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    The Obsessive Maniac Is Trying To Confine Me

    The Obsessive Maniac Is Trying To Confine Me (Web Novel)

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    I possessed by a BL novel of forced imprisonment.


    I became a maid who brings the meals to the male lead (top) who was imprisoned by the main love interest (bottom).


    I was destined to die when the male lead tried to escape from his confinement.


    “Can you help me get out?”


    “I can’t hear well because I have a hearing problem.”


    Whenever the Male Lead tries to put a dead flag on my neck, I will successfully block it.


    I’m sorry for the Male Lead, but I decided to do my duty.




    “Did you say your name is Rosie?”


    Richard’s blue eyes gleamed eerily.


    “I don’t forget what happened.”




    “Your name, I will remember everything.”


    For some reason, I was scared. It was because Richard successfully ran away


    I’m screwed. The main love interest (bottom) will surely kill me…




    Because the Male Lead run away and his love interest will kill me. I decided to make a quick exit at night.


    It’s been such a peaceful three years but…


    “Now it’s your turn to suffer.” 


    “What, what…” 


    “Now you can’t go anywhere without my permission.” 


    Excuse me? 


    You should have said that to the main love interest who confined you. Why are you saying that to me!



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