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    The Goal Is To Survive

    Chapter 8

    Chapter 8: Each Path

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 8: Each Path


    In the carriage, Colin was angry.


    It was true that Faritina’s behavior in skipping school was inexcusable. But he shouldn’t have spoken to his sister in such a bullying way.


    He was also annoyed that Faritina laughed about it.


    As he vented his frustration, Faritina, sitting across from him, smiled.


    “You are so honest. Colin. I didn’t know that.”


    The simple compliment left Colin not knowing what to reply.


    “What Therion says is true. I am aware that I am being selfish by not attending the academy I joined.”


    “Why don’t you go to the academy? Is there a problem?”


    “Yes, well. It’s mostly a problem on my side.”


    “Big Sister’s problems? What is it? Did you have a fight with your friend?”


    Colin asked, and Faritina laughed out loud.


    “Colin, you’re so sweet. You stepped in and asked.”


    But… smiled Faritina.


    “I’m sorry. I can’t tell you right now. I’m just trying to ease my anxiety.”


    “Relieve your anxiety?”


    Faritina laughed at her brother’s wondering look.


    She’ s going to look for any suspicion of embezzlement of produce in the territory. Who knows how much an amateur Faritina can know. If she doesn’t know, that’s okay. Faritina just wants to put her fears to rest.


    “Are you worried about marrying into the royal family? Don’t you want to leave home?”


    His eyes rolled back in her head at the unexpected question.


    But she smiled, pleased at Colin’s concern for her.


    “Thank you, Colin. I’m glad you care.”


    “Because royalty is so intimidating and you don’t have the freedom you have now. I mean, I would be uncomfortable in a duchy, not royalty.”


    Colin looked down slightly as he said this.


    “Big Brother doesn’t say anything, but he probably doesn’t like the idea of me becoming a knight. I’m sure he thinks I should study to become a Duke and eventually join one of the factions. But I want to be a knight. Father always wanted to be a knight, and he told me before he died that he wanted me to fulfill his dream.”


    “Well, father…”


    My father was a grand duke. He was very close to the King, and when he went to official occasions, there was a line to greet him.


    Since his birth, it was his destiny to bear the name Granquice, and he never dreamed of anything else.


    “For father’s sake, be a good knight, Colin.”


    “Yes! Um, Will Big Sister support me?”


    Colin asked cautiously.


    “Of course. There is Serion at the Granqiece. He is fit to be a Duke and wants to be. You should do what you like.”


    “But becoming a knight in another country…”


    “The knight schools in this country don’t accept high-ranking Dukes, do they? I suppose you could force your way in. I’m sure your father gave it a lot of thought and recommended the Empire.”


    Faritina saw in Colin the spitting image of her father.


    Serion also resembles his father, but as he grows, Serion’s beauty prevails and Colin’s masculinity resembles his father’s.


    “Father is….”


    Faritina murmured slowly, as if thinking.


    “I’m sure he cared about our future and gave us each our own path. A knight school for you, a Duke path for Serion. For me, a prince and a queen.”


    Julian and Ceara were too young to know what they wanted. Would their father, if he were alive, still have thought of them and tried to find a way for them? I think he would have.


    He would have loved us.


    He wanted each of his children to be happy, just as he wanted Gemini to live.




    Faritina looked straight at Colin.


    “Live. Be happy.”




    Colin felt embarrassed by the sudden and direct words of congratulations.


    “If you live, you can find happiness in any form. Father sent you to be a knight because he wanted you to be happy. There is no shame in that. Live with your heart on your sleeve.”

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