have died horribly? Thinking like that makes him get goosebumps. He just couldn’t have killed him. Never. Because this madman is not that merciful. As Eun-han bowed his head and waited for this conversation to pass, Kaminsky smirked. Kaminsky’s white fingers patted Eun-han’s shoulder. When Kaminsky touched his hand, his body trembled without realizing it. Eun-han looked up at Kaminsky with frightened eyes. Kaminsky looked down at him for a moment, then clicked his tongue and pulled out his hand. Thinking that Kaminsky was angry, Eun-han kept his mouth shut and followed Kaminsky’s movements with only his gaze.


    “How did you bring it today?”


    Kaminsky asked. As soon as he laid down on the sunbed, a different subordinate offered him a mojito.


    “I brought it as a transferable deposit certificate.”


    Eun-han said so and opened the briefcase he was carrying. He took out a briefcase and was about to hand it to a subordinate who was sitting next to him, but the subordinate pointed at Kaminsky with his chin. Eun-han walked towards Kaminsky with a face that had no choice but to deliver the message directly. Kaminski shrugged as he carefully reached out to Kaminski in front of the sunbed. Kaminsky snatched the papers from Eun-han’s hand.


    “Good job. I’m always satisfied.”


    “Then I…”


    “I have another job for you. This time, there are a lot of forbidden things.”


    ‘Last time, last time, last time, you said the same thing.’ Eun-Han looked with a puzzled face. Another subordinate from before—but in the same suit. What is it, the uniform?— stood in front of Eun-han.


    “That, Mr. Kaminsky.”


    Eun-han raised his head as if he was going to tell the story this time. An interesting glow flashed across Kaminsky’s handsome face.




    “I’m just a money launderer. I don’t have the skills to launder this much money…”


    Kaminsky’s face quickly turned into an uninteresting look. Kaminsky shook his head.


    “You’re doing well. I can guarantee you.”


    “But Mr. Kaminsky. The money you give is close to half the money I manage.


    “Cut off the rest.”


    Kaminsky dismissed sharply. As Eun-han’s face contorted, Kaminsky shrugged as he grabbed the mojito’s straw. It was a gesture of self confidence. His lips looked sensual just by sipping on a straw. Eun-Han lowered his head in embarrassment. Kaminsky’s face was more stoic than sexy. A face suitable for a seminary teacher or a monk, and a slender body overflowing with animalistic abilities. Eun-han thought that this shouldn’t be the case, but sometimes when he looked at his body and his face, his heart trembled. Eun-han had never seen anyone so close to his ideal type since he was born. And he’d never seen anyone so terrifying. So whenever he stood in front of Kaminsky, his heart trembled without mercy. With two opposite emotions.


    “If the money I gave you last time was half, this money would be just the money you were managing. Because it’s only six bands.”


    “Tha-, that’s a lot of money!”


    Eunhan turned white. Kaminsky only smiled when he saw his face begging for him to let go of him because it didn’t matter what the fee was. Eun-han eventually took the black briefcase from Kaminsky’s men. Kaminsky asked Eun-han, who was dragging a briefcase with a dangling cross strap.


    “The bag, isn’t it nice?”


    Eunhan turned his head instead of going into the speedboat. What did he mean? Kaminsky pointed to the bag in Eunhan’s hand with the tip of his chin.


    “The bag you’re carrying now. Isn’t it better than your old bag?”


    Eun-han lowered his head and looked down at the bag he was dragging. Looking closely, the bag was a famous brand item, a luxury good. As Eun-han opened his eyes wide, Kaminsky said with a sweet voice.


    “I know you adore that stitched bag, but why don’t you change it up a bit?”


    Eun-han closed his mouth with a puzzled face and said, “Thank you.” Then Kaminsky said, “Well, it’s nothing. If you don’t like it, you can throw it away.” Eunhan nodded his head. A slightly unpleasant look appeared on Kaminsky’s face, but Eun-han couldn’t see Kaminsky’s face. As Eun-han went down to board the speedboat, Kaminsky called out.


    “Hey, Yoon!”


    As Eun-han raised his head, Kaminsky smiled refreshingly.


    “See you later.”


    In Eun-han’s eyes, it looked as if a ghost was smiling.


    Eun-han Yoon was a money launderer in Miami. He was originally a Korean student, but he didn’t know how he got there. He can only guess that the problem started when he got a part-time job as an assistant to Kay Linberg, who was called Miami’s best money launderer. Anyway, Eun-han Yoon became a money launderer half voluntarily and half intentionally, and he no longer worries about money. At first, he wasn’t even worried about his life. Eun-Han let out a heavy sigh. If it wasn’t for Vasily Kaminsky, Eun-han would still be making a little bit of money and leading a faithful gay life.


    “Lady, do you hate Vasya that much?”


    Kaminsky’s men refer to Eun-han as ‘Lady’. At least it wasn’t ‘bitch’, so Eunha thought he was rather fortunate to have the name.


    “It- it’s not like that. He’s a good customer. His commission accounts for 80% of my annual income, and again…”


    He usually doesn’t need money or anything, so he prays that Kamisky will disappear from his life. Behind Kaminsky’s subordinates driving the speedboard, Eun-han desperately tried to speak out. But he could not think of anything, so he finished his speech timidly.


    “He also gave me a bag.”


    He answered almost screaming because of the strong wind.


    “It looks like you don’t like it.”


    “Ah, I don’t hate it.”


    At Eun-han’s words, Kaminsky’s subordinate shrugged.


    “Then you’d better show that you don’t hate it.”


    Eun-han’s eyes widened at those words.


    “Why, why, why?”


