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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 9

    Chapter 9: Leave it to money

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 9: Leave it to money


    It was black.


    Faritina sighed as she cradled Gemini’s head.


    Gemini sat on her lap and played with his souvenir blocks in a good mood.


    During the inspection of the territory, Faritina realized. It was too crude, too classic a trick.


    What will I do?


    If I’m not careful, my brow wrinkles up.


    A simple embezzlement like this. Maybe everyone does it. It doesn’t get any more classic than this.


    But it’s not allowed in Granquiese, where you’re a Duke.


    A Duke. After the Duke family, it is the foundation and shield of this land. These rich lands belong to Granquiece, but they also belong to the Kingdom. I have been told that since I was born.


    But my mother…


    She came from a lowly noble family and went from being a maid to a Duchess. I guess she wasn’t prepared for a high title.


    It’s too shallow.


    If this embezzlement becomes public, Granquiece will be forced to relinquish its title. In some cases, as in the dream, she would risk the life of her family to be dethroned for treason to the kingdom.


    Faritina hugged Gemini tightly.


    “Big Sister.”


    I was born to do this.


    Gemini had done nothing wrong.


    The medicine their mother had given her to look over when she returned to the estate turned out to be poisonous.


    “Big Sister will protect you, I promise.”


    Gemini was born innocent.


    He has nothing for his mother to kill him for, nothing for his country to hold him accountable for.


    I want him to be happy. I want him to laugh and live.


    I’ll do anything to make that happen.


    Faritina made up her mind again.


    “It seems you’ve spent a lot of money on the estate.”


    Serion said to her in the carriage as they drove to their first evening party in years.


    “Oh. Did I make a mistake? Don’t get mad about something like that.”


    “Something like that? If you buy all that jewelry, you have no character.”


    Faritina shrugged.


    “It’s okay once in a while.”


    “But that doesn’t mean you’re going to splurge that much. Enough with the extravagance.”


    I’m not being extravagant. You should talk to your mother, who sits next to you.


    She hides her amused expression with a fan.


    “Serion. Faritina hasn’t had a dress made for herself in a long time. And the last one was for when she came to the palace as a fiancee, wasn’t it?”


    Her mother said softly to Serion.


    “Yes, Therion. Once you are princess, you will not be able to return to your lands so easily. I wanted to get something while I still could. When I am princess, I will have more opportunities to dress up, and I wanted the jewels of Granquiece.”


    “You’ll be the talk of the town, and as a princess, you’ll have to wear something you’re not ashamed of.”


    Faritina and her mother smiled conspiratorially at each other. Serion gave them both a mocking look.


    In just three days, they had spent six months worth of Faritina’s budget on jewelry.


    As the next head of the family, he should have been informed that Faritina was being too extravagant.


    By the way, Faritina’s mother, who is also the head of the family, has already been informed.


    She was pleased, but did not complain, when I gave her as a souvenir a complete set of works, which took three years to make.


    This is what now shines on her wide-open chest.


    “You didn’t wear your Faritina?”


    “Well, Mother. I’m not ready for all that jewelry. I’m going to wear it when I get married.”


    “Yes,” said her mother laughing happily.


    Faritina smiled under her fan.


    It is very troublesome to sell the matching pieces. Faritina buys the unloaded ones, cut into pieces for easier processing.


    She hides a large amount of them in her room and Gemini’s room.


    Little by little, she will sell them to clothing wholesalers.


    In the meantime, she has come home with a lot of stuff she wants to sell, but she doesn’t know how to turn it into money.


    Gemini’s maids were on his side.


    When the two maids saw Faritina’s return, they rejoiced with Gemini. On the night of their return from the manor, when Gemini had fallen asleep, Adele said to her.


    “Thank you, thank you so much. My Lady.”


    With a sincere murmur, Faritina looked at Adele again.


    “I can’t believe the Young Master is so healthy. It’s my Lady’s strength. I’m sure the medicines he’s been taking haven’t been working for him. And you’ve given him the strength to live.”


    And with that, she let her tears flow.


    Faritina decided to trust them.


    One of the maids came from a large merchant family.


    She wanted to buy some new medicines, but she was afraid that her mother would be offended if she found out, so she asked a wholesaler to buy her jewelry.


    And don’t forget to give them some of the money.


    After all, gold is a powerful thing.


    Under the fan, Faritina is convinced of the power of human nature.

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