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    The Villainess Who Only Had 100 Days to Live, Had Fun

    The Villainess Who Only Had 100 Days to Live, Had Fun (Web Novel)

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    The Duke’s daughter, Lelouche, received a revelation from God.
    “You will die in 100 days.”
    There were rumors that her fiancé, the crown prince, had found another woman and was about to annul their engagement.

    Moreover, it seemed that no matter what she did, Lelouche couldn’t escape her death. However, the circumstances and the method of her death could be changed.
    After being told that, Lelouche offered a bet to God.
    “If I can show you a beautiful death, I want you to reward me.”
    “Alright. In your next life, I will grant your wishes.”
    “…Well, looks like I got my hands full,” said Lelouche.
    She couldn’t leave that thieving cat as it was. She also had to do something about her withdrawn brother. She had to prepare something to support her parents.
    She had a lot of things to do…!
    In the end, she shall regret nothing…!
    Thus, a life where she made a bet to a God had begun.



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