    Were they going to shoot a hole in his head because ‘he didn’t like it’? Or were they going to pull out all his fingers, toes, and teeth with pliers? Or were they even going to put a bomb in his house?!ㅡHe couldn’t say this out loud, but Eun-han thought of the worst situation. When Kaminsky’s subordinate said, “Um, I don’t know if I can say this,” Eun-han’s face became even whiter. Than Kaminsky’s men said,


    “Vasya likes to hunt.”


    Eunhan asked, trembling.


    “Ah, human hunting?”


    “Well, that’s right.”


    Eun-han almost collapsed.


    “He tends to chase after what he likes. If you run away, it’s like pouring oil on fire. I don’t think it’s good to run.”


    Eun-Han shook his head. Who does he like? Seeing Eun-han’s round eyes, Kaminsky’s subordinate shrugged.


    “You didn’t know? Vasya really cares about you.”


    “I-, I didn’t know.”


    “I pretended not to know, but I’m also giving you a present. If you were gay, Vasya might have eaten you.”


    And the subordinate giggled as if it was funny.


    “Vasya is a scary man, and he doesn’t discriminate between men and women. At least he respects other people’s sexual preferences, so he treats you like a gentleman.”


    Eun-han was determined to never let him find out that he is gay. Unaware of Eun-Han’s determination, the subordinate said, “Anyway, don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t provoke Vasya too much. It’s not good to visit Miami once or twice a month here, too. I’m tired,” he said. Vasily Kaminsky is Bi? Eun-han looked at the distant sea in shock. Already Kaminsky’s yacht was nowhere to be seen. The thought of Kaminsky’s body made his mouth dry in a different way. Can he even hug a man with that body? Caught in those thick forearms… wow, sounds wonderful. But Kaminsky is ridiculous. Eun-han thought for a moment, then quickly turned his head. Doesn’t Kaminsky have a sibling? With his body like Kamisky, has a perfectly good personality…there can’t be. Twins are alike. How can he be Kaminsky’s twin if he has a perfect personality? As the speedboat almost reached the shore, the men slowed down and looked at Eun-Han. Heh, the subordinate smiled and stretched out his hand, and Eun-han stepped back in surprise.


    “Because of this, Vasya is more interested in you. If that interest is burdensome, you should stand like a stone.”


    He was angry at the subordinate’s words. Right, how scary is his boss for him to be standing like a stone? Does he think he would have liked to be commissioned by someone like Kaminsky? Hey, fuck. Is he crazy? Did he get shot in the head? Connect with Kaminsky! If Eunhan was not scared, he probably won’t see Kaminsky again, but he’s scared, so he wondered if that’s why he was standing there carrying such a heavy bag of money! But Eun-han couldn’t even show his anger. Eun-han nodded with a bluish face, and the subordinate smiled broadly.


    “Well, we welcome you into the ‘World of Thieves’.”


    “What is that?”


    When Eun-Han asked with anxious eyes, the subordinate shook his head as if it was nothing.


    “We’ve arrived. Lady, are you getting off?”


    He was dropped off at the beach, so Eun-han had no choice but to roll up his pants. The subordinate burst into laughter as he watched Eun-han wearing two cross-body bags while walking. He knows it’s funny, but why did he have to laugh like that? As Eun-han took off his sneakers and held them in his hand, the subordinate placed a towel on Eun-han’s arm.


    “Well…’If you don’t like it, you can throw it away’.”


    “Hahahaha,” the subordinate, barely holding back his laughter, smirked and added.


    “I’m serious, I’m not Vasya. So don’t do that.”


    “So, what if I throw it away?”


    Eun-han asked with courage. Then, instead of smiling, the subordinate looked down at him with an interesting face. Eun-han himself wasn’t short. Obviously, considering the physical examination in the third year of high school, it must have been 177, but Kaminsky’s subordinates seem to have been at least 185. All of them were much bigger than Eunhan. The subordinate looked down at Eun-han and smiled.


    “You’re fucked.”


    The blood was completely drained from Eun-han’s face. Unable to ask more questions, Eun-han got off the speedboat. He hadn’t even left the beach yet, but the subordinate started the speedboat. The speedboat moved with a loud bang, and splashed water on him in the process. It looks like they gave him a towel for this. Eun-Han was crying.


    “See you later, Lady!”


    The voice had already gone away, and he could hardly hear what was being said. Eun-han left the beach slowly, crying. Because people looked at Eun-han with weird eyes, he had to bow his head even more, because he was timid.


    “What the hell have I committed in the past to have this happen?”


    Eunhan sighed and muttered. Sand clung to his feet as soon as he got out of the water. As he stumbled out of the sand, he pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed the number. One of his few friends, Chris, answered the phone right away.


    “Baby, where are you? Why aren’t you coming?”


    The voice of Chris, who was this guy, is charming. There were a lot of people who hated his voice because it was too cheesy, but Eunhan liked Chris’ voice. Hearing this kind voice when he’d been through something bad made him feel a little better.


    “He dropped me off at the beach, not the pier. Come pick me up.”


    At Eun-han’s words, Chris sighed.


    “Those bastards. Why do they like to bully you so much? All right, darling. Just wait for five minutes!”


    Chris drove to Eunhan who was waiting at the beach in less than three minutes. Without knowing where on the beach, Chris immediately found out because he could track Eun-han’s location. Eun-han deliberately applied for his own location search service, and went with Chris whenever he went to Kaminsky’s boat. Of course, Chris couldn’t make it to Kaminski’s yacht. However, if he did not return, he could report it to the police. If there’s no one who can do that, how would he go to Kaminisky’s yacht?


    “Baby, why are you so wet?”


    Eun-han shook his head at Chris’ question. As Eun-han shook his head as if it was nothing, Chris seemed to have found an answer.


    “Oh, they really are bastards. Why are they so mean?”

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